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Gang Gang is so good!!|Ep 13


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Hey, guys, are welcome back to another episode of the polk as. It is your who's the build the name. This is laugh. We all be in the name and this is episode thirteen of the podcast. You know, we always get the dubbed every single time. And today, Saturday, we SHA'm recording right now, so we're gonna do the Mute New Music Saturday. So if you you makeure to subscribe, like the podcast and if you're not new, go listening to the other episode if you haven't already, and cash your laughterday. INTRO. Peace out with the Bro Hey, when your family turning a fault. We had a playhouse on the road until you intacorate it without till like a multiple trucking shows on Niggas like it makes money. Most super but time piece like we host there. Were gonna set them back to how did the CON creep with a road and winners this call how to go away and stay out of story. From the southeast, Niggas know this wayout street and we all back. I see you all know. I don't know. I keep saying us we all know, but I said last week I said I was gonna listen to a gang gang bad little pullo gi and Lieu Wayne, which Lou Win Future Din it, and because last week I recorded on Wednesday and the song was coming out on Friday and the podcast was coming on Saturday. So I think we're gonna do that to day right now, because that's song has been on that the first time I heard it. I would like it just going to be a good song for me or bad song for me. But after giving it a couple more listening I like the song now. Like the song called on repair every single time, even like the chorus, which the chorus of banging like real. Let me play the song for you, guys. We so you see some great clouds. I fuck around. Drop the top of the ring first. Don't play around.

We am down with Song, close rank with the gang. Back then I banks from Jack's, a meal on the watching the change. I'm just trying to put a lock on the game, a fly. Now I'm back dead, like the song. Is the so good, like I don't even know the like the lyrics. So the order versus body chorus is always on my heard my head, especially little winds by. We will see in the corals and everything. They won't like his own verse more than Pullo Ye ad up. I don't know why. I'm just being honest, because Lou Wayne killed it and the song gang gang is good. I went, I say, show on Youtube. fucking gang gets a lot of gang gang by future. Yeah, future, the me goals. Little Tj I having here does want me, but I'll give it a listen. But let me go play little wind part so that you guys don't know what I'm talking about. Like maybe Louin is gonna be in the album because pulojis bringing out more. It bringing out the new album very soon. I don't remember the date because it puts it on instagram and order. I don't remember the the Bo. I think Louin and gonna be in more songs on the album. So we' Let me uplay Louin par real quick and tell me what you think about it in the comment or whatever. It was fly soon as I touched down and pause. If it be, I on me. Her name's got money out of my heads and I'm come crown again. That the word die a fourteen day. That's current team. I put my heart out before my lean baby. No, RMB six, six does my powoot pick? So who slam my puceless. That's that, you white pissons. God bless you black that I'm not to crack that texts to backers on me put a smoke. The uncle snooper mothers to coming. Well, that's a complete I cannot play every single I...

...can play always everything said in the verse. But if you want to go listen to you will listen to the song right now. He's on all platforms, spotify, Youtube, gang, gang, everywhere. Back Polo Gi and Lieuen and I hope Louien is in, like all the tracks on the album, and cause the trash is gonna be fired, because this one is already smoking. Bro And if you know, this is like a part or the pocket, that it didn't really dire important, but it's kind of important. Go listen to my own song right now in the link is going to be in the description below. Go listen to it and go what the new Youtube Video? I put that on my youtube duble. The name and the go right into the pocket. And the thing about like even this person, juice world release, I repeat, juice. What they really like? What did they call it again? They really Lucy Dreams. Few showed by Liu wos evert and the main people like they light up power when you woody and juice. We were singing the chorus together. To me, that makes sense. That makes sense and it's also sound good, not like a see if he ruined there or something. And even really is like they good. I forgotten their name. Good, rainy does anniversary or something like the name of an album release when it was your life. there. Lidy really don anniversary or some ladder. Yeah, there were some new tracks inside. It was like seven hundred and forty three. That the name. May people were saying that that song was like a fifteen minute long free style like Bro. I heard that. Just what I've done a want our free style. Bro, I can't even do one minute, and he did fifteen minute, one hour, and they caught everything and put it into like four minutes for the song.

Bro, I think just or really a legend. Bro, like I can't freestyle. ME. I'm not. I'm not good at free style. Let me go with you. I'm not good at free selling. Both. Then I like the Lucy Dream remix. I know some people be like na, Bro, keep the original, but I still I like boat, the original and the Remix, even the music video and talking about music video. This person really the music video to folk a gooldn't release the music video of wasn't name of the song. Again, I'm company in futured and few, showed by Fu sure, I don't know how to say but futures inside and the video. I everybody I've heard the song. Like the album came out like two or one month ago now. In the video came out okay, and as I don't really know what to talk about that, like the video was okay because it was just like a normal video. Boy, everybody, just like few, Short, power, few, you short part. I don't run know how to say the word. fut short port, like yeah, I wanted even like future. Did another like worth on go crazy, remixed by Chris Brown, young talk, little DORC and Mulatto, and I like that. Poway said, you don't mean, you ain't think, you Shabat, you're freak. That's why I's poite actually hit it before I see anything about the lyrics. I just found out more latto change my name tolto. I don't know why. I thought it was like a joke or something,...

