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If you ever want to get some work done but you don't know how to, or your designer or whatever you are, and you need a little bit of help, you can head down to the link in my description and go to fiblecom. They are freelance website that helped everyone in any little walk they need help with, and with my link you can get twenty percent off your first order. So go down to my description and get whatever you want right now. You can get any, literally anything, so go get some help. Welcome back, guys, and welcome back to a brand new episode of the PODCAST. It is your host double the name this is life. We Dub the name and we always get dubbed every time. Wish you all know why now, because we say that in every single freaking episode. Or should I say fucking because this isn't really under age whatever, I don't know what to call it. Ball. Welcome back, guys. Another episode. Is Episode Twenty four of the Podcast, I guess. Yeah, and for this episode, because I almost miss it because of it is I'm recording on Monday. I was supposed to pose this episode last week Saturday, but I miss it, so right now I'm recording to try to get it out today or tomorrow show. We're going to talk about the melody blue by Baby Kim talk about the baby song, which is lonely. Wish Lou Wayne was inside, and we all have. I'm also going to talk about in your Song v Twelve, we shad Lou was ever it only also, and the big finale which we have always been waiting for, which we are seeing the pregnancy and everything about luna sex debut album, Montero Monterre, is also his named. So yeah, welcome and make sure you grab your pokeon or whatever, because we're going to talk about a law in this episode, and make sure to go follow my instagram, follow the podcast for subscribe to the podcast and do all that and you'll for reminder, I'm also doing like a Halloween drop or...

...whatever on my merge store. If you want to check that out. We want to buy some. Make sure you go to my link in my value. Yeah, my liking my description, or go to my Instagram, follow my merge store, instagram, thor tactic apparel and yeah, you can get update or you can see when the product are life. So if you want to check it out, you want to support or you want to get somethings. Make sure you go follow my instagram job the name followed the store instagrams of stastic appearl and keep up with that and you colso get some other teams while you wait for the Halloween drop, because the immergior is open. We have modern ten product in it, if I'm correct, so go crazy by whatever you want right now. And also you the affiliate link. So that is os off Promo. We'll talk about like we're getting. Give me that like two minute already. So let get right into the podcast and I'll see you're after the INTERAT. I'm trying to see. I just want to run to say I can be your Bonny. Tell me what it calls. This is. See you smile. I know that it hit. How we want to know. I keep it keeping Waby me and unless we go one of them, but only men, maybe we can make one of them. Eight, chomp my chump, only ways at sky. We want to stow. And we are back the first talk we're gonna talk about, talk, talk everything, but the fifty one we're going to mention about is the new album by baby came, which is called the melody blue. It had a total of like sixteen tracks on it and the actually some decent, good, great songs in the album. Well, I don't one of my favorite range brothers, which had Kendrick Lamar in a fiasure back Hendrick Lamar. Then I also...

...heard or rag activity with trivis got a long time ago. I would like this is all right, and some other the good. I like thought Africa, I like issue, I like Trade Mark USA. We're given again. Okay, I'm back. The ten about the album is that some songs in the album he kind of switched the floor or switch to beat or whatever like that. I really like that because you don't just use one floor or one like pass of coal, smooth or whatever you want to call it. You had it moves transition, the transition between one flu to another. No, I see if the floor was kind of mess up or something that. I don't know, but everything was okay. And the first ungle I was going to play a little preview is gonna be Trademark USA. I'm just gonna I don't think the song has a chorus, but anyways, I'm not gonna play a preview of that. Then we talk about it and we'll move on to range brother the after arrange brothers. Were going to talk about the RAG activity. Then we're going to read the album, because it has been more than one week. Then he released the album. I've had it so many times and we could just give out rating already. So yeah, let me go play trademark with they pulled over twice. Had A go switch plates. Bach. Don't think she's sweet. I'm the same. Baby came in for the estates places right with the band, just Neti N. I'm back with the rate and I'm going to hold a look, I'm gonna hold that was trademark us a by Baby Kame, which, if you listen to like the first, the first part of the song was different, because this one, I pull was the second part. So if you want to go listen to the...

