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This week has been Hectic!!! | Ep 23




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Yo. Rog Energy is and energy drinking company with all their different flavored like blood orange, blue, raspberry and especially my favorite, mango pineapple. They also come in holds little pocket and if you aren't your Wi level, you'll be interested in you could always get that story key, which is for a lower price or ten Canadian dollars. So head down to rogue energy link in my description. Get what you want and make sure that you could dull the name for ten percent of so get head down right now. Get to that website. Theirs true. You are well set and get whatever you want. Welcome back, guys, to another brand new episode of the PODCAST. This is your whole stubb is the name, this is life. We Dub the name and we always get it all done. This is gonna be like episode twenty three of the Podcast, and miss last week podcast, as by this time I'm recording a podcast on a where, on a Wednesday. Yeah, what I was supposed to talk about last week, I'm going to talk about that next week because I had other plans to do. I write everything down, but you know what we always do? We always talk about something. We had an album to review, but we're gonna do that next week. Podcast episode. I just hope the stop does mess up with my schedule because of school. Had to like skip last week podcast or sometimes, I don't know, episode. Yeah, but I'm just quickly enjiled doing the true real quick, very fast right now. Bow, make sure you like, follow the podcast, do whatever, subscribe to the podcast on Youtube if you're listening on Youtube, and let get ready to talk about what we're gonna talk about. Maybe we're going to talk about the album, because Luna ex was bringing out an album this Friday. Right now is Wednesday when you are listen, when you are leaking into the PODCAST, you're gonna be on Saturday. Better time the album would have come out. So get ready for that. But anyways, see you out of the intro and listen to the intro very well, because you're going to hear that very soon, like during October. To...

...see you after the intro and brand the nation. I like this bag Sha, going to the moon now. We are baby ability to lose. Now, no gravitation bounding around here, beyond many past right feeling so fast. Might be on. You might be a five and a man, I don't nobody may be. She be no freaking and we are back. So first of all, before I talk about any other thing, you know I like to do my one week evaluation of the album of songs. I talk about last week episode, or last be in this case, a lot two weeks episode. Wish is the my opinion on drake and Kanye West album, Dawnda and CELB and, if I know boy thunder. I list a little to like three new songs on it. I really lot of degree added out to my playlist. Then hurricane with young the weekend a little baby was on. I like the one. I added it to my playlist. To the Jeel part too, you know, I like then cause I played it. Apparently I got the money tized. I wasn't even getting money on Youtube or they block the sound on like Youtube or my youtube channel that you go listen to the last two week episode on Youtube, you're going to get another song playing because that they're like block it or something. I don't know, bro Don't I'm gonna give you like a seven hundred and ten. Then CELB. That's going to be like a night eight point five or in nine out of them, because I really like it because in my opinion, my opinion, I know I feel a lot of people think, don't know, was better than Thee Ol be. Well, I don't really listen to any drinks song gone. The CEOB was like go for me, so I'm going to give that. I an e five nine and it was kind of, kind of better than thunder, to be honest. I don't know, but that just my opinion, my one week evaluation, after listening to it almost every day,...

...even if new songs came out and all the type of stuff. That just my evaluation and didn't that Song I want to talk about was kill Bonk music, m the REMIX. I don't know if you are heard it. He brought a Reminqui so sree, I played like a intro with a song last week. Let me just play it again, so y'all know know what I'm talking about. How do you want to start? Check? When we gonna get them back? They call me. I'll touching this changes of block party. That's why all of my masslet he's a sleeping its tenses. That's a rock star. Look at all of these best b she stay with this thing just a case, but I'll try to get put on the canvas. I get money to all these pastures. Its stock pro I'll take it for granted. On the same thing that I came about too, with my beard is Grammy Test A. Lucky if you see me, got jake twenty seven or Buston. It's all on my fanny. I don't want to say we gonna see some my lass on my niggas be stopping on stampy. It was running this mouth. We had to come check on me, using his leg like a daughter monsters. Forty got some for a robber. I'M A dog. No tell her color, doing a back and for coming said, don't really make a noise. You can say that I shoot a lot. Yeah, that just this though, because I listened this phone came out for weeks. They go. I think I listen into the sone, like when he came off, like in the time a. That time he came out five days. Then I list into it all, like gamma. The song is really good, especially thocree. We we should sign into Puluji's labial we she those through partnered with them, Columbia Records D we should the record Le Build our PLUJI's. You know, though, bore, it's those three also. It's those three. I don't know what to say. Name is them. It sounds very much like pology, like the dude is on the one apolog song in the album, like the hall of fame album, which this album was good, the song you you would even if you are if I apology,...

