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Rating My New Tracks On my New Album| Ep 16




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This podcast is sponsored by rogue energy, rogue energy, rogue energy is a gaming drinking company and they have different flavours in their website which you could you you could go check out, the link will be in the description make sure to use code" Dubisthename" to save some money and thank rogue energy for sponsoring this podcast peace. welcome guys and welcome back to a brand new episode of the podcast. This is your host Dubisthename This is LIFE WITH Dubisthename and we dub we always get the dubs which is the motto every single time I ' m saying it now we always get the dubs, my name is Dubisthename LIFE WITH Dubisthename and this is episode sixteen of the podcast yeah In today' s episode, We finally released the ep, which has been like long waited I don' t know who have been waiting for but I' ve been waiting for it to come out, because i did, it took a lot of time to do and finally it came out like on thursday last week, wait this podcast will come out on Saturday so it came out on Thursday, yeah and yeah I think I' m going to play like a song from like for the intro one of the songs and i' ll catch yall after the intro, so that we can get to talk about the song and we can like rate one song out of it and we will rate another artist song so see yall after the intro peace* DREAMS PLAYING GO LISTEN RN LINK BELOW * yeah that' s the new it' s not a new song but it' s one of the songs in the new Ep, which is IDK! I don' t know you could go check what the meaning. I already said, the meaning of the song but there is no like a back...

...story to the meaning of the name. I was like looking for a name to give the ep, and i said i don' t know so i like or i was like wow this name would be like good, because the song isn' t like a sad song or it all like it. I don' t it doesn' t like have a story to anything. So i just put i don' t know, i wanted to give it idek don' t even know the name, but it was more compressed and more better than idek, because that' s so long, even if it' s not long, but the song which played on the intro, the name of the song is" BACK AGAIN", which is too obvious from the chorus because i was like saying back again, but that song is like, i wrote that song When" my goals" came out, i wrote almost i have like a lot of songs that i have written but written but I don ' t really have the time to record, but when I said i want to release an Ep I just had to like record" back again" because it took me like a lot of tries to do it because i first recorded It then i lost The files, i don' t know why i lost The files, but I have to like record it again, which was good so that the mistake i made before they will be gone so yeah i have to like record it again and yeah We have" back again", which is like currently the most popular song on the Ep on youtube, wait give me a second okay. I' m back, as i was saying the song is like" BACK AGAIN" is like the most popular song I mean yeah the most popular most popular song on the ep on youtube. I don' t know about other platforms. I know it' s like no most popular on audiomack. If you don' t know what Audiomack is the link will be in the description, if you use it or you don' t go...

...create an account right now. Follow me on audiomack and you can get to hear rest of my song. and i haven' t really checked Soundcloud for the stuff but on Spotify let me check my Spotify statistics, I don' t even know, analytics or whatever the frick they wanna call it yea" BACK AGAIN" no" BACK again" isn' t the popular its" pull up"" pull up" which has like let say two hundred plus streams right now but" back again" is a good song, to me If i want to personally rate my song, i don' t, i ' m never going to give any of my songs a ten out of ten but" BACK AGAIN" I' m going to give like a solid 7 some people are gonna are going to say the song Is that bad but" back again" Is going to be a solid seven out of ten and I haven' t said this since but if you' re new make sure to follow this podcast and make sure to go, listen to the new ep" IDK!" which drop on Thursday So go listen right now as we talk about the rest of the song go listen right now so we are just going to check out the new the other song which is" simplistic", which was named after a youtube on a youtube on youtube met. Ofyou to point you to be, i don' t know i would like making the song the i was. Writing the song and complete the goth entered my head. I like okay, let me just give it like the name, the right, the right, the song, but i don' t know this song getting like about him or anything, but i put the name in plate. Kidney is in plataea, is self in plastic, so simple and which means to imple so yeah in politic is just thimple and i' m just going to play like a preview of the song. So if you like, it ma sure, go litin, you don' t like. It me sure you to go. Little hear me play when they met the capten share. With the...

...benefice put on the left, the geredeh to me, the bidentate vetro, my bed on tantale go for the rebandaging, a le g for the rebana and the funny back story got this. One has a back story. We shall never forget it that i was like i plan on adding someone on this song because, like i haven' t had it someone on this song before i didn' t, have anyone like on a fusion song or anything like that. So i like. Okay, let me just add someone i found some one on intran is cool his name in trigger. I think i live a link on his portii description. Is the good ardis and Is on middle. They have like moshoo owing so i like. Okay, if don' t get good, he had a good voice, letting yotlik hope on a track or something i don' t know, but how many weeks pass and he hasn' t having was sent to like audio or whatever. I don ' t know what to call it boy. You haven' t think anything month later he hasn' t sent anything so and the ep was coming to a dead line. I pat the deadline bowl. I don' t have a libel with me, so I could relate it. I go cut off over the bar. I said I could relieve my song whenever I want to and whenever i' m free, so yeah. Let me like play the lyrics i rote to. Let replaces part of the song because i like waiting and waiting on him bow. i go notion, so i have to let write the song like red lyric like i would like to re part of it to you. I didn' t want it, I finally show- and I recorded edited and sent for release. So let me let play the preview treat a la to forcot, o toto for to plus on a date tom give you yer, i' m a go. Plano have no fates,...