...first part, go letting right now. Baby came trademark qusa inside the album called melody blue, and because the Trademarkus is my favorite, I'm gonna give it like an a point five, nine, O nine out of ten rating. Because if good is catchy, delirious, I didn't really focus more into is lyric, because that's some power where I couldn't hear what you were saying, or war or world like tough way doing. But yeah, I like I like this song and I like everything, and you too. It's point first. Nine out of ten, we don't know yet. But let me move on to the next one, which is going to be range brothers, which is also one of my favorite from the album, because Kendrick Clamartin's I'd ever know who. I know who Kendry Lamar is, but I'm not like an oge person who knows them like very way back or something like I just knew him from some song, like when the name of that Song I think it's hornless or something. But yeah, let go to range brother let me play range brothers right now and you'll tell me what you're thinking in comments and I'll tell you a waking because I love this. Okay, so not right, okay, okay, coming in heavy, okay, Danias shape my petty, okay, okay, okay, I'll be onky and letty. Okay, okay, O comfatty, okay, okay, say not red. They want to head and try to be the high behind the shade. You A way stand up on your wording that. Yeah, that's gonna be range brothers. By baby came and fissuring. Kendrick Lamar. I can't play Kendrick Lamart's part because I don't ever know. I don't know if I can add it right now. Ball, yeah, that is everything, and that like the second...

...part, which I told you all this guy like swishing his floor, switching everything like in in the songs. That's why this part, the second part of the song, and the first one, I don't know. The first one was are but the second one is better. Then after then you know, I hear you're Kendrick Lamar Firth. I know die. So if you want to go year is worth or if you have already tell me where you rate it. And my own rating is still gonna be the same, eight point five out of ten. Let me just give my whole rating for the album. All rating for the album gonna be a nine out of ten. On God note under ten. Then, if I want to be like realistic, eight point five. So that's gonna be my own rating. I don't know about anybody else. The song is good. I wh I. I almost the thing thundered as c Alb, which the ALB was good. I don't know why people are within under better. I see all be. I don't know what you're saying. See All be better than under. They'll be better than the melodic blue both. Theo be doesn't match Montero, the album bylona. Ask who you're gonna talk about very soon. But then move on to the next song, which is gonna BE D rag activity. Drag activity a TV which futured by Travis Scott. Travis Cot is the good artist. He made a good show when everything did and baby came good. Travis God on the throne, which is a good choice. Also through Lett. What are we talking about? Let your play the song right now. Maybe I'M gonna maybe I'M gonna play Travis Call Part. Maybe you'll go listen to Bab became Travis Coud. You can hear rty under on the PODCAST or the episode. So let me right now. Stench, big exchange, big exchange trip for six and months pluses and got up put them crosses on before you met time. We taken out to day my type of stress dress. I send them best PUPPA surprise. I can connect see your wising back two weeks by... you going to glad? It cost me three. I tended to it. You are asshole. If it's this patter agreement, talking joy, taking boos right after do is Hud boy, got to mess. She running through it. It let bro You, let lit Bo. That just that's gonna be on. What the name of the song? I got freaking forgot. DREG activity, which is good, UN good song, a Banger. I like the coral. So I don't know if you the precorls or the whok. I don't know what the difference between all that. Everything is good. I like it and I'm gonna read the RAG activity like Oh, eight or seven point five or eight out of ten. It was good, boy, wasn't like that hype or something. You be like jumping boppy. You can bump your head to boy, not something that your hype, like the other one that I made. But it's all right. And you already already said my rating of the whole album, which is gonna be a nine, point nine or a point. Had A eight point five out of that. Don't know what's wrong with my lip right now. I don't know what I'm saying. But yeah, the next one I'M gonna move on to is gonna be the baby song, which is lonely future in the wind, the Song God been on my head for a very long time. Lonely, lonely baby. Yeah, let your let me ever talk about let me just play it. Then I'm for sure you're gonna pull the wings, Bokol, the wind part or bang. Bro. It was banging like seriously, Bro, but when I talking, let me just play for you. Guys. Caught. My pins are fuck around to kill another Nigga, Gini, and gotta put me. I'm FELINA. I've been have a move. Swings like a Gimini. I could use murder for therapy. I can make the news way to break the Internet. Have them my nervous is Gart of me. Then get away nicky clean. Ever seen thing? I got forty four everything, bullets of Twenty Fivezero. Stuff needs some merry chains. And look at what happened in hipop. He had the grammar. Still got this shit out, but like the cameras with me and my bitch out and take a picture, and I...