...maybe you would notice. But if you just listen to the song for the first time or you have listened to apology for the first time, which is impossible, but they both sound the sambody even know when scary got on or Thir is firth after like go washed like a lyric video, to know that, oh, that was this guy's part, that was pology part different people, because that voice is the same. Everything the same. I didn't know why I found those three. We want music video, one video, one song in made, I think it was rock star or something. Then I also heard the other song. He also made love letter I wrote to your love Song. Blah, blah, I don't another think it, but anyway, the song is good. I'm gonna give you like a nine out of ten cuts. The original was like trending on that. I think I'll trend you on takedock or whatever. I don't know. But now we brought a reming with those three thing have like modern three hundredzero views on youtube. I don't know about what if I and the read anyway, back to me. Am I started school already. We should all will or that, because most of your Canadians, or I don't know if it United States. Everyone. I would like started school for United Stable Canadians without the school like last week, tourist, Thursday. Yeah, when you're listening to you, going to be Saturday, but last week Tursday. I don't know when you're listening to you, but we started like Sa temble ninth. Yeah, without it. Then the only class I have right now is mechanics. I'm thought to have like a second club or mechanic took the whole the second class. So from morning to the end of school I have mechanics. Wow, well, that well, I knew me. I think I should mechanic. Why should mechanical like an extra course or something I didn't want? Would I actually do? Id even know that was mechanic at the point, because Nicolela or transportation stuff,...

...and in my mind I tought you was like a different thing or something, because I was like, okay, maybe I can put it in case there was enough space in something like that. I ll put it now. I'm a mechanic class. I'm no, I don't hate the class, I just I like it. But I guess stayed a lot because we do a lot of work on like some machine part. Then my hand get dirty, my uniform get dirty and my uniform is white. So every time I fee like home, wash are iron need again, then we're back to school. Then next day get dirty again, wash it are any and we're going to second if you ever want to get some work done but you don't know how to, or your designer or whatever you are, and you need a little bit of help, you can head down to the link in my description and go to fiblecom. They are freelance website that helped everyone in any little walk they need help with, and with my link you can get twenty percent off your first order. So go down to my description and get whatever you want right now. You can get any, literally anything, so go get some help. ANYWAYS, back to world I was talking about, which is the mechanic class. What I'm praying for is that I don't Miss Anything. Hope or I don't feel this class, because this class look like the easiest class you can get or you can do. But I your hope I don't. And the funny things that everyone in the Class A boy. That I don't know. If you get any girl shows the class boy, I don't know, but there's no girls or anything that. I just guys. Everyone Guy, dude or whatever, but I don't know me because we have like a like a different schedule. It's not like the normal schedule before. Now we have like, let's say I was doing mechanics and science. I'm gonna do Mechanical Science for a whole week, then in next week I'm gonna do music...

...and art for that whole week also. Then the third week I'm gonna switch back to mechanic amers like continuously like that or whatever. That the schedule for that. So next week I should be expecting math and music, because I show music, I can't die let math. I have to like choose math because I need that to get into university and I share is Manden Tory, mandatory. I don't know how to say it, but yeah, that's everything that has been happening in school. Not In not too much. This whole week is about to end like quick, ladding even know how. Already on Wednesday I'm all about to be done with Wednesday about to go into Thursday Friday. Then we're going to hear the album Luna ex is about to drop. Montero, the album were already heard, industry baby, which I made a remix about. You could go listen to that. Links are going to be in my instagram or whatever, wherever you saych me on Youtube. They will be the name industry baby remix. You gon't either, then all my older songs are there. And, by the way, the Intro of the song wish you're heard, if anyone had that about. The intro is going to be the new song that I'm planning on releasing October seventhing, on my birthday. Yeah, on my birthday, and I'm also doing like the Halloween collection drop on Ottoble first, because I'm getting like I ordered my own, my own piece of merge also, and the sad issue come like September twenty four to twenty September twenty nine. So I'm still waiting for that to come. So before second like maybe take pictures or sometime. No, I'm not like a picture guy, boy, I want to try to take pictures. So if you are waiting for that or you want to see you all that.

Go. Follow me on my instagram. Keep Up. I always put like reminder and stuff you could like cash on or whatever. Check my birthday out. I don't do birthdays ball. Yeah, and anyway, let's go back to what we're talking about. The music wish is gonna be running up by run it or by chef G futurreing money, no, honor, the same money bag your but know if future you know whether the name sleepy hollow with this sleepy are sleepy hollow and a bookie with a Hoodie left. What is it? Oh, what, well, I was it to name again running up a good song, and I actually listen to some of like chef g songs. We shall drill, drill, wrap and I don't really listen to that, but some of them are good. I like the one which Pollogi was on and I also like one female ta be theme. That one that that is so I think I listened to it yesterday on thumb cloud down. I would like, so pride that chef g made that. Would like. What the Freak? How I never knew that I've heard the song. I would like. I thought it was someone like sleepy hollow or someone that made a song. I didn't know it was chef G, but anyway, that's played. You running up wish. I like and I listened to every time because I don't know. I just like the song we're gonna play right now. Three to stop the count. I'm trying to run to say. I just want to run to say I could be your barn. Tell me what it calls. This is you smile. I know that it hit out. We want it all. I keep it real, keeping me and unless we go on one of us, but only men, maybe we can make one of them chop, chop, only ways ugly this is can't even want to... Yeah, that was like the young church chest. I don't know. Chef G, CHEF G, I don't know, but that was the coral the party birth. That I like was Reem, this guy I always forgetting name. A boogie without Hoodie, or Boogie like I see Boogie, I don't know, but that is it. I like his worth better than I don't know. I don't remember sleepy hollows first, I didn't. I don't think I really listened, like listening to it, but I just like. What this guy's name again, I full I'm literally forgetting his name, like you name me a Boogie without hoody. So like very easy and and what? For now, I'm gonna read the song like because I've listening to you. I've listened to him more than ten times, I don't know. And it's has been more than one week. So no need to do like a oneweek evaluation or some Shi ladder. What I we do? I'm just gonna give the opinion right now. I'm gonna say an eight, point five out of ten. Boom, a point five our ten. Then I don't know, I don't be give me thay can let me go listen to the Polo g one POLOGI was on. Then I'll come back. They see. It just going to be in a model of like to seconds, like see you and we're back. See You. Was So easy, like two seconds or whatever. But I listened to the song already. WISH IS ON GOAL BY CHEF G and fissuring IPOLO G. I really like it. pologic point, you know what gangs do. We don't go foco let only some more. I don't know what I said about. Yeah, that I like. I like the song. I'm gonna give that song like a seven point five or eight, because it good. But yeah, so I think the next songs that we're going to end a way, because we've already gone like fifteen minute, is gonna be. I wanted to do tick talk by your talk about we don't really talk about Young Talk Bot. So well, YOU'RE gonna keep to the Carbo remikes, which I love, Ol Sober, having got into listening to it that much by you know Whoel who is who? Me...

