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Which one DONDA or CLB?| Ep 22





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If you ever want to get some work done but you don't know how to, or your designer or whatever you are, and you need a little bit of help, you can head down to the link in my description and go to fiblecom. There freelance website that helped everyone in any little walk they need help with, and with my link you can get twenty percent off your first order. So go down to my description and get whatever you want right now. You can get any, literally anything, so go get some help. You work on guys, and welcome back to another episode of the PODCAST. This is my second time rate recording the intro of my true time, because my system keep bugging out, but we are back. This is your whole dub with the name. This is left. We Dub is the name, and this is episode twenty two of the Podcast, if I'm correct, because last week was twenty one and we got to new album which came out, and you all know which album is that. Dawn da can you with and Celb Drake, certified lovel boy, or maybe certify lesbian, but will get into that after the intro Bo. You'll know what we have to do. Get a poke already, get everything ready, because you're about to listen to this whole podcast. You you better listen to the whole podcast because it's gonna be lax. I think, I hope, it's going to be more than twenty minutes long, but we have. I said everything. Make sure you go follow the podcast, follow everything, subscribe with the podcast on Youtube, subscribe to every single team, like spotify, Google, Park Ass. I put pocast, and make sure you follow me on instagram and twitter. I wanted to do like life show, like behind this thing, like how I'm recording behind the then without any cut, but nobody boy ticket or anything like that. Ball. I don't know to let you go. Get right into the park. I maybe when I'm famous or something, people are gonna get a ticket. Ball. Let get right into the intro and I'll see you after the intro, because that let me just continue place. You gotta theater rest of me. I gotta lead a leg to see. You gotta do your Beth of me, my music, my who therapy. I got up with my chest and claim I old beach cauch in love with me. I got up with my chest and claim I will be catch in love with me. You gotta say the rest of me I gotta lead the legs. See, you gotta do the bet of me, my music, my whole therapy. I got up with my chest and claim my old beach cut in love with me. I got up with my chest that claim. I L be catch in love and we are back back again. You know, you just gotta listen to the EP, because I've gotten some good ratings, which I'm surprised of. Like some people are saying the song was fire. Some people say simplitic was better than the rest of them. Wish. I agree, by the way, because that song took me a long time to do. Aneye, the song is better than all the rest. I can listen to that song every single day, like I'm not gonna get cringe or weird about it. The rest I get weird about it. But simplistic is better, and I don't know if you want to use a song, I don't care because I don't block or whatever like the other people do or all these do. Both Simpli thic is better and better than the rest. Back again. Second Place. pull up to play. Then the rest are trash. I'm just do that now. Yeah, the rest are trash. Yeah, Bo. They talk about what we came to talk about which is done that back and you west, you know we have we how many sons do we have in the dawnder album? I think we have like twenty nine, twenty one, I don't know. Let me check. We must fact checking. APP We should getting slow right now. Bo. I think the under yeah, don't. I was really on its own day, apparently. Can you wed any? Want any? Do you want to really dawn'd that day? But the universal is out with record label pushed it out like the way. They were tired of waiting for him. And the song is like twenty seven tracks. The album's twenty seven tracks. I cannot see the future, because this motherfucker did all right. In the future there anything but I know. And...