...hang Nigga in the world. I hit fucking will be John. I got his brains and he got it on his mind. Lonely, lonely baby, lonely lonely baby and lonely lonely baby, and only by one alonely baby alone. And before we continue, I want to lay ask for a special request from you, guys or whether listening to this episode, he've you all have like a hip hop news or hip hop song boys song going already. If you want me to listen to you want me to talk about or you want me to talk about you, make sure to the MDME or whatever, because I always look at my DM I don't like skip or whatever. DME or email me or whatever, and I'm gonna like talk about the artist because I at least really need lady to talk about, cause I don't really see marsh every time like that. And the little moves on to yeah, that what I want to see it, a little move on toward the song is about. Apparently, the baby city's long is about like some mental health, mental health awareness, stuff like that. Yeah, and if you listen to the lyrics, you come actually knew that that was what he was really talking about. I know those type of stuff. Me, I don't. I didn't really dig into that, but I just found out because he also posted each on his story and also posted each on his instagram. A soul pools and all that. And Yeah, that's gonna be the babies verse and we're gonna play Lou Lou winds very kolu winds verse is no something that you're gonna hide every time. I also saw the BB pooster like something on instagram. I want Leu Wayne came up to my exam. Well, that fire Bro then, and people like Bro. You, Lou Wayne. How am I going to say no to you and all that through? Yeah, lead your plue Lou wing verse right now. I don't know, maybe you don't want me to talk everything, but the wind verse is coming up right now. Ain't the baby. That's my baby kid. It's basic baby at the top.

Is only got choppers on me. Can't stop the moment. I just popped some man. I'm calm. All that body on my got. You had a moment. Ain't gonna help you more than I'm going on. Yet you by myself, running like an only fucking by myself. I go with them, Hormaznin, nobody else. You No side about that time. See nobody come to see about it. I bet you see a robbing on Gr vines and I'm beat just pipe. I competer around them. Better pick up pepper. All My little devils out from here to heaven. Better get a Remin Bat, as Mama cry when she hit a rabbit, shots hit the Ram, and better get an extra which alanna ass on your only fans. You can on the fan. You're going to die. stripple wasn't born to dance, but the ties of Niggas. I'm the only man. Let you stay long and they're just scatting on and let play on it and lay on, come on, and Ja like you and not we. The baby at the top is lonely. Got Chops on me and as everything that Lou win said on his verse, Bro Is, verse was fire, fire, fire, fire, fire, you. I don't know. My voice is loud or but I'm going to edit that later. sough and we that's gonna be the way. Verse, which was a fire, almost blew my laptop up. My laptop off at ever know where. What am I saying, Bro but my laptop is like on fire right now, like if you all can hear the fun or whatever, I don't know. Yeah, that's what's happening right now. Anyway, the worse Blue Wings routh. I'm gonna give it like out of ten. You know, tender baby, Don you know ten. I was expecting something different. This is totally different. And Yeah, I don't know. I'm betting more or something like this from the baby, something like more, something more into like a particle topic or something like. I don't know. But the song is actually good, really good. And the songs, I'm gonna give it like as eight, seven point five, eight, I return or eat out of ten and fifty. I'd eat out of ten or ten. I don't know, I'm talking too fast. Bro It out of ten. And Yeah, the good song. And the next song was gonna move to is in the or song. We low wood evert we...

