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In Just a Matter of slime for Trip at Knight| Ep 20





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Yo Rog energies and energy drinking company with all their different flavored like blood orange, blue, raspberry and especially my favorite, mango pineapple. They also come in told little pocket and if you aren't your Wi level, you'll be interested in you could always get that story key, which is for a lower price or ten Canadian dollars. So head down to rogue energy link in my description. Get what you want and make sure that you could dub the name for ten percent of so get head down right now. Get to that website. Theirs true. You are well set and get whatever you want. We combat, guys, and welcome back to or brand new episode of the PODCAST. This is your host, dubb is the name. This is left. We Dub the name and we always get you do of this going to be episode twenty of the podcast. Twenty weeks doing podcasts and skip like a few weeks, like, let me say, like three of four. I don't know, Bo twenty. We are in episode twenty and we have a lot to go through. So they so, if you know you're new, make sure to drop a follow on the podcast, dropping follow on instagram. Subscriber. You podcast on Youtube. Do all that for loan. spotify and make sure to come listen to the rest of the podcast on every single powerform you know, and we don't really, then not really must new music that came out, from what I know, just some, just two albums, and some regular songs that you're listening to. You. So maybe we're just going to talk about that. Maybe this podcast episode is going to be short. So do all that. Follow me on twitch, follow me on Instagram, for Lo on twitter and listen to the new EPI DK. I don't know by me. Listen to all the tracks, the more you think about it, on every platform and I'll cut you after the Jew see you later. This is what you could I'm going to your way because look at my Nigga is iced out. I'M gonna fail. We going on tone to cut on the lights out. You want a problem, do anything about it, because I come on a price. Now I get a go. I don't not think about it. I don't go with that hi style. You want a problem, of it shine involved everything I we talked about. Still that Paris of maybe you just a one playing. That's how are you calling follow through these cardia friends. I don't even see love. Okay, we'll back and for these week episode. I don't really have anything more to see or to talk about. All rate both to the I know last week I said I was gonna talk about my impression. Impression on the news long and at least up on me last week because he brought it out. He brought it out and I said I don't have any rating or any reaction for the song yet. But now, after listening to the song like five times or more than, I don't remember, but I know at least into the song every time. Your Song is good. Yeah, the the music video especially, everything is...

...everything is good. At I give the songs like an eight, point five out of ten. The song and the name. Want the song. I don't still know why he named it that, because when someone say the name of the song, is gonna be like funny or Thne with something like weird or something, I don't know, because of how the name is said. I I love whenever I can everything that that's the name of the song. Could I just literally named anything? But anyways, back to what we're talking about. Let me see what I got. I everything. Now we're going. I'm talking about the new no, let's talk about it. Go everything according to how it came out. Su v Black on black by Jack Hallow. The song came out like almost a month ago, if I can remember clearly, but it's not that long. So, yeah, didn't you name all? The song is Fu v Black on black by Jack Hallow. Future Push I ste yeah, I've listened to that song. SUV SHOULD I? And let me play a preview, because we will play a preview every time, even though I'm gonna get the money tied or whatever on Youtube. Is because last week episode, because of Cath I song, my episode on All your my a God terminated because cares? That song goes on a black bro I really a podcast. I really don't episode. Where cares that Song Goth on in before? Why is it? Why this Song gonna be different? So let you play black on black. Maybe we're going to get bad, maybe not. On my breaks, turn to facts. My heart has turned the rack. So my ladies, turn the snacks, as you bees, black on PAS black. SUV's black on black. I was fucking up and now I'm back on track. That's a fact for Le Meany on. That's on Jack. I didn't start the pause, wing some my natural habits. Yeah, that was the song. I you know. Oh No, I can't play everything ball. I don't will know if you're even waiting for everything. I never know if anyone's even listening to this POCAS. Sometimes I shake the analytics is know what I expere boys, something this thumb does. Some listeners. That's some plays. That some from country that I ever know anyone in Bo. Everything good. We Gucci will growing. We elevating. I don't know what to say about we're growing. Where spending the podcast? I try every day, some days that try to like go look for the platform to pull my podcasting, even though those platform don't speak English. I try to pull my podcasts in those indose place because you never know, aboy, someone is very interested in my podcast in like a whole different country or who we whold different language. So, anyway, back to the topic. We're talking about. Suv Black on Black Jack, Hollow Push I the and on the maybe I'm a pool pushed the firth at the end of the end of...

