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Is Drake Locked Up for his Latest Album? |S2 Ep 4



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Welcome back, guys, and welcome back to a brand new episode of the PODCAST. It's a long awaited podcast episode because it has been like two months since our last post said an episode for the podcast. But anyways, I'm back. We're in the we in this business or whatever, because right now I'm on school break, so I have a lot of time to record new podcasts, make new episodes and all that. So, as usual, it's your host up with the name. No, that host in the world, because we can't get a CO host because I'm that broke. But anyway, welcome back. We're gonna be reviewing some new songs and maybe talk about some old songs. Also albums, as usual, the hugual, the hugeal stuff that we do every time. So if you're knew, welcome, if you're old, welcome also, and let's get back to what we're doing. So yeah, and also, while I was the way not making podcasts and talking and all that, I was doing some writing for some for albums, like on the ground already saying all that. So if you want to go check that one out, the link is gonna be in any description to go check it out, read about the type of stuff and, yeah, see you guys. After the INTRO. My name is DUB. That's all for now. And I don't want the fame. I don't even want the power. Won The game. We can go after hour like a name of my leags, weeping running from the I don't do any pan I just keep you cooler. Can Be like a fan. Everybody want my name, everybody want my dag, everybody want my swife. You can do the D and. Yeah, well, back that was like the intro. The song on the Intro was my song from the album that I released not too long ago, because I released the album in May. So, yeah, I finally released the debut album or whatever. So if you want to still go listen to that, I'm still going to talk about it, like maybe play a few all the songs, because the song and the intro was called one night. So yeah, if you want to go listen to it, the link is always still gonna be in the description, or you could just go social up in him is glass full of emotions. By Dobb is the name, like that, literally, just my name. Dobby is the name, because the name of the podcast is life with doubb is the name. And let's move on right to the next the first topic we're gonna be on, which is gonna be Drake. We all know, drake just released an album and, depending on the time I'm going to release this podcast. So everybody should still be knowing out. Everybody should still know about the album that drake released. If you don't know about it, you must be leaving on the Rock Fan because how can you not know about the album drake just released? Because everybody, everybody, is accusedly out of know the war everybody, everybody's calling it trash because drake decided to do something different than people are calling it trash like that making me sense. But to me that's on the album. He made this all right, the name of the album is honest Lyne never mind. To me, okay, different. You know something? I like, especially the last one, which was with twenty one savage. Everybody seems to like the... Everybody say, yeah, that one is the best out of all the other songs on the album. Yeah, for me it's still the same, but all the other things are good, and not like that, that like trash or that bad. I mean it's drake. What do you expect? Drake is going to make a good song. He's just different from what people wanted, or world from, or what people wanted to a year to. Honestly, I don't know what people are thinking. Man, we're just gonna play like two songs from the album, because the album has like we're give me a second, let me go check it. Yeah, the album, the album has fourteen songs of fourteen track on it and it was released June seventeen. So depending on the time I released this episode, because right now it's the July sics thing, so tomorrow is gonna make it one whole month since he released the album. Not Too long. I mean, everybody who was calling the album trash started like dying down and all that, and recently I also found out that drake was supposedly arrested in like a whole different country. And you know what the Internet is gonna do when something so when something crazy happens, everybody's gonna make like a whole story or make like a whole meme or whatever. Yeah, he was. I'm searching it up right. I was arrested in Sweden and everybody is nothing like Bro was arrested in Sweden because this album was trashed and definitely arrested drake because of his trash album. Okay, to be honest, it's funny. It's kind of funny because I woke up and saw this B I don't know about the real reason why he was arrested. I don't think I have a year. I don't I don't know the real reason yet, but he was supposedly arrested in Sweden, a whole different country at Um. I know about Sweden because Sweddn't even football like what American call soccer, and we didn't play that. So all that. So let's move on to what we usually do, which is going to play the two my two favorite songs, or like any two songs from the album, talk about it, rate the album, then move under the next topic. And so let's play the first song, which is gonna be with twenty one, salvage and the naming Jimmy cruple. Any part you year? I don't know. I'm I'm possibly gonna play the Paul with drake transntioning into one savage through were like year, the two side of the the wirth. Let's move on. Gotta throw a party for my day. Once Day ain't in the studio. Over there lays rest in piece of drama king. We with straight stunt. If I let my Nike, a Tony One telling to a puss spend a block twice like it ain't a word of parts, when I want to smack them back side of his head. Lucky Park I'll be y'all for a while. We come out with Nick and dark being stuff up. He came in a rose, but he left Finnish scratches. Let my brother dry while I shoot team effort, asking all these questions. But you must take, you desker, the chopper like the fell on out of yeah,...