...should call V twelve. I don't know how you go the yeah, I keep forgetting how it goes my necklass, Damn, my the myth now I'm yeah, that, yeah, let me just play far with singing north, and so let go. I'm in first, nevertheless. Never reverse. It's the Thursday where I'll be dripping down a ricky. All that oozy VI said the money stretching longer to the dogs. It's a call play when you get left. Right. That I said. I'M gonna set. I'm right glass, Damas and my smile and Necklas, a lot of beer and to see a fight. I'm ANA get a penny. Yeah, I'm but a fly doors when I get you. Yeah, said, I'm right, glass, Damons my syle, Nelad, don't forget that I did it first, which is I'm proud of yea on my head or whatever needs. V twelve. Yeah, yeah, let me just fin in too lyric for him. Think it adn't he had the share to finish it. And Yeah, I heard that I'm gonna bring an album out, an album out in you are gonna bring an album which is gonna come out. I don't know what date is gonna come out. Ball. Yeah, that way. Third is bringing out an album and the P twelve is totally gonna be in it, because white even that gonna be in it. Lousy wort, which I might play. I I don't play, then I'm sorry, bore. Yeah, that are gonna be the song. V twelve. That, I'm real glass that, madamas. Now just put some Auto Tony my voice. Right now. I'd ever about A to book. Move On. The song is like a hmm, let me think about this one real quick. The song is definitely eat. I'm just giving a most all the songs I could eat, I'm gonna give it a seven point five, seven out of ten, good, maybe catchy, danceable type of song. Like it, love it and also love...

...being there, because in your either so good artist is not like all these order artists and stuff before you to do like sad boy music. I don't know if we still do that or I don't know how to listen to his songs anymore more. Yeah, you don't need to do that, and I kind of like it before, but we move on from life. We don't see in the past. And the next one we're gonna talk about, which is finally the whole, the whole topic of this episode, because we all know about guests. Our guestophone know, which is Luna, exlun not text. How are you doing today? Yeah, I'm doing fats, doing technically pocast right now, but we hope so. We hope so. But the team we're going to talk about is doN'TA sex new album, which is Montero, Montero the album. We all know the songs in the album. That's what I want, not and we have dollar signs, lime, we have have scoop, we have everything, and give me that Yo Rog energies and energy drinking company with all their different flavored like blood orange, blue, raspberry and especially my favorite, mango pineapple. They also come in tolls, little pocket and if you aren't your which level you'll be interested in, you could always get that story key, which is for a lower price or ten Canadian dollars. So head down to rogue energy link in my description. Get what you want. I make sure that you could dub the name for ten percent of so get head down right now, get to that website. They's true. There were set and get whatever you want. And Yeah, we're back because we are going to talk about this Montero album, which is fire and everything. You and if you don't know, I made a remix to one of the songs, Industry Baby. You can find it on Youtube, soundcloud, on audio Mac, and unexpectedly the song is going crazy on audio Mac. I post it on audio Mac. I was like expecting nothing, like...

...absolutely nothing. Then one magical day, more than one hundred people listening to it. Then after the getting likes on the song on Audio Mac views everything all that. What the Freak is happening? On all gods, I go onezero plays on audio Mac from the song. I would woad. This is crazy. Maybe after this the numbers are going down. Like a few days it was going down. Then I don't know what the freak just happened. Etem went back up like not, like I don't really understand. I don't understand anything at all. Bro, I don't know what I did. People. We think songs good. Some people were actually Oh, like, this is just a freestyle. Bro. How how is it doing better than all my other songs that I release? I know my other songs are garbage, but what a free Bro. Then now five thousand views in like a month or so, because I got like Fivezero plays from the song last week. Yeah, last week, and now I'm so happy right now I don't know what to say. FIVEZERO plays, all on Withoud the AH, without my help or whatever. I just really the freestyle and I did that. So that's why I'm gonna do like another freestyle for one of his two other songs on the album. The other signs lime, which is featured by Megan Thetallion, and we shouldn't want with that thinking about yeah, dead right now. I have the lyrics written down, is just I'm looking for the perfect time because of school and all that, and how to like edited, because editing like a song is very hard, as that's want, especially when it's like a freestyle. For me, is very hard. But anyways, we're going to talk about Montero. I don't know if we have them much time to talk about it because we're going like twenty one minute into the podcast and I've never got into Montero and we took quickly go through everything dead right now. We already knew industry, Baby. We'll talk about that's what I want.