...the podcast for the outro. So if you want to listen to it, or if you're been listening to it already, it go stick around for to the end of the podcast and can listen to it I promise this podcast on't be as long as last one because this one's going to be so short because there's no song. Maybe next week might be longer after I've listened to a couple of albums, but I don't know. We're gonna see. Anyway. The song for Jack Hollow, I'M gonna give it like a nine out of ten of lowers good. The beat was good. Everything was good, everything was moving smoothly. Jack Colo with bring, the their lyrics, the rhymes, everything, everything was melodic. Everything was soozing and it deserved a nine. I return and push I the I don't really listen to any pushity song, but this was okay everything. I'm still I'm still waiting for the music video. Hona see how the music video is gonna know because it's already audio. That's how the song has like. Well, let me check again. The song holy has like two million views on youtube and know the last time, and shack on spotify to the your song has more than eight million views on spotify or eight million plays. So yeah, everything is going move for him and the next song we have is going to be with it by ti on Wayne Future already. I know y'all would have heard that song that t on Wayen made was in name on the song ago. We let me shake you and let me throw shit up and I'll come back. Yeah, the name of the song is on body by Tio Wayne and wroth millions. Then all those remix which already was inside everybody. I know, the day the Earth everything in shape, and I he thinking it because it sounds weird when I listen to it, listening to the playback. But I'm just gonna pull off preview of the earth. But I know what we're talking about. We talking about the new song bold for those who haven't heard it or those who are living under a rock, because that sound popular everywhere, because the song has left it so out. More than a hundred million of yous on spot no, Youtube. I don't know about spotify. So let your check right now, in this day of our buddy, if I bear whenever it is. Actually, I don't give a shit. At my hotel, billy, now tell me if you don't know that song, like that song was really popular, like I'm going to beat your people. Don't know that song. I'm getting I'm kiddy. I can't fight, Bro but that the song. That another song that's the body. We shall tell me you all about which already. That already. That is verse. I don't know if any of your even keep up with music at all, but as him, him and...