Cowboy with bank row, hiding future in this guy on DDG, and I don't know the other person. I think it cash Dami or something Bo. Let your play a preview already. You know what will we do? Play the preview, then we talk about it or we talk shit about it. Let me just play real quick fire for three to that crazy private jetted to the tropical sway on a commercial option. was already that's possible. Regular I got. This is a receipt on a flat of me long a fuck with DDG. I'll be where the teens all night tripping out, break a fan back here and allow a person like they snack get a touched good amount. But when it makes you want to set me a while back, you wanna fucking me baby. Say That we respect you want to leave me. I'm Drup so pull they said. Tina like about the like that the song body. I like about laughter, I think. Did yougis part or after cash Damian verse, the way he I don't know how to explain it both, but I like how it did the chorus after someone Verythu focots in which person's birth, but I like the way did. The chorus was kind of different. You know how like producer, that all those melodic rappers or things have like stock of all vocal for and vocal recordings or something like that. They put it to well, I hit the MIC again, they put it together and they mix it like differently. So I eat like Hammond eyed or something like that. Ball. I don't know what I'm saying, but I hope someone understand me or just go listening to it. But that is a Boll I don't know. I'm seen a lot of bout. The song is good.

The CARBO remix DGG, which came from a youtuber now to a rapper which was a boxer for like two weeks then back to a rapper again, and he also won the boxing match. By the way, if you don't know that, we shows you know already and now, if I don't know, if you think is the full time wrapper now, because it deletted, like all video that stuff which people were pissed about. I don't know why and I never know. I don't and never wash like a did you youtube video? I don't know who did you was, because I don't really wash that much of youtube videos like that and when I'm watching you to video. That was something about cards or I listen to music. So I found DG trough music and stuff. Why? I saw the song we me with blue faith at. What name was son of forgotten name. But yeah, that's how I found DG. I think that's going to be the end of this podcast. Yeah, it's going to be the end of the podcast. I'm just recording it now so that I would like sked you. This podcast will come out on a Saturday. So if I was even miss Saturday podcast, I know that I already have one armed on their bag or something to release, so I don't have to like start looking for how to record or do that. He'll do this. But anyways, this has been your host dubbed the name. It's life. We dubbed the name and make sure you go follow me on a a social would make sure you go listen to the album or the EP. And I don't know, I'm thinking about bringing like a whole new album, like we brand new songs, not like all those older albums. Like rapper men want two or three songs. You've already heard it already. Mine is gonna be like brand new song, maybe fifteen songs long. I don't know if to thinking about I don't know if I should do that. I should wait like after like a year or something, and I do that. But anyways, will we get dubs? Maybe we're gonna catch a dub on the album, on the debut album. Maybe we eat number... blioboard, which that's not gonna happen, but I'm just saying, and it's going to be the end. Make sure you depreciave link of the new eat the new thing. WHO COMBED DOWN? I'm going to put it into link, into decription before now. Nothing there. Just Google through all my link that I there, all my affiliate link. Click only you whatever about whatever he holds out. It supports me Alaw and if you just want to like, don't need go to the buy meal coffee soft link, then y'all do that, but it's gonna be the end. We're gonna play the thunk again. Maybe cabble, maybe carble or Prince of the nation, I don't know. Anyway, anything you listen to, listen through it and I'll see your next week. Sorry for Mesim last week and you tho yo crazy. Private jetted to the tropical strong way on a commercial that was already that's possible. Be Regular. I got business a receipt trying to flatter me as on a fuck with DDG. I'll be where the teens night tripping out, break a fan back here and allow a person like they was night get a touched. She want to set me a while. Link back. You wanna fucking me, baby, say that we respect you want to leave me. I'm drunk, so pull they said in this.

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