...all the weekend little baby fiso for in Playboy Cardie, the baby Ja. I don't know you. Jz was in that ble. Do that the only people I know for now. LOUDERC was inside o. That the only people I know for not that we're inside. The first track is down to Shat. Shunned or shunned. I don't know what to say. Or that your first track, which apparently, from what I heard, that's what to let represent the heartbeat of his mother, before the mother that because don't die, the name of his own mother. We're giving a second white cash my breath. Yeah, don't die, the name of his mother. And the first track, which is Dunder Shant, because it was a dun the Dawn, the Dawn, the dawned though. Yeah, that's what the represented moders how beat or whatever. Then the nest is jail Jill, which they also have, like a jail to part to, which that baby was on. I really like them because the baby's birth was like fire. It was on, it was smoking. I that of the greed. I like hurricane. Then I like and join y'all or whatever. I like remote control. I like M which I don't want to do. I like there I don't really listen to the album like that cause and some point where not thinking bold. They should. We let play one song, which is joe part two, because we know I gotta play that, the babies part. So let me go playing three, two. One man settle made this open up in jailpen up some of Mama's get the bare money. That's the one thing man like to me. I like an't you from to me? Yeah, like them garbage. Huh? And if food, it's I took up my tame. You know that feed my daughter Song. But I really Max when I look at it, him getting this next about my grasson. That's a good happen. I'm pretty bure to get at him and teaming the banking, because be nice to teach just me and Gosh and good at it. Back up myself. I'm packet. I did it. People try to tell me how to talk. I know that saying what I'm talking my mom more took a job to take a three the kids. My house was stupid. Prays by a crackhead rays about a drug that is killers in the junkie's junky. Mama couldn't save this cuse she had to get the Mama couldn't saves because she had to get the money. And Yeah, I wish I could play like the whole team. I go to dirty seconds of the of the babies part and she was still going on. So I to like eat even to go listen to a long counter time and a bet that she's like a minute long, because the baby poor was fired fire and from fed about like thunder and stuff. Do you did you know that the shit is like the likes a clean virgin, like there no explicit virgion or whatever. All the course ware the bad world is that in it there and they caught it out or whatever. And Dad the only album. I listen to one and I still like it. I like it because I don't know, because the songs how good, like you don't you really are any course war in it and when you hear it. That's why some people don't like the clean version, because when you're the clean version of a Chris Song, you don't really enjoy the not that vibe or whatever about thunder was way different. Or for the rating of the Geo Pot too, because the babies inside. I followed that baby. I'm a fan of that baby every single team. I want to even make a song with him. I don't know. I hope I make one with him. But the rating on the song, I'll give it a seven, point five out of ten. I could have given it an eat. Or let me just give you a it. I'll give you an eat because one the baby and to the chorus. If you listen to Geo power one, I like the... because Kanye verse was inside. I like Kyan's words, like he said. Let me you play it said this my bea returned put up drum. He's verse on the Joe Power One was like it was so good. I wish she put in like Geo part two. Well, part to the movies verse and just put our babies verse. But anyways, the songs are good. Young Joel Pot two is the it out. Then Geo part one is a seven out of ten, or it seven point five. And the next one in hurricane, which was featured by the weekend and little fucking baby. I don't know which one would do. C was on because this more I told I said it before, this monfulcer. Can you westing him from pull features or all the credit or shit letters have to let go on in to net and find out and all that. I put the ball. I know the weekend and little baby was on this one hurricane through that will all going to play. Next maybe we'll play the chorus, then we'll play little baby verse, because we gotta play little baby birth. Were respect to him. Were expect that guy. So let me just play without within animal time. Whom I know. You walking on a bridge. I thought my sins are pretty deeper. It's my stomach braint. I can't sleep sometimes I just want to start a bit out deepening. Can we sheep skin? May Back Interior came we shit skin. Oh that little baby's part. The weekend. I like the weekend of corals. I would with the weekend was doing. I devern know if Kanye West did over first because I don't listen down for and kind with versus. So it's worth of the lyrics are good. Everything Google. He's kind of slowing rapping like that. I think that's what the old hip hop is to be like. Low botone old hip hop song like to pack being big and maybe big or whatever was what they calling ball, like those type of wrap old rapway the like, kind of fast. You are you having them known this type of rapt simply boy, cardy, I thin, tripy radius, you know, type of guys thinking. I'm not saying those them. playboard added, playboard, cottage, trash. I'm I have another. I have never heard a song of playboy called it before, but TRIPP be ready is okay Bo. I'm just talking about how hip hop have change for like for that more than a decade already, because they have been like more than twelve years. How hip hop have and what did to call it? Evasion eyes. I don't know, a vague, if a votual. I blow out of one simple I'm just trying to see. Little baby verse is good. The weekend verse and chorus are good. Kind ways. I don't know, because I know I don't remember it. But everything, the whole song, which is Hurricane, I'm gonna give it it out of ten. The love Jo, we give it out of ten. Joe Part Two, it attend and Geo Power one, we give you a seven point five. I don't know why I screamed their ball. Everything going smoothly right now. We did next song we're going to talk about. I don't know, but I'm never going to talk about because we got to move to see all be. If I love a boy by drake, but Donda, don't know. For now. I'M gonna give it a like a seven out of ten for now. For now that the whole track. Everything seven outre ten, or maybe a six out of ten for now. So we gotta just move. Want to see all be by drake because he's already level minute of the podcast or to the podcast, to this episode. So we before we get right into that, first I gotta see look, take us album wish.