...that was Jimmy Cooks. By I mean it was by drake and one savage, but actually twenty one savage carried drake the whole time like he always does, and the way he did, and Um, I think was in knife talk or something that drake and to the one savage Middle Song together for Drake. Oh, recent recently made the album cl c LB certified level. Boy. Yeah, we talked about that in like previous episode. If you want to go check that, I'll go check that out. But this, this song, this particular song right now, Jimmy Coop, I like it. Like I literally said it before. I played the song before that that I like it because everyone said they like it. Everyone read the song. Me, I read the song also because of how the beach switches. I like how some rappers accommodated to all the rappers like style. When they're like making a beat and there's a song that Gd ged, like his name is j I d. I don't know. I don't know if I'm saying it right. I don't know if it was him or Earth Gang. Yeah, one of those two me like. I think it was. Yeah, it was. He made a song and future was inside. So the beat had like a flow that the beach, the beat was going with. He had like a flow. Then when future was coming on, there like Madele switch to the beat, and they also do that sometimes. They also do that to twenty one. Salvage, sage want to come on, they switches. Sometimes they leave it like that. In twenty one s swishes flow everything in good twenty one always carry people on their own song. So the song, I'm gonna give it like a solid eight out of ten. Everything was good, the mixing. The masterin is always going to be good at the production because if drake obviously is gonna be good top tier. The lyrics everything was good to flow. Okay. So, yeah, eight out of ten for in total for the album. I'm gonna say the album is like a six, seven out of ten. It's not bad for the genre, but for me, I don't listen to that type of genre. I thought I'M gonna give it like a thick seven. Maybe because of Jimmy cooked I'M gonna bump it up to like at one point, five or eight. But you know, we don't know. Let's move on to the next song on the album because I already give the rating. But we're still gonna move on to the next song on the album. I don't know what I'm gonna do, what long I'm gonna poot Bro I'm just gonna you know, I gotta bring a set. You know, I gotta bring the cheap block. You know I gotta Bring The d block, because you know how sticky it get. You know how sticky get. You know how sticky get. You know how sticky get. You want me to play with that cat? You know how to make it a wet you know how sticky get. Yo, ever, bring the girls to the stage because, yeah, that was sticky by drake. No, all the future features because twenty one was the only feature on the album and we already played the song, so that was sticky. I was gonna I'm gonna ring that song like like a seven, because it's something you can like vibe to. It not like entirely dance hall music, it just...

...vibe song, something like that. Oh yeah, like I already said, I'm gonna rerate the album, the whole album, like a seven point five, eight, and maybe not an eight, but like seven seven point five. And we'RE gonna move on to the next song on the list, which is gonna be an l shop or new song in the UK, which is actually the first time he's hoping on a UK drill beat, which I'm actually surprised by. It was it was good, it was all right. It was different, like surprised different, and apparently he said he made like the whole lyrics in like pointy five minutes or the type of stuff. So yeah, let's play and we'll talk about it. So let's go. I mean the UK, no blaky Monday, I told me. And she gets sticky still side. If its risky, put the Dick on. LEAVE HIM PC. Cut to the facebook. Fif wanted the neck get a little brother Hicks run away. Do him like ricky rush it there. Better run away quickly, TEP in, when I mean you see, I'm the top boy. Tell Him. Oh yeah, that was in the UK by annally shopper and Yeah, Nice Song. Apparently mom was in the UK. I didn't even know that. And the funny thing about the song is like there's all there's a barrow lyric that he said, but Borie Johnson or non say, I don't know what saying is, but Berrie Johnson is like the war, the priminence of British. Wait, is it British? He was a prominent of England or the UK? And when an El Shopper dropped the song like saying that line, he resigned. And now an El Shopper think maybe he's just doing it for the memo, for trolling, but he think because of what he said, he's the one that made Borie Johnson to resign. Now it's like people from the UK. I kind of like thank him. So I don't know, I'm just I just said that something funny. B Yeah, the song. The song is okay. In the UK drill have like a UK drill, not like other Um US drill beat. But the Nice Song, good song, everything is good. You always ring that in shuple flow like something different. I don't know. Money is kind of slowly going back into like another like gang related type of rap or something like that. I don't know why, because mom was literally in his holy healthy, like Vegan, free stuff before like it. made a total album called like from light to darker, from dark to I don't know the name of the album or something related to that, and now mane is going back into it because he just released on me versus me album like his old self, like his young Selvis is my short self, like money is still like nineteen. So I don't know what he's talking about. So yeah, we're just gonna say the rating. I I think I've already said the rating wish. It's going to be seven out of ten. Yeah, seven out of ten. Good Song. Love the song. It should make. Sometimes you should make more songs like this, like the last song he made, wish, is called apart from me. I think he made that one girlfriend, but I don't know,...