...don' t go wrong. I know one note thing: o don' t do a shack on my bo laughing the bed, no o a the a bout on water. Again we got our self. I love the pain we go treasure, but keep it a ten of violent, and i should the ten o o money on a eday. i' m not findin us she in for me. I won' t see the part was like the beth, but it was better than the rat that i wrote and like it was like at least something to replace what was in their world wasn' t available. I think I said I read erebia, but i' m going to read my personal rating, i' m going to be on honest one at hunted or i' m going to be fruitful and i' m going to give the song at eight point. Five out of ten because come on i don' t know if i have the right equipment to recoll. All you need is a microphone walking laptop on a good d, o good recording software. I think yeah. So moving on to the next song, which is pulled up, i don' t even know. Why name is that bo? i just like name pull up with a shore in the mother. Rody come on with a hardy come on washing go. I don' t know why they' ll come on watching go like looking for something that i ran and fish. What gody e got it like a movie of, and nineteen sometime yeah i got i the movie. We came out watching gardy so well, and no, no, no, almost all my lyric on truth to yeah. I don' t know what to wrap about the av, your free style and fresh to on free stuff. So they made you ply preview of the pull o right now and t you' ll. Tell me...

...what you think and my routine will be after the long, so one to eleven o warm county lay your play over a short in a mother ride. I I want to hardy come on within god, come away, i galoubet my deal. i don' t know how we love a shot and i motherdy come wit. The hearty come on o gody come ower. Ye to you. Baby have a yeah that the pull over the shore and the pong well. the phone would like one of my best song to record as of right now, but it was good. It was all right. Ye' ll give it like the same tin, a simplistic, an give it a eight point. Five, i don' t know back again. i just like the walls i had, but full of as okay. Eight point, five out of ten, the platting point, five out of ten back again, seven o seven out of ten. Then the two other tongues came out like two months ago dreamed and loose now, whose now was all right. It was like a pouend and dreams was like a seven point. Five out of ten and entire e p will be i' m trying to get a good number, which is reasonable and okay you' ll, be like a nine out of ten yeah it out. Then i don' t know but got all the songs. I have right now. I' ve played everything, the train, new songs and the two old tracks we came out to a month ago. I I will appreciate this sopor. If you guys just to everything, comment or whatever, and tell me what you think of these songs read. Give me your hundred three ten. I don' t care if it' s bad or whatever just tell me what you think of the song and yeah. Let' s move on with the new song from ki...

...laroy, which is stay and fusil by justin b by jb i got a combred to the name on songibusar. It came out like yesterday and i' ll be playing it on, repeat everything. Then i ever know why. But they go play a little preview, because you know we always play the preview of the song every single time. I don' t know why, but they get play the preview the running up right now and they talk about it. I do the same thing. I told you that i never told you i change in. i know i never could hotanka or nobody else as good as you tayoga come away this til r. I now a you feel I can feel the way you be fuck in you can be right if you can be right to a erneis god as you ever no essaye. To be honest, i' ll say that a song is we better than any other song that i' ve ever released boat is good. i like j b poe justin, be bothy. If you no one know who gb i ever know why you won' t know, we jb is like i us stupid or something but yeah. I like the song. I like the choros. I, like everything about the song i like kilary, like often bever, i like all of killers- i don' t know if i like all...

...o just in beeves, but the son is, i don' t really know the back tory of the non having like going into food details of, for the song mean that, even if that, if the thong has the meaning to it, i don' t know about some wrappers, don' t even put the men into their song, some do so let them or p close attention to the song, and maybe next week, i' m going to say what i think about it so and i' ll give the song go like nine out of ten, because i like the piano and if you will listen to the tone by yourself the beginning, i like, like a likely, i like the intro like the little intruding levity. He pinion, i don' t know if it' s piano or guitar ble, i like it, and i also like how they were doing like a little echo is stuff on his voice. I think they will do that to his voice and i really like that because it makes it sound good. So i ' m just going to keep my rating in nine out of ten and evil give in a thong a ten or ten is a by the son. Blew my mind that really blew my mind. So yeah i' m going to give you like a nine out of ten, and i think i going to be the end of the podcast. I was through your nest week yeah next week. I' m just checking because my brain is little. I done know I' ll see you on that week. that episode is your old doby name. Laugh, we do the name, we will get it ob and don' t forget, go lit into the new idea. I well with the album b e p willington right now. Let get like four hundred thousand streams or time because i now re, like thirty teetee thousand, so go lift in. Tell me what you think. Don' t forget. We tell me what you think and i' ll cast you n, that...

...episode peace away from me on a outarathan. i believe it difficult me to t and i' m afraid that i' m a fucking leave you renie, you never me emanat. I know that I can I without you, so as.

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