I said I'm gonna give me a one week opinion about in this episode. You'll take us album is like. Let's say, look, take US album. Is E. Eight out of ten, or is seven out of ten, because out of the whole album, I wouldy like like, I like. I like six songs out of the whole album which is repeated. Never left money on me see side and bank teller and the one about you, which now was on do that the only ones I like right now. I don't know about the rest ball. Yeah, it's a six or seven out of ten right now, or seven or eight out and I don't know which one. But I just wanted to see my opinion because I like give him a one week or two weeks opinion about the album or its song, because they you, cause you all know all this. Release a song on on Friday, my podcast come on on this Saturday. So you don't not give you enough time to at least you know whatever. Bo let move on to see all be given a second. You know, I gotta catch my breath because I talk very fast and I lose my breath easily. Bro Bought Blah Blah boat or give me a take and listen to the wonderful ad Yo Rog energies and energy drinking company with all their different flavored like blood orange, blue, raspberry and especially my favorite, mango pineapple. They also come in told little pocket and if you aren't your which level you'll be interested in, you could always get that story key, which is for a lower price or ten Canadian dollars. So head down to rogue energy link in my description. Get what you want and make sure that you could all the name for ten percent of so will get head down right now. Get to that website. Theirs true. You are well set and get whatever you want. You and I'm back, and so we are going to talk about to see all be said. If I love a boy by drake, which has a total of twenty one song, and I hope they don't bring an album, I mean I delocks, because the album, the original, is already parfect. No more delock. I don't think drake even brings out a delos or delox, or delox, I don't know what I'm saying, but the songs are champagne, poetry, puppies, home and I want the name. That is home the A, the English version that is homeboy. Translated you or whatever. I don't know. But the third one girls, one girls, which I'm gonna talk about the certified lesbian, which has drake and little baby in the Bible, which has a little Dirk and give you on love all, which has Jay z fair trade, which has Travis Catt, way too sexy, which have future and young talk. Then at then we have Tsu. We have in too deep, which as future, we are the next one pipe down. We have year about the heart break, which has yeah bowls, because that one drake didn't like singing it. The only person that was in there was yeah, but I don't know, maybe that I name me. That a enough one and no friends in the industry. We have knife talk by twenty one average project part I don't know who that is. We are severnely aim on Brido past. We are raised my mind fountains, which had terms get along better, which had tied dollar sign. We have you only leave twice, Lou Wayne enric cross. You have I am mute. I am white too, I think if I miss you. Two, which has kid cordy fucking fans Um. Yeah, focus and that in name on the number twenty song many. Last one is the remorse who? That was a long last. Oh my God, I'm never doing that Agam just gonna say the number of the album. Oh my God. anyways, let's go back to let's talk about what we want to talk about, because we have a lot of songs. I've listened to almost every time. Listen to champagne poetry.

I've listened to love all. Yeah, I think, though. I've definitely listened to girls. One girls, because I want. I'm going to talk about about the certified left being, because God, one girl is then little baby was inside on one in me. Let me just play the lyrics. I don't need to talk about anything said. It's you, a lesbian grammaid, so don't look at me. I don't know what went on there. I don't know who was the ghost rider or who was the writer of what drake was thinking about when he was writing that Boll. I thought it did a commenting instagram on an instagram post where represent said certified lesbian. That's right. I don't know that presents was saying. That's so motherfucking body Bro I don't know which one to agree. I agree on those certified lesbian and the board because I don't know what to say bough that I just wanted to point that out. BOF led. Now Ledge. You Go. Move on to the gold one girls, which was future by little baby, and you'll tell me what you think about it. But my opinion, I'm going to see my opinion right now, which is I'm gonna give you eight, point five out of ten. I told you I don't give a ten. At ten, I don't know what my ten are, but at five, I let move on to the song girls, all girls, when I'm from girls, girls, one girls, when my girl got a girlfriend, it's trying to be out of Shait Wasp, ONA, curst and Jim don't working surgery. I'm paving in my curtesy. You can imagine all, be sure of me. I put in their work, only I cannot Ben and I got some pretty busy human fleet. They imagine being missing a being that I really county got a find. I'm cooling out of the let me so. They gonna. Let us see your peers look better. We got ninety forty two guys. Me Go. My girl got a girlfriend. I don't know where. I don't know why I keep singing everything like I'm not I don't know what to do about that. I can I can't solve that, but I'm just have I gotta do it because of my podcast. But Anyway, back to the topic we're talking about, which is the rating on the song. Already gave my rating eight, point five final. That my decision. A point five. The baby carried. Now the baby didn't carry. Nobody carried. I don't know who carry, because I can decide that they and the two verses were good, the churls or banking growth or smashing every single thing. But a point five. That my final decision. Maybe next week my decision and going to shake change because I need a one week evaluation and all that. Bow a point five and let what all the songs we talk about and way too sexyalting about it. I'm not you watch the official music video yet, but I feel like some like some clips and all that, and I really want to wash it now. I want to wash especially how to go quhile Leonard in the video. He kind of look different at first. I didn't recognize him. I would like them, who the fuck is that? Now I saw some tags and some Hashtag all that. Now I know he was the one. I think he cannot. You look different after playing leaving the raptors, like Toronto rappers or basketball team, for those who don't know it, look different. I think he changes braid style because he breis his hair and all that ball. I really want to watch the music video for way to sexy and the other song which is there is we shouldn't wanted there. Wanted in the Bible by Little Dirk and give you on that. I didn't. I didn't listen to giving lyrics. I don't listen to his side or is verse, but no offense or I don't know what to say, buttle Dirk. He got forty seconds and what this what I thought on instagram and I also fast check it. It got forty seconds of drake verse and he went to go and promote his girlfriend, I like product or business...

