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Is Ksi Album a Dub or No? | Ep 17




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Welcome back, guys, and welcome back to another new episode of the PODCAST. This is your host, the busy name. This is life. We dubbs the name, and this is episode seventeen of the podcast. So I'll be going seventeen weeks strong of the podcast. This is the seventeen episode, which is obvious. Last said episode seventeen and yeah, not really knew this. This week. Just the only thing that happened this week or Latin or that I know of, is the new kid I album we dropped yesterday to this Saturday drop yesterday, which is Friday July sixteen, and the issue his show is coming out today. Also, I didn't be any tickets, so I can. I can watch the show boll built up for the man. And Yeah, well, you're going to like check out some of the songs in the album, which is album have like future twenty, one average little Dirk Jay one, this one that you ki rapper that I know, bogy...

...melone, I don't even know that. But yeah, make sure you follow. If you're new or if you're a new mature you follow, subscribe or hit whatever bought in that they or wherever you're listening on, and I'll cast your right after the intro and we'll get to rate kt as album, and maybe this podcast will be way shorter than in tough through peace fullo. What a shatty in a moderati. Come on, what the hearty? Come on, watching Guardy, come away, it's got you, Babe. How its mother feel? Baby, give it body. How know? How will pull up on a shot a mother, come over, a hearty. Come on, watching Guardy, come over, this got you, baby, have to stop. You be good at body. Okay, before we start, I want to say thanks Rogan Energy for sponsoring this episode and this podcast. If you want to get some Rogu energy, you go click the link in my...

...description. Is going to take you right to them and youth could all with the name to get some money off. And Yeah, thanks keenergy and I'll see your know. Wow, we've never met, Boll let's just continue from West about talking about cares. As album on the kids, I show the case I should are doing as I was scrolling through youtube to see some stuff the cares. I should have doen like a pre sure red copper, if you call that. Yeah, I'm really missing all right now, cause I want to record this episode for you guys, Bo, I wash like a few minute. It seem was good. Boll you know, we can't wash the show because I don't have money to pay for it and say, if you guys want to that, wash the podcast, or there's a link in the description. You could go shake it by me some big brain or I or coffee or whatever. Bo. Let's go on to the first song in the album, which is I don't know. Let me ex because I listen to the album like three times yesterday. So, boy, I like.

I like the one in I kind of like the one MIDAL, Little Dirk and one we meet with twenty one, savision future. So yeah, so I think that's a bonus or something. Yeah, let me share the keys. I show, I mean the kid that I would. The name of the album is all over the place. The number one song is the moment. Number two song is number two, fishure kid and future few shot by twenty one, a vision future. The third one is patients, Mama, so mumbly right now. Patients future by young blood and Pulo Gi for one is on you, five twe is don't play by a Marie and digito fum animals. You're don't. One is really love gang gang with his Ja one...

...and dio. Yeah, did you know is the artist I was trying to remember the UK about trying to remember the name the gang. Gang is so good. Like, let me your play little previously. You guys know what I'm talking about, cause you know I always play the preview. But we will get copyrights trick on Youtube, though. We are going to do it anyway because it's a music podcast. So let your check a little preview, like a ten second. I backing in Jesu can at my open the g let me crab with Jesus. The gang told me she's a lie or never gonna cappy ride sold you don't play the Fire Gang. Got So playing with the guy, guy at the gang gang. I don't know. Apparently everyone is bringing out gang gang right now. POLOGI has his own. The me goes out their own. Luke tg have their own. Cares. I have his own, like everyone keeps saying that cares. I just a know the Youtube I which want to make music, but to me the music is actually...

