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Everyone is an "Industry Baby" right now| Ep 18




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Hey, guys, this podcast is sponsored by a rogue energy. If you don't know what rogue energy is, the Gaming Energy Drinking Company, which have said almost every time on every episode. But if you want to check them out, go check them out. The link could be in the description or the bio, whatever my stuff is. Check them out and get whatever you want or if you don't want anything, just check them out and you make sure you could double the name for a ten percent off and you can save some money and I'll see your after. I'll see your after the intro. Writing. Yeah, thanks, Rogaty, thanks Rog energy for sponsor in this podcast. Peace. Okay, welcome everyone, though, brand new episode or the PODCAST. This is your host. Double the name. This is life. We dub the name and this is episode eighteen of the podcast. I know I didn't we I didn't post last week episode. I cannot forgot and...

I didn't have that. I didn't want to let post it because I haven't recorded anything. So because I record on the day I'm releasing, so it makes me like kind of easier for me than I really like an hour later or immediately I'm done, because I don't I don't really need much editing and all those stuff. But Yeah, how have you guys? We been last week and this week? I don't know what song to talk about because I don't remember what any songer came out last week. The only thing I know that came out this week was industry baby, by Luna's egg wish, we are going to talk about, and MIA, by trigger, which are intriguer. We shall telling you, guys, about you really the song lave yesterday Friday, beach today Saturday. So if you knew, you know what to do. Make sure you subscribe follow the podcast on the website, or subscribe... the podcast on Youtube, or follow it on spotify and Laft with double the name. We all will get dubs and I'll see you're after the intro. Peace back in Jesus can at my open the g let me crab roll with Jesus. The gang told me she's a lie or never gonna Cap. Honey ride sold you don't play the fire gang got playing with the yeah, what am I even gonna say? So we all know Luna's Ex has been like an internet sensation. One might every the Internet sensation. The dude is literally a celebrity and also like a comedian. I will say a comedian, because he cannot post memes and all those type of stuff we share. Funny, like before the industry baby came out, like he was doing, posting...

...all the stuff like he was going to court and all those type of stuff, and you were doing our like it is my really going to core, or is like playing around u stuff, because all I don't Mab's wrap instagram account board one of those hip hop or wrap news account. They weren't going to see Luna's ex will be going to court. So that would made me believe at first. Then the day of we e posted like a video. Wish was just like an my video, cause Leona's x film at all the characters by himself, but some of them were not acted by him. But then I thought ID call or fake. It was just like for the music video and stuff. But the song is good. If you having heard of you, I'm gonna play a preview before you go check out the song. And the song was on. Jack Hollow was inside and apparently it will produced... Kanye West. Someone order producer, I don't remember the name. What Kanye West would beat. Everything was everything was fire, everything was good, everything was crip. We all know lunar ex. He bring the memes, he brings the song. So I'm going to play a preview right now. Hey, cover rex say funny. Okay, that was the song. The a preview of the song. I can really play everything, but if you want to go lifting to you go listen to the new song by Leona's eggs in no Montaro, which Montero came a like a couple months ago. It's...

...called industry baby, Industry Baby. I don't really know what it means. They brought out their lyrics and meaning of the song. I haven't really washed the year, but I'm out. I will wash it like I'm gonna wash it. But let's talk about it. The song. The song was everyone. Everyone know. The song was pretty gay. I'm not against another, but it was kind of funny and everything was good. I really like it. The song, which was a Banger, Jack Carlos Paul, which everyone really like, and I'm a voice. My voice cracking up ball. I like the song. I like everything. I'm going to play Jack Carlos part not everything, because the dumb that would power like more than tirty seconds long, and preview can only be like a tense that comes those twenty seconds. So what? I'm out. What are we talking about? Luna Sex? How many songs have gone viral? Because this money is like a marketing genius.

Like, if I was you, I would like promote my song the way Luna's Eggo was and doing something kind of better than him. I wouldn't a don't even know if I'll be sitting down you're doing a podcast anymore, because my son will be going like top ten, top hundred, home billboard hundred and all the type of stuff, which I hope he does. But Luna sex know how to market. I don't know if it's Labo is helping him, but you know how to do with stuff. That's why he's smart. Is Music are good, not like he's like doing all the promoting and stuff. White music is going to be garbage, but the good a descent, and let me go play your cargo part part. I wasn't really expecting him to be inside, because I like, okay, this be is going like this. How's your Callo gonna enter the beat? And I'm also pride...

...the way you did is. Lyrics were cool, lyrics were good, lyrics were like perfect. Everything was okay. I'm just gonna play a preview. My track record so clean. They can't wait to spash me. I must be getting to flashy. Just gonna let work as me, just to like because I'm here. Thing. These girls know that I'm nasty. I sent it back to a boyfriend with my handprint on her ass sheep. City talking. We taking notice. Tell him I keep making post which she could be can't get closed. Oh Gee's so proud of me to be choking. Know why? He makeing toe sommer type. You can't control set. I would and I made it so. I don't. Clara Romers, where'Sy'all sense of humor? I'm done making jokes because they got full like baby boomers to my head. Just took his somers. I make sense. Feel like a junior show. Say Your time is coming so much just like blow home. Okay, my that will dall called up. All racial was like, my God, the Best I would I would not see the beast ball. Damn that.

The lyrics a good old song was good, and I also like the poor way when like things something like this. I sent it back to a boyfriend with my handprint on her ass sheep. Now we've good on. Tell me that the lyrics is in like the best, oh I don't know, both the thing that I just lagged up part and does a tick tock that little naugh ex boosted him, like him so purteen Jark when they thinking the industry baby on like a live shoe or something, and the clap of the video wold, like you think, with the clap that y'all call odd. Even even don't know what I'm talking about. Your go listen to you right now on the tick Tock Lue, not ex ticked up bull. Shake it out for more expl a nation. And Yeah, I just have wanting to say. If you, if you're having gone to my main youtube channel, we should double the name. Go check out the new free style I did...

...on real lie green, like by the baby. I'm not going to play a preview because I'm want your the goal. Listen to you. Go litting to it and tell me what you think of tell me which other song that you free style long, because I can't you do anyone. I can record for your and before any new track or any new song come out. So go litten to that right now. We are take six views. I want to see a hundred views to piece. The link is gonna be in the description. So let's go back to what we're talking about. So the next song which we're going to talk about is MIA by trigger. Let me. I cannot down, I cannot download that song. So go make sure your goal listening to the song. I think I'm going just gonna play. I'm just gonna put the song, the link in my description. So make sure your goal listen to it and tell me what you think about the song in a nes podcast or in the youtube comment. And I think that's gonna be the end of this podcast. We have gone ten minutes straight. And Yeah,...

...if you've been listening to the EP ID CA by me, no futures or anything. The link is going to always be in the description. Make sure your go listen to the song. The eples like your five track ep one and just like an intrusial nineteen s that cold long. I don't know. I just wanted to add that. So make sure go listen to the EP is gonna be the end of the podcast. This is your whole double name. This is left. We double the name and we always get the dove. We never miss any dope. We get every single one. I just had a voice crack and I'll see your I will see your next week. I hopefully I'll see your next week. We I don't we are. I don't think I'm gonna see your next week because I'm not going on a trip or something, and I'll just I'll try to let you record a podcast before that day so that we'll just reallys it on next week. Bow.

See your next week, hopefully. I hopefully I remember to record it and Piss your I'm gonna gonna play like the trigger song. I hopeful, hopefully I've like downloaded it or something. I don't peace, dpeace. Okay, bye. If they want me to rust a right and then take a boy fast on money making as it, then make it to the telling about.

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