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How to promote your music on Tiktok| Ep 5


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In today's episode, I talked about the release date of MY GOALS and all the other releases and I also talked about how to promote songs on TikTok and what I do to promote my own song, make sure to follow on TikTok.

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Also, guys, and welcome back, or brand new episode of life with UB The name. I'm your hose, the Ob the name, and this is episode five. So if you knew, you know what to do. We get the dubs mature to follow. Subscribe, like the video on Youtube, because this is going to be on youtube from now on, and see you, guys, after the intro. Hey, guys, this podcast is sponsored by you. WOULDN'T DRAGON PUZZLE? If you don't know what it is, let me tell you what it is, because you gotta know what it is. The puzzles are the best gift. With your wow effect. You also have great colorful design, with fabulous, are memorable images of animals and such. Your products like this easily attract attention. Now you gotta know that is a gray fisher, because in business you need good and fishers like attention, great quality, and wouldn't dragon pozzles have that with their laser courting,...

...that is you to make all the pieces purposely fit together, like fee initial support stuff, and all their path or pieces have like different shapes, sighs, and it owms with like some I'm gonna show it in the video, some of the pieces coming like different animals like different type of animals. I would like Whoa. I've never seen a puzzle do that before, and if you want to check it out, the link of that website is gonna be my description below, and the coldly dragon life that is also going to be in the description below. Get it big, get anything you want. You'll the cold. I get ten patent off. Thanking You, Dragon for Pons read this episode by stars and we're back. So, guys, this is like I'm gonna be a hard thing to say, because I'm recording this right... on Sunday and it's going out today. Also. I was supposed to do this like Saturday, but I got busy and I was waiting for something to arrive, but you didn't see. All right, so I have to do this Sunday and yeah, that will have to say. I'm sorry for that, but I don't know if some people were waiting for it on Saturday. But yeah, anyways, let's get to what today's episode is gonna be about, and I don't know what it's gonna be about because this podcast or this episode so random, like I don't know what to talk about. That I'm so quite right about. Like wallow go. Today episode we I know we talk about produce the last week and I don't know, I was thinking of learning how to do it myself, because I wash a lot of video,...

...some a one hour long video how to like do some, but there's some people don't like give what I need and there's so many things I need. Let how to install and like render some stuff that, all those big words that I don't understand them like that. So yeah, I was just going to continue and well, I'm just gonna figure out that out later. But you know how I'm doing this podcast and podcasting doing that much. So I like made like, I don't know if if you call like membership or something, you can buy me some big brain. And the big brain is you can check the you check the link in my bikey or shake everything in my description below, because it's so hard to explain right now, and you know, you can also shake fiver on my description below. I canso check counter all my indie description below and all the type of stuff. So made...

...sure to shake all that. And Yeah, tell me it is a not all. I don't know how to talk right now because I'm like trying to be quiet and do or that. So I don't disturb anyone else, Bo whatever. So this episode, you know, they're M did my goals. If you don't know what my goals is, you should be following my instagram. You know what that is. But who I've alwaysn't following on instagram. So go follower right now. My goals wish is coming out with it's coming out way to share. I wanna shake my calendar and it's coming out on a Friday, but I don't maybe the next week, on next Oh yeah, it's coming out next week, so you better get ready for that. My goals. I May. I recorded our songs like January. Then I decided to real live the marsh, because I don't know why I want to...

...really live the marshball. I just wanted to like keep it, think of it, show some people listen to it. Then I made a preceive link, like gonna go bro But a pretty save link is also in the bio, the description. Follow me on instagram. All that. And Yeah, I also hope that it's going to make you're going to be good, because the last one I made the balance. Yeah, maybe I've been. I don't want yet go listening to it because some people say they can't Gar me on it. So the my goals that try to make myself year a bow or listening ball. I don't know what the word is for that, and I hope some people told me that as good I did. You could hear me. Some people, I don't know. Boy. Yeah, that's all of that. And wait, let me see them. One right now I'm recording on a new microphone I set up. I bought someone both from your...