...pretty good because out of all the youtubers I've seen, they make one music or like to music left, for example, right gone. I've never heard right any of right gone music, but from what I hear from people, and it's pretty trash, and I also heard that it was a new light last week. People are saying that they hacked into write Gom zone. It's spotify and really like right, got me the bitch right, coming up Bach all the start. Type of stuff like that was so funny, Bro but I don't know if you got that problem fixed or whatever. About the gang gang. Give it like a nine out of ten. The J one who was inside also was also was inside the swerve by cares. I those two songs are good. Just so this wor about it at five. The gang gang. I'm gonna give it like a nine out of ten. But everything... moving and everything and good. Everything is popping. The number two. Wish Twenty one, a young future, was in. Said I'M gonna play it any second. And the next one we have either. I don't know the name. I think is no time. Wish low dirk was inside. I can't play. I don't know that I can play right now. Both I think I'm gonna give that song like, Oh hmm, like I said, one out of ten, cause I didn't really listen to it that much. I'll try to listen. Maybe next week my opinion will change, but either seven out of ten for now, because I don't even know what was what was going on there, little dog prior what I was saying. I'm not really a find of a little the account. I never claim to be. Bore them. The number two. Yeah, number two, before I give my rating. You know, we gotta play the little preview. So...

...we're gonna play the preview that you guys, hey be bopping too it first. Then I give my rating. So let go. That will follow rule. I was skippy school one. You know why? Friendly so quick. A can like we cool. It's been on Niggas Bock. We had nothing, nothing to tripping back now, bitch you, normal class time. I show guy. No, my damn, it's hit up to one, which up blocking a pickup one on my card. They got fast face and Shit. But I like a ass. I love her, but I love my cash. Covid nineteen. I'm wearing my mad man, you know, I might have against a set me like you. Let me fast that I play with us. We turned is as up wet. I'm a big dog and I let a step on cup to Tom may bassin her like a text whole game. Oh, my brothers live rick's, all right, take more to spend whole call and they want to let you change and I the twin. Where were you when I was down? Where will you gets? You wish...

...the shit down up in the suck as you clouds. Look at you bring it. Yeah, that was it. You also heard the little pot from kiss I on the whole. Twenty one, I've a verse. I just have to put it there. Go. Twenty one ICH versus, like the best. I thought. I don't really like futures worth, because it was like I did beginning. I really slow and I don't like really slow flus or melodds. I tried to make mine a little be fast. Even when I talk fast, no one you understand what I'm saying, so I try to like put in the medium category. So, yeah, that's that's the thing. I can. Let reach will, let me shake you the any of the song. Let me lack. I like talk about I like madness. That I really when people in the commonwey like the this madness. The name is mud madness. I don't know. Yeah, people say that the... can be like a intro for when in going to fly low gun pole or whoever's going to fight next time. Yeah, the song. The song will fit whatever that is. Yeah, it will be good for that. Yeah, I think the podcast already got it to nine minute. So, yeah, I think we're going to wrap you over here. So both. First, my twitch, as you all know, obviously in it every time. I play like different games on my twitch right now. WHO HAVE GROWN? I've grown the community for a very long time. I thought a streaming like December last year, and now what close to like hitting affiliate. We just need zero point six average viewers left to hit that affiliate and I posted it on my story yesterday on intagram. Your help will be greatly appreciated. If you, guys, just go down below in the description, click the...

...twitch follow. Maybe tomorrow I'm a go stream and you could come catch me in the stream. And Yeah, you can join the Family Dom Torretto. You know that. And Yeah, keep, keep getting the dove. Will we get the dogs right on dove the name twitch. You can just go there, twist the tvash dub with the name, and I think that's gonna be the end. Make sure you go get some rogue and energy. He's called Dub with the name, and go leading to the new EP, which is I dk, I don't know, by me and yeah, anything else. My New epis that I rated it like an eight or seven, but I don't remember. We'll go follow instagram, follow the twitter. Followed their podcast, subscribe to the podcast on Youtube and I'll see your next week. We shall have like your new songs or whatever next week. So peace. See you guys later. Have a good time and go follow everything I just...

...mentioned. Are You, my Gesup? Be keeping active. Ja POPPA stick open is no slacking, stay RAPP and I live labish. I got fashion that girls got a big back of the cheese clapping. The wish is rounded back. Would about he's want to leave me now. I'm crock in the cash. Put off an imagin she flash on the racks and I'll score a couple because my pulot with a gang be get turned to the baddy in the room to come to a car. My Nigga called me billet. I'm big money in a bank. COMA MYSELF UP, Bang back, Gesu came back. My Jesus, the gang.

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