Scoop and the things lamb through a good day really fast. Let play did right now. All see that they're right now. Give my reading, play. That's what I want to give you my radiing and play. Scoop, talk, give me my reading and don't look as lamb. So first it's gonna be. That's what I want through I think I see built up and talk about that long and forgiving love away. But Hey, Yo, Manchu post in that first line on the song, like I need a boy to caught a win me all night, like brought your pos right there. I don't. I don't know. Money is gay. Everybody know that money is gay, but I don't have nothing to against him. I have nothing against him because it's songs are good. If if I'm wearing good I don't know what I'll be doing right now, Bro because every eighteen everything I he relese. I like it. And Yeah, I don't know about that, but the song, that's what I want. I'm going to definitely give it like a nine out of ten. Other things that be giving like an eight, point five or eight for this one, and nine out of ten for sure, especially the music video. If you have been washed the music video, please, if you're fifteen or tating year, I don't know how old, if you're taking or fifteen years and above, I don't care. You can go watch the video. You know, my business is your youtube or what therefore, you're watching with. Go you youtube video and come back to the podcast or the episode. Would and tend waiting, because the video is also...

...funny. The song is good. Don't get like fire, as though. Absolutely like energy. These the songs have energy in it, so that I'm giving it a nine out of ten. The next one, we're going to move on to it dead right now, which is one of the songs I'm writing like a freestyle to, and I hope that gonna do as good as the industry baby on. I made through. Let go right now. It's down to Nagil FRA. Just fit my name. You never did you, even though I'm right about the phone down. You know you never used car keep it down. Now I treat you like are you want to me so bad? I just like how like. The song is kind of slow. Wish me. I don't like slow songs, but this song geting bad. But I don't like slow songs, but they also tena that made me like it and forgot, forget about the slow. Power was the way it was like wrapping at the middle or whatever, after the coral, which is really good, and I like that, and too teusand eighteen. I was my house. I don't want to say all there my sister house door. Whole Summer I'm always messing the lyric. Coup Bo. That's long. I'm gonna give it an eight point five out of ten. The first song to go below or nine. Anyway, this only is good, dead right now. Go listen to it right now. You have been listing one. I think. Will listen to that one. Go listen to the whole album. The whole album deserve a listening without escape, because everything is both and everything is fire and let move on to on the song, which is gonna be scooped by Lunas ex, who health and featuring doorga cat. So let you play.

No, let let you play Luna ex part, because you're not. That part is kind of better. I don't know. Don't your car, don't you cut. Part is also good, but I prefer Luna Ex. I've been working on my body. You ever seen a Nigger Hipparlotis? No, I feel sorry. Been in a kissing bobbing as a arriety shit. I've been in a creole going crazy. I've been moving work on a daily baby. Ain't try to be your baby. Understanding out the side of the daily. Scoop, scoop, SCO SCOOP, scoop, screw, scoop, scoop, scoop, stool, scowl. You should a scoop, bro Scool, Bro Scoop, coop. I don't know to taste oop, scoop, scoop, scoop, I don't know. I don't even know if I'm saying a rabble that's coop. And if you is one. This one leg Oh, I'm playing song on my phone. Bo this one lyric or. One Bari said I don't know, I'm not I don't think I can't play that. But if you want to go listen after the first chorus listing, like, are you gonna hear it? I don't know if you've heard it or no. Both. Yeah, scoop, we should gonna get a nine out of ten for me because out do your cart, dot your cod versus kind of Robbin off for me. But I don't know, I like it. We should. The song is gonna get a nine out of ten the whole album. So I'm trying to think very world or this rating I'm about to give, because my mind telling me this is going to be the first one or I don't know, I just want to give it though. Oh, I'm gonna get like a nine point five. Is a nine point five. I wanted to see ten ball like now ten is gonna be for special one, but for now the album is like a nine point five out of ten.

