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Big Announcement YAY| Ep 11



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Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of the PODCAST. It's your wholest dub the name. This is life. We dub the name. And I know I missed last week because I'm an idiot. I forgot to record or I've forgot. I've we're having a podcast till Monday. That's when I remembered. So I'm just gonna talk about last week episode or topic and this week topic inside this episode. So, if you know you're new, we always get your dubs. That's our look motto. Yeah, and I'll see you, guys, after the Intro, which are going to roll, and we're going to talk about the music. Let never anymore. That's good. That's I was being rude, that I was being messed up. You wanting was a set of me never being cut up, bla loose and we are back. So I see you know from the intro or the music or whatever,...

...that the new song which is out the link of being the baby. Make sure you go listen to the song them waiting and leg arite. So the song is new. We came out last week Friday. I don't know, I'm trying to make on my song come out on a Friday because people are gonna leave school and they're going to share quotes on Youtube or some people shake that email which fortify do those type of things, that is send people emails. So yeah, it's gonna be every Friday. You know every Friday, so on Fridays. So yeah, the new song called loose now by me, nobody, because I don't know some people to call, but I'm trying to figure that out. So yeah, if you make sure I seen the gay. Make sure you go streaming dream or the song, because now we have like four or five songs out already on spotify and all platforms. So yeah, Washinga or trying to get bigger. And the next topic I'm going... talk about because you know I like bringing news. I wanted to put any Lee shopper, as any leshoppers on final warning, as the new as the intro. But because it's my pocket, I can do whatever I want because an alice shopper's new song, the song is like the beginning. Oh, I don't know if it's the whole beat of the song is like it's a second grade the woman version of beat, bog beat. I don't know how to explain it, because the song is good. Everything is good about the song. I don't really like the vibe of the song. To me, I don't really cash what people are thinking is like so good, like a culled eculed of course, but I'm not really feeling it. I'm it's good, told me I would keep dreaming it and all that. And today...

...big announcement and a podcast. I don't know if people follow me on Instagram, ball on twitter, dubble, the name, everything go fullow right now is we got sponsored by rogue energy. Yeah, rogue energy sponsor the podcast. You, if you don't know what rogue energy is, is basically like g show, is another energy drinking company. They have different flavors, they have different cap type of corps and they have their ownersh and all that. And the sponsor. They sponsor the twi streams and all that. But they because of my podcast, they also sponsor the podcast as well. And if you want to get more information, they are link will be in the description below and everything about them being the description below or wherever you're seeing it.

And make sure you use could dub the name for turn ten percent off, because, yeah, ten percent of your get ten percent of what orders do you need? You want to buy the whole team without knocking off. So you the cold dub the name, ten percent of whatever you want to buy. I advise you get. I guarantee you gonna like Green Apple, because I love Green Apple. or You could get the cookies and cream. Or if you're a coffee person, which I don't really take anybody's, you could get the vanilla caramel that just came out, the new flavor that I came out. So yeah, that's a big announcement for me. Tempest of cool dub the name gonna say every time. I make sure you follow me on instagram be cause I'M gonna show the latest labels and new than order. So we all know. We all know about the album dig you Kale it made,...

...which came out yesterday, April Tetty, at midnight. The song consists of Meg and the star with let me go to the song real quick on youtube because I'm bill. I be listening to that song like every single day. If you want me to be honest, my favorite song in that album is I did it by Little Baby Megan, Italian post my loan and the baby wish. Everybody up to talk about things that baby memes and all that kind of phony and it's kind of getting weird right now because, if you haven't seen the video, it's everywhere. Like the MEME is getting super weird right now. So let me go to the album right now and look for who was on the add the song consists of Leeu Wayne Jeremi. We H'm...