...stuff. Yeah, I don't know how this sounds. I hope to sound good because I have to microphone now or three, I think. Yeah, this is one of them. The other I don't want to use it to record my music because I don't like the sound of this one. I'm like thinking on it all the type of stuff. So I'm like using the softway software, because he came with that mental record. I'm using it to like it did the podcast from now on, I think. If this sounds good, boy, yeah, that's just gonna be eat and it's name of the stuff is pretty soon us audio book ninety six. He want my music? Tishue, that told me about it. Like thank you, but I don't really like it. XLR Cables and way to college again. I'm thinking of...

...the name right now. I don't know what the Chord is. I can't think of the name. Write something more. You plug the cable with a sound box or something. I don't know what's it caused right now. So I'm using like a microphone stand on something that my computer then record and at two podcasts out of that stuff, and the podcast is like okay, because sometimes I think of a topic, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I like free style in my head, sometimes I don't. Or if I want to write the free style down, everything comes out of was trash. True, I don't just write it down again anymore. I just like freestyle and move on like that's sometimes when I scroucer tick tock and I see someone making like a...

...verse through a Song, a popular song, and be like, let me think of mine. I think of Myney call is so bad, I said would never mind. I see all that Ticktock, of that, you think again bad. So sometimes I try to just ignore that. But let move on to the topic of some people trying to promote the music on Ticktock, because all I see some people doing all those life fixed stories and like that girlfriend or their manager or their Mama, dad or type of stuff. It didn't so old. Right now there's some people still doll that, like like before. Some people, like some people in the comment, will listen to the song, but not on day. Some people in the comments are just like so hateful. I know that's the water. I know that world soon come for me, but yeah, they don't support. Some people supports Bo like try on all the way of doing in Dun Joys La Act the whole...

...stuff out, like you think people are gonna believe that? I why I don't do that? Because I'm camera shy, like I can't even talk right now. We give affect who. Okay, so, yes, that's one. I'm just like. Some people need to learn how to promote them music on take tock that even want to promote your music and take looks. That's when people who pay like other dances and stuff. Sometimes they dances work like that. If you don't have life, bad feels, all the type of stuff. But if it was me, just like make a short video, like don't you have to put your filth? Some people put their faith or yell me that while we do, maybe one day some people see. Maybe no, well, just put it there. Maybe someone who see someone make a video of a rap. I will make cool episode. Make a video of you, then boom, you have your song everywhere. Everybody's listening to... Go. Sometimes doesn't work. Also, like iphone. Know that, because I don't have any long tack to if you want to follow and take to make sure you follow me on take dog the up with the name. Okay, okay, back and it's so weird seeing all that, because sometimes it's fake. I don't know if all the time is real, but I know most of your time it's fake. Like I don't want where the guy said it's a girlfriend, it's girlfriend, or whatever. The girlfriend was like x the ECT girlfriend hate on him, like broke into his home, like why will she do that? Hit that crazy to break into your own house and destroy your gaming. That up all the type of stuff, like you made a song about her. Okay, why did you make a song about how? If you if you hate her and don't care about her anymore,..., think about it, bro Don't do that. Don't freaking do that. Anyway, moving away from that topic, we're moving into another topic about another song that's coming out April, because I want to be like consistent with the posting I release them a song. I don't want to be like Lookay, I'll post marsh, then I'll put a post August. All that puts like every two months or something. But I'm thinking of releasing an EP soon because album is like too marsh and to expense is the one really then EP, and I hope the EP goes well because they I'll be like thinking of writing very clean to make the song five and I dollar dollar bulls in there. I'm not adding the other one. I don't know. I don't want to say the name. So yeah, I think that's gonna be it...

...for this podcast because I want to quickly record because my sister is just dubbing me right now. So maybe next episode. I hope I can record next episode because right now I'm like I just did a walk. I walked outside and I'm like tires. So I just decided to record it quickly as possible and relieve there under all that. So if you knew, make sure to subscribe like on ticktock. Do all that and it's being a boy. Doby the name. Laugh, we dubby the name and make sure you go preceived the song. The link is in the description below and I'll see you guys next week. Oh, already next week, but you guys, peace, stars and.

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