I don't. I do not like that one. I don't like it at all. This is a good song. Good Song, good production, everything. We're going to move on to the next thing on the list, which is going to be an album by chef g free, chef money is in the CAN, and he also made an album called from the CAN. Most most of the song and the album is that he's already released it, like it's been released already, but some of them a brand new, including one with the feature from Vivo fouriging and the other guy, I don't remember his name, and, as usual, man who always has features, with from lieppy hollow. So yeah, we're just gonna play the one with Vivo foeign and we're gonna play the next one with, I think, the next one that I like personally. Yeah, and we'll just talk about it or do some stuff rate the album, like the things we usually do. And I think this podcast is gonna be shorter for this episode. I mean this episode is going to be shorter. He goes to the new episode. I'm trying to like come back and slowly. I don't know what to do yet. Ba. Yeah, let's see. I'M gonna play it in that song, which is gonna be I don't know it yet because I don't know the name of the album yet, because the thung ducks, the album just came out yeah, I'm gonna play it right now. So I should stop talking, which I can't really do because talking it's something that I do, but the people who I know. But let me just shut up and play it. Playing disrespect. We're gonna catch what we're gonna do it too, Niggas, the facts. I'm sure I'm gonna prove the tool still don't get put in the D A. I think it's go see how we play in the spots for my music. Gonna Replay. Let's look for the DJ giving out shots and who wanted the game a lot. You know who run two three shots, two three, run a circle, winning, winning. He's Don confute the business with the sinning. Then the corner gets the spinning. He's do not trying to be from. Yeah, that was no remorse by chef G, a Banger Song. FREE CHEF G again. I don't know what I'm saying. Not The cops are gonna listen to what I'm saying. FREE CHEF G and IT'S gonna release him or something like that, but I don't know. Chef g like like one of my favorite artists. I like a song. I don't know. I don't listen to like a lot of New York drew song. But I don't know, chef g just different. I like his song, especially on go or just go he made with them, Pollo G. Yeah, like that. That one made me like him and that one made him become like, I don't know, my favorite artists, or one of my favorite artists are not really my favorite artists, just one of them, because I have a lot of favorite artists, like when people ask me who is your favorite artists, I just say I don't know, because almost all the rappers and all that. I like that song and I like them, I like their music. But Chef G, I like the song, no remorse. I'm gonna give it like a sixth. My Bad, I'm going to give it like a seven, point five, eight out of ten. Good Song, Banging Song or the type of Sturdy, worthy songs or something like that too. Yeah, good song. Let's move on... the next one, which is gonna be with Vivo. Four in fourign has actually been popping, popping off requently like man has man just released an album which can you within it? And I think nick, when Nicki Mina, no, Queen Nigel wasn't Nick Cole Real wasn't it Um Quivero, wasn't it? Yeah, bank, I really liked the album. Like the album is made that. I've forgotten the name. Yeah, like fial foeign. It's growing up to me, especially the song is just made with Kid le Roy, like damned that song. So let me play a little clip for it. We're gonna start at whatever you want. That's my bitch. Parents talk your landing chefs. I try to show you its rare. You want like the mothers out here. Maybe anybody else like this? Yeah, that the song Paris to Tokyo by Vivo fourn and the KID Lole Roy, which is actually a suprising fish your or collab or whatever. And when I heard a snippet I was like Bro, it's actually kill lay and five your fign. like yearing, like Um, there was a certain part like was up, up and go, go up, up and go, like something like that. I made me Hook to the song. Then I heard that, Um, they played a song in like wire left concert. So I was like, Damn, the song is about to get released the next few days. The song was on spotify. I listened to that ship for like I put it on repay every single time, because kill a Royd, the chorus. The Hook. I don't know what the college I like it so much. Viv your foreign did well, his verse was good, but kill all right, the hook. I don't know if people I get or maybe maybe people like your foreign verse. ME. I just like the part Um kid l already did, which is my favorite. anyways, let's go back to what we're talking about. We should check g song with Viv your foreign, which is actually what we're gonna play in neck right now next time. No, wait, what am I saying? No, neck, that right now. So let's go look. She like look, let me see a chain. Let me tell you. Hold on, maybe what's your name? We could play a game. Let me be a right way. She like, let me take a pick, let me suck it. Hold on but her lip. Take on a trip. We can take a flix. That's the white and that will kiss your neck by Vivo. No, wait, wait, what the fun that was? Kiss your neck by chef g Vivo fourign let me just see the other guy's name. UH, CHEF G vo four in a rowdy rebel, rebel, rebel, I don't know how to say rebel. I think it's rebel. Oh yeah, Ninth Song, Ng, Ninth Song, like the Song Bango Song. To be honest, the new tracks on the album are are good. That more than decent because it's actually good. And Mine is still and I don't I don't know that orgies that made...