...but when I say Sha name up on Youtube, almost half of half of the songs. She'll like put a birth on on our own song. She changed like the name to loudo everything. And let go right back to what I was talking about. Yeah, few that part, like that power was like I kept thinking about that part. Actually, don't. You shouldn't mean you aint know, you like wow. I don't know how he came up with that and maybe he's right. I don't know. Maybe, maybe me, I don't know, but the part is good. I like it. I like that part. And they were like a whispreme part in the earth. I didn't really hear anything good in you said, boll he was kind of fired. Oh, kind of fire. And who are we going to talk about? Relies on New Music? I'm Luna's actually the song everybody on twitter would like. It went from holiday, you know, and told that when I'm going to an angel side, lie Bro I hadn't even know what's going on. Really Nice. The song isn't like a song with all those auple slow pop song, which I'm not really into. Bo Yeah, many people are thinking that. He like they took a sample. The song is like sampled from holding on by in the R I don't know if you guys want to go like compare you to in your holding on and Luna ex song goes down. That the name of the two songs. Now, in my opinion, the chorus of the song goes down by Luna's egg. Kind of sound like holding on by in the R Bo. I'm a final Ballodom, even following your and like social medias and all that. And Yeah, if it sounds like holding on, because I saw also on like twitter, instagram,...

De um, you also credited Letta's ex credited like in your or holding on, because they took example. I don't know, I've been done my own is social, my own homework to like to like see if what your thing is true or not. But really we let me think of what else do we have? The Baby D two fishures like Med with, Oh Geez, or or G I don't know how to thy name. The name of the song is Um. What the fucking name again? HMM, I can't remember. Let me let me shake twitter real quick, because Ei, he posted it on twitter and all that. I know that it was like I thought you'd video. The song isn't. I don't really like the song. I don't know why I don't really like the song name on the song is get fly, but a fishure that him and Ogez, oh Geez, the one of the song. Apparently will Geez is like a black dude or whatever, cause in the song he was seeing the n world and all that, but in he don't know, look like a person that. I can't see that any world. But Anyway, now my opinion is the one I made the song. Maybe can be be can't? I don't know what to do about that. And if you guys have twist on your phone or have toi shore you like twitch or you like washing Tish, go follow me on twitsch right now. Dobs the name, extream almost every day if I don't have any homework. Both. Go follow me right now on twitsch and maybe I'll stream on Saturday today. So peace we should. I get a feeling right now on twitsch to right back to the podcast. Who else release a song?...

Let me go check on Youtube Recu real quick because I've been listening to a song I ever remember, but I know dd Kindie drop on and drop a music video for I did it by little baby making this allion and reading and the baby. I'm post my alone. Whi. How? How did I forget post my Lan Post. Mym was the one who did like the chorus of the song. I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did hate Goddamn and I get it, but I can't. I can really wait. I can't live. What am I say? I can wait for apologize new album, Hall of fame, which I'm looking at right now. It's like apparently two weeks from now. They didn't really put the date. Wish I thought to put the date, but people who go pre saved the album. Let me, let me click on the link. Maybe the date is on the link. MMM, we'll give me a TAK on my wife. I'd really slow right now. I don't know why I oh, yeah, rold up and the date either. Not, sick. We let me calcull it that. HMM. You coming out next month on the eleventh. You're on the eleventh of July. Your should expect that. You should tell me if the album is fire or not. If the album is the fire, your fake. You're stupid for that. If you say the album is the fire. MMM, I don't know who else really is a song like sape. If you guys want somebody that I fall lowball. He named you, for you really the song like yes today. Yeah, I really the song yesterday. If called K I wmb. Wish me kicking it with my brows. Let me play a little pat...

...they're let me play like the chorus. My brother, my prom, my prom, my brothers. I'm just killing my brother. anyways, you could go check out the song Du Foul, just Guf you kicking it with my Broki I wmb. And I think there's gonna be the end of the podcast. So, if you know what I always say, this is dubbed the name, this is left and this is your whole stub is the name, this is life with dub is the name, and we always get the DOBS. If you want to join the DOBS or you want to dream the DOPE FAM or whatever. I don't know what to call discord or whatever, but drop a follow, go subscribe to my Youtube Dub with the name, go follow me on all social media, instagram, and go listen to all my music, which your link is gonna be in the description below, played on repeat or whatever, because a new song you like coming out July eighteen and maybe the EP will come on like two weeks or a week after that, I hope, because, like I have two songs done already and I'll see your next week for another episode, episode fourteen. And guys, have any guests to bring to the podcast? Tell me in the DM or follow me and tell me dubs the name on Instagram or whatever, and I'll see your next week. Peace, my problems, my problems, my pro PROMS, my proms. I'm just killing my Prom.

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