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Can you Ball if you want to?|Ep 14



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Give a shout out to today's episode sponsor, which is rogue energy. If you don't know what rogue energy is, your dumb and because the name is obviously there rogue energy and Energy Drinking Company and they have different flavor they're just like you feel both kind of better. So they have like energy like tops, they have hydration to of they have extreme tops, which I advice you get that extreme because they have like good flavors in all those one and they have like they have like a effection for Caramel Vanilla Latte for those who like coffee, and they have cookie and cookie and cream flavors. Yeah, so, yeah, if you want to get some or you want to check out the website, the link is gonna be in the description or in the Barrio or whatever. We ever you're listening to the PODCAST, because I don't know how the team works. Yeah, you could dubs the name or your click...

...on the link takes you there and get whatever you want and save some money so that you don't have to like pee a hundred percent through save and a vis you the shit. The shipping time is like a little bit long, but the new company and they having like branch out everywhere so yeah, go get them and tell me where think about it. Thanks Rog Energy for sponsoring this episode and future episode. So peace, Wall goody. Everyone, is your boy dubs. The name this is life. We dubbed the name. We always get the dogs. And we are back with another episode after a very long time of like pausing or whatever. I don't know, I don't know what to call it. So, if you're new, the usuals, everything the same thing, like the podcast, wherever you're listening on or follow the podcast or share the podcast, whatever, and I'm just gonna like tell... poll why I stop, which is not a big thing, why I want to add it to the podcast and every new thing that has happened. King died. The first episode after a very long time was you're going to read one song, then next week episode are gonna do like the different songs that were going to normally do. So it's a boy dog and I'll see you all after the intro. Peace popping industry to be driving in the Lambo. I don't have to see what we loading up with time more. I don't want to be that, though. You don't want to be met up coming out of feet. We're driving out, so looks popping in the tree to be driving in the Lambo. I cannot see you overloading up with amn more. I don't want to be that all. You don't wanna be meto coming out or tree to but that right now. And we are back. But first of all, if I continue to whatever I want to talk about, the intro for the today's podcast was the new song that drop, which... gonna drop with the out doing a don't have time to do an album which is going to drop with the EP that's coming. As you like. I don't have a pre saved whatever, so just go follow my instagram or follow my twitter, follow, subscribe to my Youtube Dub with the name on every single platform so you get a notification of when I drop or if you're just taking to the podcast, I made mention when I drop it, I don't know. So go little to the new song and tell me what you think. Can Get ready for the EP. So, except from all that, HMM, I stop. I like took her time off from the podcast because you'll know, the podcast is coming out every Saturday and sometimes I have to record on Saturday or have to let the podcast will be a day late or two days late I don't think I've ever done two days late, but...

I decided to stop because I was doing school and I'm doing mass, which I have told you all about math before because I hate mass. I was doing maths and had to take my time after like know what I were doing. Every single time I'm doing the podcast was kind of like the stress because I was doing when I record podcast, I wo I do music and I get tired because of podcast. After I do a different try different takes and so everything wild, like hold up. I just said, let me remove podcast so I can continue on my school and just do the music so I don't have to add podcast and do whatever else on it ever again. But now that I'm back, that means that I'm done with my school. Yeah, we don't we math. I would do in art class. I like art, but we don't want that also. But I'm doing math and I hope I don't freaking field that's up it, because it was like a nightmare...

...for me in that class every single day. So we don't with school. Well, about to enter summer and I hope all my plans walk for this summer, especially the EPS that's gonna drop. We shall should be getting ready for that? Follow my instagram and what else? Yeah, for to Day News, music Saturday on life. We dubbed the name. We will get the UG is Um, the baby's new song that came out last week. I'm not talking about the things that came out this week, because us, we have to talk about it. When I came on last week, which is called ball, if I want to the music videos, like Oh, one miny video. I think that the same thing as the normal audio were given sec and the music video. I think the music video has like more than five million views on youtube currently right now, because I don't know what...

...happened. You Post that a video then boom and W enviroing, like in how many hours every let me staye for you real quick. The Baby Ball, if I want, I mean was subscribed you one my station for yeah, right now. It came out a week ago right now. We had eat when devil. Million views. And if you don't know Bolli, if I want to, you're do be mine or your girl, I don't know. We listen to the PODCAST. Boll I'm gonna play like the Chres or a little clip or I don't know. I'm just gonna play like a preview of the song. Regime busy. Ain't even my birthday, but I can bother Abo. Want to fall cause about want to have that Bas with that out in my jumps to go do what I say and I love you. CAN'T I get this ship from my uncle. I told Bake it twenty two Wenchs is the week, the night I want to poke at putting the health...

...little. There's some started. Yeah, Fuckay, let's get itself wish though. That back I said, yeah, I fuck around, get on a peach a tomorrow. Put that bitch up in the earth. A bitch about it. La Charlotte to pick up my bobble, to come cut my health because I'm having a Nigga. Yeah, so that is the song wishing, not a whole song. You could go listen to it on Youtube and both. Apparently the song is kind of training right now on Tick Tock and wish that babies making tip top videos and all that wish. I'm even so surprised because he hasn't posted a tickdog video things. Let me see, two thousand and nineteen or two thousand and twenty? I don't know. Boys like promoting where. You know artists have to let promote the songs or the type of Blah Blah Blah. But yeah, and in the tick tock he's like everyone is doing a video to it. All the type of stuff. Me and myself. I like the song cause every single time I hear it I have to play it again. Then sometimes I played again, then I played again...

...and again and again. So my formal rating for the song, and before I give my writing, I know that because that baby released a song last week. It realign another, it really is another one this week. So my main is telling me that's relating an album. And if you follow him like I do on Instagram, it's always going to the studio every day leaving a six am, five am. So that me maybe that tells or something. And they were like a beef with him making the Italian boyfriend or I don't even know about that ball. The rating for the song will be nine point five out of ten because you kind of like it's not really that big bore. The song is good. It's bossing Boson. Yeah, and I apparently there's a new song called bossing Boston by low taker. Read the side...

...thing. That's all gonna be on fast and furious night, because that way you want made from both. If you want to hear that one, go listen to a bosom both in Little Taka. Boll, God, that man honest waiting for the song number five out of ten, and go listen to it. Tell me why you're rating is if they'd a comment section. Go commer, and yeah, I think, Oh, I hate it. I guess out of breath every time that have to like post through whatever, but I couldn't hold it. Wait, I think I have to do it. Okay, I'm back. So, yeah, while just gonna celebrate our return to the PODCAST, I don't know if I'm going to like give the podcast is into episode one or I'm just gonna Continue. I think I'm just going to continue because it's like thirteen episode. So that the podcast. I couldn't do active and two already, but maybe see them. Two can be like next year and they's two years boy. Yeah, it's going to be the...

...end, a wrap of this episode, not the podcast or not the park as the episode. Boll. Hope you guys enjoyed the podcast. Don't forget. Go listening to the song of the link is gonna be in the description or where ever. Go litting to you go follow my instagram. Dubs the name so easy. I'm still gonna link it twitter, every single to you, Youtube and yeah, I'm gonna see you. Guys. It's your boy dubs, the name Lafe. We dubs the name. We always get the DUB. Remember that. And apparently, go follow my twitch, because I'm streaming every almost every day. I try my best ball. Will you guys there? Everything going to be busting button. Yeah, so go follow my twitch. Come support me or trying to get a feel it on twitch right now. And Hmm, what else? So I'll see you, guys, little peace. I'm about nothing other, and I wasn't so long ago.

When I'm on a block, that's a.

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