...him be in jail right now. But if still, if still have some good song and with him and sleepy hello, the Best Combo I've ever seen. I don't know any of the comboy I just I just know both of them as a Combo Ball. Yeah, I think on twenty one savage and Metro Boo. Metro booming is not really a rapper, but metro booming is the producer, but both him and twenty one savage are good together. A Little Dirk and little baby good. Um, who else? Um, I don't think. You honest, I don't remember. But good, thro good album. I'm gonna give the album toto for the album like a seven, eight out of ten. For sure. Gonna listen to it again and I advise you to go listen to the album and listen to any album I've mentioned. And although listen to my album glassful of emotions that I released made it's just been like too like a month already. But go listen to the album. Tell me what you think. You're just like a first album that I have and I know it's not gonna be good because personally, I rate the album like a six out of ten. My favorite song is the one I played at the intro. But yeah, I have some good songs that I'm planning on making a new song called. Right now my bank is empty. I have nothing to release that having made like much, because I'm I'm kind of busy, I'm kind of free, so I don't know, but I think we're going to move on to the necting on the list, which is going to be deepened by Bancrohiden futuring loose skys. And this is this is actually surprising. Um, I don't really follow bancro hidden on Um Instagram, so I can't really keep updates on him or whatever, not in a creepy way, but like a fan way. And Yeah, it's actually a good song. Deepen little skys versus. I don't really know. I don't really listen to loose skuys, but I'm gonna play it later. But let me just talk about a little thing about bancro hiding because the song, the song before, the song he released before this new, brand new song, goes very and rules something. I've got anybody good, like my mom rocks dog, like bang honey or something like. I don't know, but I like that song. I was always played that song, especially the music video. Music video was fired. The song was fired and was I'm actually gonna rate that song or eight out of ten. And this new song that he made it. I've been listening because he came out today. No, it came out yesterday, because yesterday was Friday. On today's Saturday. He came out yesterday on Friday, and it depends on when I released this episode, because I'm thinking I'm gonna release it tomorrow or by this night on Saturday, so I gotta edit so fast. But anyways, let's play the clip of the song and yeah, we'll talk about it again, or maybe just read it and in the podcast, cause right now it's like, well, I'm twenty two minutes in, so let's play this one and they just see where we go from there and then I'm gone for the weekend. I watch your heart. You can keep it your reading. I don't talk it out. I didn't even had to cut off. She was leasing fall into the deep and fucker. Then I'm gone for the weekend. Watch on heart. You can...

...keep in. I'll talk it out. Yeah, so that was deepened by bancro hitting featuring those guys. I always say it's the other song I list I read, because I listen to good songs. My playlist, my like song playlist on spotify. It's actually descent. So I don't but I don't know why I make so garbage songs because I just don't know. But BANCRO hitting. BANCRO hitting been growing on me like since and they had been making good music. Or Dad. I actually like him. So if you haven't even heard of Bancro hitting, or if you don't listen to him, I have guys. Go listen to him. You have like good melodic rap flow and songs like this deepen. deepend is actually good. So yeah, deepend, good song. I read the song, the Nice, Nice Song. So yeah, go listen to it. Tell me what you think. I know the other song. Tell me what you think. And I think it's going to be the end of the episode where she's she's like an episode after like a month. So my bad for that. So I don't know what to do because I was literally going to school. So I can't I mean, I was free board. I don't know, I'm just, let's say, I'm just lazy. That's gonna be the end. I'm gonna see you in the next episode. Please let me be like next week, because I don't like go back to my regular schedule of episode. So I'm gonna see your next episode. Piece out and make sure go listen to my album and go read about the blog. I'm like the little blog I'm doing here and there. Read it, listening to read all the month I wrote and know that what you think and I think we're gonna go. I would piece out everyone. And Yeah, I ever know how to endite. This is your whole dubbing the name life with dubbing the name. I'm gonna see you on next week or next episode. Peace out on the ground, check me out on the calm up dead. No doubt. Make my money, share, read out with my friends and the crowd. Make too much money. Right now you think I'm ANA dummy. I'm not. I'm just a neiggle who make you ignored, a matre than Josin.

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