...looking. I try, I'll try. So how to look at the song little baby, the baby, Little Dirk. They'll be be appeared on two. We should good in coming up. Justin Bieber, twenty one savage hard me goes Lou Wayne Er. My Eyes said that. Then one which cuddy b then Bryceon Tayler, make meal, Big Shan a Boogie with the Hoodie Puff Daddy, and we have rodderation in it. So if your guys have been listened to it, make sure you go listen to the album, also listening to my tongue. Okay, Dammy, and tell me what you think, because me, I really like it, my favorite. I did it. Then you see what the other one again by Justin Bieber and twenty one savage. You wish it, let it go. And the other one is, every chance I get, by little baby and little dirt. To make...

...sure you go listen to it. And another album. I think I mentioned the album bought the the locks, came out by young dog and gonna and Young Stna. Like Dadda Record Liberal, I think that don't talk record label the I like the album. I did the locks. I liked the new shark to put on it because the song so good. Everything so good. Young Dog, good, gonna good, every you know, everything going to be a ten out of ten. So what else do you want me to say? And a rolling loud tour is a big thing right now, because I saw someone post about it. I thought all the artists that was inside, and someone said that's almost all your wrap artists right now, because some of them are still like some artists in there are see on the ground or this a no word really knows, but I know some of them and they're... it like that. You're calling the whole music industry. And so the tour someone like me I can go because I don't think they're doing it right here in Canada, and so I don't know. Maybe if one day I get old enough I can be able to go to all those type of tours and all that. I don't know if Leeu Wayne is inside because right now the next topic were gonna talk about it Leto Wayne. Marriage with, I don't know who is married to. Both is everywhere on twitter right now that I got married to someone. Even twitted it out that is happily married with. You just got married. I don't know what if it's got happily married or go married, but yeah, you got married to a wonderful woman. I don't know her name and forgotten a name. I thought I wrote it down by didn't write it down. And Yeah, I don't know what to...

...say. I've listened to some of the wind songs. The songs are good. I keep saying things that would let me you see a bad song that I really hate and I know some people know about. You should be why be? And now my I don't know how to say his name. It brought up stopper by twenty one save vision. He brought through train which everybody was saying. Thing was so bid bad. I don't know happy heard of it, but I'm just saying what people said is bad. So, yeah, and you guys should know this, we have a runaway rapper is on the run because of what he did. Little Mosy, let me put her right now. This a little mosy did or rape like you rape someone,...

...a girl. But in what I thought, she gave him consent to do what you want and then she felt she went drunk. Then she passed out or she I don't know if she went pitch black or something. Then when she woke up she got injuries and bruises. Then she came to report to the police. I don't get. I don't really get that story, because she gave him concerns. So why she saying so? One back through those story. I don't really know hundred percents of the story. Maybe next week when I come back, I'm gonna like do my research and such everything about the story and I'll tell you guys everything that I know. But let me just give you a quick little update of the my goals, which came out like a month, almost a month ago and on spotify, is really doing...

...well On spotify because I'm allowing it to like. Let me see how many people really like it or listening to it, and other is house currently has twenty one thousand streams on spotify. On soundcloud it has I don't know how to shake his tone, apple music, because I don't really look up a music. But if you have apple music, make sure go stream on apple mulate right now. Will Google Apple Music on Soundcloud House for Tho, four point four tho streams. And what other platform do I use? Yeah, on Youtube, because like seventy views on YouTube. So make sure you go streaming on all platform. My goals loose. Now all my five songs and this is gonna be the end of the podcast, because I told you guys, gonna keep your podcast shirt and all that. See you guys next week.

Make sure you go listen to the song. You school dub the naming, rogue energy. Get everything out. I promise you're not going to regret it, because afterasted every flavor. But don't get the hydration drinks because I don't think that they don't have any good thing in it. It doesn't taste good, but if you want to check it, check it. But cool, dub the name everything. I don't have a fortnight could so see you guys next week. Your whole stubbs the name. Laugh, we dub with the name. We always get the dubs. And I'll see you guys next week. Peace and I use an atlas Shupple Song, I think, or eve. I can't I don't know. I use my song by never anymore. That's good, that's cool. I would be in real that I was being mess up. You wanting was a set of me never being cut up black blood. That's.

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