Ti, you Wayne collaborated again together to release another song, which is with it. And Yeah, to me, I like the song. The song is a UK sometimes I litten. So some UK Song, which is good. Care that, which is I don't know, case. I is look at the cares that we give me a second. If you ever want to get some work done but you don't know how to, or your designer or whatever you are, and you need a little bit of help, you can head down to the link in my description and go to fiblecom. There freelance website that helped everyone in any little work they need help with, and with my link you can get twenty percent off your first order. So go down to my description and get whatever you want right now. You can get any, literally anything, so go get some help. Okay, and I think I'm back. If you're hearing any background noise is please. I'm trying to record a podcast in a very noisy house, so just bear with me and everything be cool. I'm trying to really reduce the background noise is as much as I can because it's so loud. So maybe that you're hearing like and noises at the back. I don't know. But let's go ahead and played you with it. By Tio Wayne futuring already. I don't know how to pronounce the name, or ideal or ID I don't know. Well, they play the song right now. Yo, good gracious, bumper looking persuasion. WHO said a lumber? You Re sispicious front. So much Jo time on basic daughters. So with doubt you shake it, shoot it. You know that. My girls from Nice with it. It's right. Go on, run Shet it more time. Bros Ki's ruling. With it, but I never row with sticks. Just blown girl, slim waist, big tast a big it's love, sex, chicks and up in a lasted away class. I even got no lie SOSIN. Go out through no violence. Go to white boys will nice where one I can't for something. Face in silence. WHO's no time to be wasting to try to put a creature my faces. You know already been waving, fucking coming and darling. Take it, take it, breaking dreams famous. That the song or Dad of earth the first birth word for already. Then the rest, I think, was for te on Wayne. The song, I think I said it. The song is eat out of ten, or maybe some, maybe in a good day, and nine out of ten when you're like feeling the VIBE, you are pumped up. That the song you want to play and you can like you can like get a nine out of ten. Bow. Yeah, I haven't heard that. On Wayne. And what did you get? Named sent truth. See, I don't know if you're no central thieves. He made a they made a remix for bad habit and Ed Sharon a share. Anyone like midday? I have a video on ti on wings page, if you want to go setch it up. Bad habit featured till on Wayne and then trucy the remix. If you want to go this into that, I don't know. I really I like the remix remains it like it something you can bump you... or something you can like just know your head for or I don't know. But if you're feeling of mind, the next Song Guy Have Ya, which is an album, is eventually is the trippy red album. It came out like it came out yesterday even correct or he came out the day before. Wait, today, Saturday. I came out yesterday, on Friday. The song is the name of the apple up WM my say apple. The name of the album is tripp at night. He has so if we go, it has excess and touch one has juice world. We let me. Let me fightch check here. I know he has Polo Gee. Yeah, low dirt, especially the new one that just came out like a minute, some hours a goal. We have drinking it and it was like I was like, Whoa, we got a future with drink and drake was like sinking on a beat I never knew was gonna sing on bow. Yeah, Louizy with you have heard that one? Holy smokes put and Playboy Cardie, which is missed the rage scheme. I just know. I'm God having heard that one yet. And whoever they have. They have baby fifth ray. That a baby and ice way very so I don't know who those people are. Bo Yeah, though, that the people in the album trip at night. I don't know. Maybe it look like they're gonna bring it the locks out, because this album look like they're gonna build the locks. But the album is good. Is Okay, because I haven't really heard the full teen and I'm never gone through like this the whole album again, because I go like through an album twice before I can get my official rating of the album. Well, this one I haven't really heard it. I have listened to some few songs. I haven't got any chance to listen to the whole album. I've listened to the one we just was was in. I really like the one wich drake was in and the one exx was in and the one pologian little dark was and also those are the few shows that you really want to get on a song or an album to make it popular. That that just my opinion on the album. No, offisher reading it. I'm just telling your if you haven't heard of it, go listening to the album. Some Song, Guy, okay, some songs, I don't know. Some people were saying that most of the song they change the beat. Is Not the old Gee Virgin. The change the whole thing. I don't know what. I'm not someone who keep track of all these nippit and everything. So yeah, and the next album we have wish is for. Why? Mw Mellie, you know my focus on name. Let me, let me go check it out. Give me. A said the name of the album is by Hym W Mellie is just a motto of Slime. To be honest, I...

...don't know what I mean. Bore, you'll let me just you know the normal than I do thee as, the futures that were in it. We have lousy vert, we have Winne W Gonner, we had hot boy. We are called a black little baby, little dirk especially. I like that one with a little baby on the dirkys. Then I've listened to that elect three times and the song is like an eight out of ten perfect. And we have Queen Nangeer, young talk, little TJ, Kevin Gate, we have few shorty grizzly finish. Those are the futures and the one I like already said little baby on the Dirk. Then the one that comes after it, maybe little TJ, the one wish little teach you was in, because they kind of like the one. especially like the video. But let me go. I really want to play the little baby on the DORK own. Let me play and maybe I'm a play the little TJ best friend. That in name and song. Best friend. Anyone which little baby and the duck was in? And take care. I wonder how why and W MELETY has a lot of fung wait my guys in jail, from what I heard, I think at that I think I thought like a a sentence ball. I don't know. I don't know someone who keeps up with that. I just see it on my instagram and stuff, which I already told you. I see on my search bige. I see those rap news hip hop stuff and that's how I get my information to see on my podcast, which is which is kind of going well. I don't know. Well, let me up lay the one little baby on the dog, but then then after that they'll give already sady rating. Then we're gonna play the TJ. Don't so. Let go whenever I can always be honest, but I will never say I'm trying to fish glass for me to see you. I never come down on a Nigga that I my steed brow. The Fuck I'm in Miami on speed is pretty women posting on my Eg tell I'm gonna be afaid. I started lead him in the lead. You could have been quite a side of what you agree from. Keep having your money, but now you need me kind never try my bag on a room one seping all this perfect play made me feel about. I don't want to problem with it just around you kidding got away for the moment. We can still get saying never taking it front because I'm really far. You will. Baby firth will fire Bro like the way. I don't don't wonder how low baby never rolling out of lyrics are like that. I thought video on instagram where little baby was like, you know, how sweetest girlfriend or something. Then he was looking for toothpas and all of a sudden died and making lay was not free styling them because of toothpace. Like Im like my guy. How how you doing that? Because me, freestyling is freaking on my team. I try and learn it. I try my bead because I I do free selling when I'm going slow. I don't go life fast when my mind is gonna blow. So yeah, free...