First Song to ever get like the HIG seel be good, like a nine or something like that. I don't know. But for nowady who album in the nine point five and the song is good. I'M NOT gonna lie. The song is good. Scoop. I also thought like a tick tock that he made like the beat from a computer error sound. I haven't really heard that computer Arab thumb before, but anyway, let me move on to the next song by Fisher Megan, Italian, which is m what did the name the other signs line? I don't know what like clear my show the law. Bore. Then we're just gonna play Megan part because I wanted to go so fire. So it's go right now. I'm the same. Stop me say I can't do it, bitch. Watch me, are you lame hole? Certain hates to a hobby them. Watch me, got a timey one. I should have my own category and point. Oh, I'm just such an obsessions about me. I suggestions. Say No prosthetics. Everything about me came from genetics. Yeah, I thinking money. I know this. This one catch one highest, but if he going a bropy, doing your job, how theseus taking person shade so Latin Black. Got More cream in the Sunday time. They're gonna feel me. I'm the same. Dollar signs lie. I got dollar yoga to stand out. Okay, that just a preview of how the free style is gonna Sound. Ball. I don't know. I like dollar signs. Liam because it's add like a little bit of hip hop general to the album, because Lona's act is a pop, pop artist. I don't really know what the difference between pop and RMB. So that by sometimes I'm always make them. Sometimes I think, I think Justin be boried an Arrow and be thinger, but I don't know. The Song...

Dollar Signs Lime is gonna get definitely gonna get like a nine or eight point five out of ten, because the whole you, whole album, get like a nine point five. Most of the songs are carry carrying the other one. Boy, yeah, right now the podcast is like thirty yeah, thirty minute right now for wow, there's the longest I've ever recorded. But I don't know. That's everything right now. Leave the album Montero so gorgeous, everything perfect. Like man took a look at if it took five years to make the freaking album and the melody blue by baby came. I don't really keep up with baby came, but I like the album. The album gonna get like an eight point five out of ten, and lonely by the Baby gonna get an eight point five out of ten. Also be twelve eight out of ten, seven point five out of ten and the one and only montary. The album a nine point five out of ten. Everything good, and my new song, which is going to come out very soon, or Throb Seveneen, you're compressive. Maybe in the next week podcast on Netwik episode your can preciate, hopefully, and the new Halloween drop, which is definitely gonna drop. You can get it. It's gonna be live or toble first or Tobo second, those two date. So make sure you get something, actually get something, please. I'm acting everyone for their support. At least five. I want to get at least five product sales and I'll be very, very happy because a lot of time went into the cause. I after like do some design look at some other designs for the Halloween prospective and other our stuff. But if this doesn't work, there's always at that time next year or that. But anyways, that's gonna be the end of this podcast or...

...end of this episode. Let me catch my birth real quick so I can end this intro very well, and back to what our thing. It's gonna be the end of the polk as it has been. Your host dub with the name. This is life. We dub the name and this is episode twenty four and if you like this podcast or this episode, if you like the pokers at all, make sure to subscribe like these video command whatever commended songs you want me to talk about, come in your rating or the song and all that, and I don't cut your next week wish. I hopefully I'm gonna record early this time. So yeah, I'm gonna Catch your next week, which is gonna be defrided, which is coming, because right now I'm gonna post it and podcast quickly and I'll see your well, we get the DUB every single time. We get it up. Follow me on my instagram. Follow my merge instagram. DUBTASTIC upper role. I'll with target and I'll see your next week. Pizza broke and I'm gonna play whatever song got one bite. Scoop. Screw School, screw time about with my day out then, but her Sol stap me tight. Look at the Peng. My body look like something you did take off. I just got my dagers out, which just want to be they face some but you got to have a chance that you want to disrespect me. POLOGIZE, baby in my chicken never and left on the best. I can't call me stupid with this week I'm fucking forehead Mo fucking let me Sto.

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