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I Will win 2 Million dollars soon| Ep 10



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Hey you guys. Welcome back. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, oh, welcome guys. The one or the episode of the podcast is your host dubbing. The name. This is life with dubb is the name, and we always get the dubs, and the dubs are teens we don't need, but we get them. And I'm Mama. Mamma, if you're new to the episode or even know to the podcast, you don't know what to do like, share, subscribe, follow, follow the podcast, listening all the way to the end, because we are doing every single team, or I am doing every single thing for the podcast. Am I miss my recording on Saturday? I don't know why. I didn't know. I didn't wake up early enough. So this Sunday I'm going to come out Sunday because I'm a fast editor. So if I also, if you...

...need me to edit anything, I'm there for you. And all the necessary stuff is going to be in the BAIO links. All the links are going to be there. So let's get right into the intro, and we gotta Road The intro music, you know, so see you after that, rolling stars, and and we are back. So, as your know, rafter, because we talked about it in the last episode last week rapt by apology. I told you, guys are gonna be a banker, because it was number one trending or that. And the song, way, the song. I think the song has more than twenty million views on Youtube, I think, and the song is everywhere. Like got to Briam W woul doesn't like that Shit. And other stuff by Pullogi has been like good. I've I...

...don't know why. Yeah, this Song Right now is in twenty four million views and it was a week ago and all out. I know something about eating rows. It like a tree streamer that do all type of stuff. I thought a ticktock video and stop that. I was apologizing to polog because he was like doing all those source stuff, like being so surrounding. I don't know what happened. I sink some videos, but apology. Need to take a joke, you know. I know, maybe maybe going far and being weird, but you gotta take a joke sometime. Like Bro Everything is in serious, like eating Ross isn't really sauce. Yeah, I think I thought he had a girlfriend or something. Yeah, so the a new album that came out by young talk and gone and it's name of the album is...

...lime languish to Ulm family, to some loam language. Yeah, the song is good. He has lit Uzi as future. You have little kid yees Choil Lauri. I don't know what to say. A name whoys or they have hmm, I don't remember who. Hells Elsie had Bo. Yeah, having fully listened to all the songs on the album, but the song is good. From what I've heard, the song is okay. And what's Sham Music News? I don't know. But guys, I haven't talked about myself that wid life with Doby the name. If I want to talk about myself, I need to make show the name stays. But I don't know. I'm trying to make things different in the podcast, because the PODCAST is random. I just started it like mine, episode ten. I miss one week.

Who? That is more than a month ago. So, yeah, this podcast is okay and I don't get people listening anymore. I don't know why. Why am I even faded? I'm like geoge boy, because I don't know. I've been trying to do like some music recording, because last week, all the time you're listening to this, I did like I was on a break like east to break because, I don't know, we didn't go to school and for the next week till fall, the notice I'm not going to in school because they canceled it. I don't know if I mentioned it, but yeah, so I'll try to those. I'm recording and the EP is coming together and I just need to record one more song and it will be out like August. I'm planning on doing it August. I don't know why, but August. Yeah, and I've been streaming on twitch even...

...don't know what wishes. It's like youtub bought. I stream the dreamlight go life with games and all that. I play mostly for tonight or one V one low yellol. If you want to shake that. I don't know. And if you want to follow me on twitch, make sure you go follow me. Download the APP or you can wash on your laptop. Your twitch, the TV, is like dubs the name. Drop a follow. I go live, like I know, I mostly I am most cool life Saturday or Sunday. But yeah, make sure you calm drop a follow. Chat we talk or that, because this is podcast is edited, so I can code, but my twitch is like free, nonedged and edited and all that. So what are we gonna talk about now, because I don't want to... music news this podcast, so we're just gonna say. HMM, my birthday was yesterday. Anna Kidd I'm came. My birthday is October, like October seventeen, so mag the day, and I don't know what I'm gonna get for my birthday, because what do I really need? I don't really need anything. All the things I needed I got them, like the microphone or Preda, the microphone. I haven't got another microphone for free and I didn't know I was gonna get that. So we got double gift, I think. So. Yeah, so birthday, nothing. I don't celebrate is like the last time as celebrating my birthday was that when I was five or ten years not one hund ten hours in boarding school. No, wait, let me think I would. I entered boarding school like when I was twelve of thirteen. I think. I don't fully remember because it was a long...

...time ago on in a in a whole different country, because I was in Canada when I went to boarding school. So it was a long, long time ago where. Give a second, maybe, I don't know, and we'll back. So I just pause, just stop for a minute and I went through it. I didn't know that my background noise was so loud, like my family out on the other side of the room, because I'm doing it in my room and my mom is so loud, so sped I I think I've change it, but if you haven't changed I don't know. This is the only time I could record and I think it's a bad time. I don't know, but I have to do this recording because I gotta give people to content. I don't want to live really the podcast Tuesday or Wednesday when it's also come on Saturday. So it I do is Saturday or Sunday. Oh, I don't do it at all. So yeah, and I'd... thinking of doing going back to you too, because before I do youtube content, like I make some youtube videos. I know before I made some ticktock on my old I mess on ticktock videos and they all the video that I made. A compiled everything together because I don't know why, because I did have any contents. So maybe if I get up to four hundred subscribers. So make sure to go subscribe to the YouTube dubs the name. I'll follow my ig dubs the name so that you know when to drop a new video because I'm planning on doing a skit for my next video. People tell him to do a prank video. I don't know a prank to do. I'm still I'm still thinking of that because the last one, it could, went so well, like I didn't even have to like really promote it or post on my instagram like that. I just got a lot of views.

To me, in my to me will be much, but other people, I don't need. You see it as plenty of few ball it was a lot like I'm great for that. I'm great fool food the boom. Okay. So so, yeah, I don't know if anybody the call of Duty Fan, but yeah, call of Dute Mobile. I play mobile. I played on my phone because I'm not really good with war zone and all that. That bringing a new competition that is coming. June turd ink, for any mobile fan, is coming June turd and their partnered with Sony, Sonny or I don't know how to say the name. But the price is going to be a total of two million dollars. So me, me, I know I'm not gonna Really Win, but I know I want to win, but I'm not going to win because there are a lot of pros on call...

...of duty mobile and and I'm never like top five hundred or two hundred hour I hit my head like because when I play like arena, arena and fortnight is also with all they have, it's like in call of Duty Mobile, where I play really real people and prose like that. So sometimes I die a lot of time, like I don't even get a single kill. So that's why I think I might qualify, but I'll I'm not going to exactly win. So I'm just hoping when the competition comes I'm just go like qualified to like maybe quarterfinal or semi final or I don't know. So yeah, I think that's going to be the end of the podcast right there, because the last time the podcast was like fifteen minute. So I'm still trying to keep it short, but even you won't want the podcast to be way longer. Maybe I'll try to do that. And don't forget, subscribe to do...

Youtube for hundress subscribers. There's gonna be a new video. I hope I can record that, because I say that and I don't record anything, but subscribe to the Youtube form dress subscribers and the video comes out so this is the end of the podcast. This is dubbed the name Lafe. We Dub is the name and we always get dub so make sure you follow if you're new or if you're old, or just listen to the podcast all the time. Listen to the old episode and I'll see your next week or this week, because we are already in the other week in any way of that. See you guys in this episode. So please close. Stars.

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