...styling a little babies poor wold, like good little dirk power was almost it will low drug power like the same thing. I'm like Bridgie to your recording, the readies to your recording like that verse in the same studio something. Maybe the way. I don't know. I don't follow them. I don't know all the type of stuff, but maybe the ROR. I don't know. Well, now, dumb yew Melle Mellie, that many part, which was the chorus. I didn't really fuck with it like that, but I'm just being honest. But because of little baby on the Dirk, that gonna bump up the point or the Audi on what I called the guild, the rating of the song. Yeah, it's gonna go. It was like a five out of ten and gonna bump up like a eat out of tem because of that lyrics together. So let's go move on to the next song, which is best friend future by little TJ by and mainly whind W Melly. So let me play that real quick fording. That's straight up. I don't know. I think hand and say she did on me cuse she know. She followed you, shine, grew up dark and way. Don't kill us on a bull of OAR, but she pull up on the Mellie and time. That's my wife, my wife, that's my best my life, that's my best girl, because I ain't lotty baby girl. Put it into the starting of use hot and I'm talking no popery baby girl. I know. Come on, Nigga, child, wrong count. You say that he's laying it I respect because you move smart, you to shop. That's the only team you're gonna get, because I haven't tried to wait for Lu TGI's part to get in, but Lutj power was also full. Long. What the Melle Pot was the corals? U Tji, meet it, meet it. Okay, everything was good. I don't know what to say to the Song Ball. I like the song. It's low, baby, catchy, melodic. We lutgi known for his melodic rap and all that. I like the song. Everything is like. I'll give the thung like eight point five out of ten. I don't know. I've never seen a song that. I read it and I'm gonna give the song of five out of town. I don't know. Maybe because maybe my thunge is a five out the turn up, because my song go trash, Bro boy, you could go still listen to my song. I don't know. Go listen to you tell me what you think and I don't know. I think that's gonna be the end of the podcast. Yeah, the end of the PODCAST, because I said this one more song. I'm not gonna play, but I'm just going to talk about it, which was really by chef g and what this guy's name against...

...sleepy hollow future with a Boogie, with a whoie. I like the song, the song. I especially like a book a boogies where I don't know an it so long, and I like who this poort, which was smooth, melodic. I think he, I think is a melody rapper. I don't know. Shere g was good in him. My Song is running up its almost like dad, the exact same name as little TJ's song. One of the songs in the album running up with show future by what this guy offset money bag, your money bag you. But the song is good. I'll give the running up by SHRE G A nine out of ten and I think that's gonna be the end of the podcast. As I said, Eve anymore listening to the end of the podcast. I thought I was gonna play the push I see part of the SUV black on black, which I'm gonna play right now because the podcast is coming to an end. Ball before that, make sure you go listen to the song called my ep Dob the name ID k. That the name of the epidk go litten thy links keep always in the description. Listen to the song that I've talked about. I'm going to always leave the tag or something in the Youtube Video, or you go say shit up yourself. Go Lett into all my songs. Tell me what you think on you too, spotify, and this is your whole dubbed the name. This is laugh. We dub the name. We always get the DUB w every time, and I'm thinking of changing my name from dumb with the name to dub. I don't know, because they found much better dub. The name is your dub. I don't know, I'm still thinking of it. Maybe I'm a post on my instagram with you. You wish, you should go follow dub with the name on twitter, on twitter, on instagram and everything. Go follow. I'm running out of breast. Oh my God, Bom go follow dub the name where we get it dulled laughs. We Dub with the name, episode twenty. Go listen to everything, or the podcast or the episode. Follow the podcast and I'll see your next week, which I hope I'm not going to miss because I keep missing podcast. But piece out, Yo tend to play the push. I see part like im black. I was fucking up and now I'm back on track. That's a fact. Ye, here to turn the rest with him. It to them, can me but tell me in my track. This is being black on blast. Same to can wait to slam the mouth, can slap every card. You US been that a hell to upon the day everyone. I won't every who. I won't get some.

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