...or stuff. Lets what am I talking too much? Let me just play it for your to use here by yourself. What am I talking too much? Oh my God, they men will anywhere cosmetic. I'm just one of my bitch trace on do it being strange for shop just now. You know that the type of boyfriend material or husband material, you want to have money promoting the stuff without even spending money, instead of Mandy money or losing money. This motherfucker is getting money because pd you go and SEEPA drake. Drake paid him for future. I don't know I v paid him or I don't know the business side, but to me it looks like drake paid him and man did a future. He did a verse, and you also promoted this Dolf for his girlfriend and other people are posting it on Instagram, which is also a form of promotion, and those are just like free promo or free advertisement. And he didn't have to do anything like it. Literally just had to record the verse, Right Lyrics, record, release, boom. The girlfriend is getting a lot, probably getting a lot of sales right now, a lot of orders and stuff. I don't even know. Ball if you want to get some merch like Halloween merge I'm getting, I'm releasing some this week. I don't maybe, I don't know if it's gonna be this week or next week. Bo I'm planning on releasing song for my store for because I do merchants. Of the link. I think I'm going to leave the link below if you want to share or order something for yourself or the or you can just wait for the Halloween special. You come with a sweatshirt, hoody and a t shirt and Y had like Halloween design on it. Get what you want and yeah, I just ordered to where you're going to. He had like a very low price. Not Like I'm going to charge you a hundred or fifty. I'M gonna MONT none of my product path and thirty, I promise, very Canadian dollars in you are done of them past twenty five, I think. I don't know, but go get from my merged door or you could go to my link in my instagram and get whatever you want from me. And they continue to what we're talking about. The song which is in the Bible. I'M gonna give it a solid eight or seven, I don't know, but that that's my own opinion. I don't know about any other person, but that what I always read my song. No, my song ever get like a nine or ten, except the songs which I'm about to release, I hope. So. I played it in the intro for anyone who heard it. That the song. But I think how many minutes? Twenty two minute. I wanted to mention something about apology, pologies, moderate which, you know, how people break into other people's houses. It had you got a gone or something. Well, this time it was reversed. I'm not think apology model broke into someone's house. They broke into our own house in seat of them firing the gone. She was the one firing or gone, like I'm so proud that I and they were dark and a hiding and stuff. That's why apology had to like get twenty four hours security service for his house. I don't know if it is own house or is month house, but you gotta get like security and stuff twenty four hours. You know how much they're gonna pay for that Shit, Bro Damn, why even do we need the model was shooting at them. But anyways, them, they need that security in the privacy and they need all that Shit. But I think we're going to end. But one more thing I got to mention home. This person, Sam boy, is a UK rapper and he just came out with an EP wishes called way. Given a second im go find of the name. Yeah, the name of the song or...

...the EP which she releas. Is Good time, long time. If you want to go check it out, go check it out. Your name is as one MBA SAMBO, your yourse, thirsh sembaw on any platform, Youtube, whatever. Listen to the EP. Tell me what you think. For me, I'm just gonna GIVE THAT EP of six out of ten right now, having fully like going into it, boy, a six out of ten, and next week I'm going to talk about my proper rating or my full on rating about the album of kind of west and drake for Kanye West for now by or now either seven out of ten, but drake for now is like an eat out of tell me, because I really like the songs. I like some singles which he was the only one in. I like all those type. I like some of them. And Yeah, it all the maybe Nextwik is gonna Change to a nine, or maybe can you wear is only going to change to our eight or nine also, but that's gonna be the end of this week Pol cast or episode. I'm gonna see your next week. And the surprising team is about all my affiliate links in my description. I never knew people actually shake it because the the time I pulls I put like an affiliate link of an album covers type of stuff. Someone actually boughty. I never mentioned it, not, I've never promoted you or anything that you're putting my link to see what's gonna Happen. Actually, someone bought it, boy, and if you want to buy your go to the link your go click whatever the name of the things, album cover. Get whatever you want. You can get my own song, I don't know, but I'm see your later. This is a being a whole. Stubb is the name. This is laft. We Dub the name and we always get it all. We get all the freaking dubs. I will see your next week and I'll most missed this episode, this week episode, but I didn't. I'm see your next week. Peace out and enjoy the outro. Boom, boom clad. You gotta say the Rath of me. I gotta lead a leg to see. You gotta do your best of me. My music, my whole rap. I got up with my chest and claim I old bitch cauch in love with me. I got up with my Chet that claim I will be catch in love with me. You gotta say the rest of me. I gotta lead the legs be. You gotta do your best of me. Mom Music, my whole the rap. I got up with my Chet and claim I old bitch cauch in love with me. I gotta up with my chest that claim. I L BE CATCH IN LOVE.

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