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My Skateboard Broke already |Ep12


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Welcome back, guys. It's your boy dubby the name. This is left. We dubby the name and we'll back with another episode. And this is episode twelve of the PODCAST. I've missed like two ways of the podcast and I know it's kind of my fault because I don knows, because Saturday, as I like to do, all the teams like sleep late or wake up play because I've been don't like school throughout the week and I wanted to like sleep in. So yeah, right now I'm recording it on Wednesday, so that making mean like not to be lazy on Saturday to record. So yeah, we'll back. This is episode twelve. Left, we dub the name. We always get it dubbed, and I'll see you, guys after the intro and we are back. So I see you all. Know, I...

...don't know what you're I don't know what you're know because this podcast it's so random. But New Music on calling a new music podcast. I really my podcast on Saturday, so I'm going to call it new music Saturday. So I heard a polog drup opening a new song, gang gang, with Lieu Wayne in it, and it's coming out this Fridays, currently Wednesday. So I might not be able to listen to it on the podcast and all that and give my rating, because I should have really liked recorded a podcast and all that. But Jay cool drop is album which is called the off season, and my favorite song out of everything is a Marie because I like that out with the problem. I just like that part. Then some other people...

...were inside the song. Moree was inside, twenty one savage was inside, little baby was inside and some other people I don't really know. I know solack was inside. Yeah, I like the album. I haven't heard that like this one part I heard when I heard it. I know that people on twitter and all those cancel, cause we're going to straddle, like cancel him because of that power. I don't know if I complete because I don't remember the exact song he said it in, but if people know, you know some people are trying to canceling life. Bro You can cancel. From what I heard, you can cancel the good, because they try to do that to Eminem and twice and that didn't work. So why did they think they're going to try to do that to J cool? So you all. My problem is the problem Bo anyways, as I'm recording a podcast today. I know everybody I know, and all the story is very old, but...

...or maybe some people must have already seen it already, but I already go like my skateboard. If you follow me on Instagram, you should have really liked seeing a story, which I'm going to like live in the link below or in the description. I like Gott to skateboard. Today I went out to like stride out like broke. Damn, that stuff is really hard to learn, like to push and to ride. Everything is so freaking hard. I literally have to I felt like three times today on my heart. My hand is still hurting me, like Bro I thought it was going to be marsh easier, because I want to like kind of laying how to write every thing, like a roller, skate, ice skating shoes, like a scooter, everything, so that I when I grow up or when I'm older, I won't like be struggling and all that. So, yeah, I got...

...a skateboard. If you want to see a picture, is gonna be in my instagram or my blog, which the link is going to be in the description. On a day. If you're not following the PODCAST, measure you go follow the podcast right now. Also, scrap to the PODCAST, wherever you're listening in that and the new song loloes now came I like two weeks ago through. If you have been listening to it, or if you have listened three go stream it again, put it on repeat on your phone. And Yeah, I want, I want to get like tenzero streaming, because currently like a Sixzero stream so all this is such goal. leaften to the song right now on Youtube, spotify, apple music, because I don't get played on apple music. To go listen on Apple Music. And Yeah, and I'll see and I'll see what I can do, because a new song is coming out June eighteen and the EP, I've been said a date, but maybe is you lie. All goes, but I don't wanted to be... past summer. So yeah, so what have you guys Beild with? Give a sex. Okay, I'm good. Now Ball. One thing that in my mind right now is like the Song Dj Kelly, like one of thegkale album, the album release like some weeks ago, a song getting it I call let it go by, Justin Bieber and twenty one sash. Now tell me if no one is putting that song going reply, because that song. I play it on repair played on my TV on my phone every single time, because I like the part when twenty one savish comes into the song, like that part is so good. Broke back. If you've been listening to the song gold, listing to the song, I'm telling you. I also heard that, like some people are hating on like the Cardi B Song because it wasn't that good. In my opinion on that song is, it's...

...okay, but I won't say I'm gonna add it all at my playlist or whatever like that. It's song is okay. I'll give you like a solid six point five out of ten, because wrappers this right, not like the your one who die hope into the studio record whatever they want. They write the lyrics on people write the lyrics for them, but some, I think, some d the lyrics by therself. Like me. I write my lyric by myself. Is when I'm like on a block or writers block or whatever they call it, then I just stop. When I get my flow back, I then that when I come on again. So yeah, that's what I'll be going on for. That the past two weeks and wish is not that. Boss is one thing, like because my math homework is like a lot. I don't know if I said it before. Both my teacher gives me like homework everything, good day, and I have each shapsters and I...

I am gonna do like it tests right now. I'm done. I don't like three already, so that like five more tests to go on, five more shafters to go. I brow like cool down a mine. We control be doing homework everything. Would they sometimes like ten questions, sometimes more than ten questions, and the way I'm saying it right now, you look like is not a lot. But if someone was to come do these questions, that everything good time, like you're gonna get tired, like Bro I get tired every single time. Sometimes I don't even do everything and she has bestal to do like the whole question, like tready minute, like Bro that is like that never went off my test. I do my testing like seventy five minutes, and I know even still enough. Liah broke show, give us more time and also, well, what don't want to say again, like this podcast. I want to have to like share it into different segment.

So Eve, anyone have any ideas of what, like maybe what I should be aiding in the podcast? Cause I'm doing new music shout today. I'm doing like the intro and they add that gonna come in three to one go. Have you ever wanted an energy drink? I don't know where to get one. Well, you have come to the right place, rogue energy. Rogue energy have different flavors, like they have Benet a Lotte, they have I don't know, they have green apple, they have great popsicle, they have mango, my mango pineapple, I don't even know what. They have different flavors, different type of energy drinks that I even have their own merchandise, and you can even go click the link in the description below and get whatever you want, because I'm telling you, my favorite right now with green... and man mango pineapple, because those are delicious and it gives you a lot of energy, as you can see, rogue energy. So get one, or get to or get ten, get how many you want. There's no limit and you could dub the name ten percent off and your tanks rogue energy for sponsoring the PODCAST, and I'll see your next podcast, because it is going to be like every day Ting through expected peace. Yeah, this break, this poor covers to like yourselm back for my break and maybe I'm gonna post like a Youtube video of this gap boarding, because when I look at the video, the video was in that good. It's not what I was expecting. Ball I don't know. Maybe I'll do it or maybe I'll go again like record a very good one then post it on my youtube. So if you ha having subscribe to the Youtube, go subscribe to the Youtube.

Dubble the name and go follow the instagram. I dub the name. Go read the story about this cable, how I got it and all that. The link is gonna be in the description or the value where this is. So yeah, see you guys next week and I hope I record and I don't become a lazy guy or whatever, and I record a podcast and and I'll see your next week. This is your wholest dubbed the name. Laugh. Is Duby the name or life wheat doublness? I'm seeing life is anyway life. We dubbed the name. We always get the doubs. that the model. We always get the freaking Doug Bro because it's dub the name. And I'll see your next week. I do use, I mean goes. I never fall out with the pro hey when your family turning a fault. We had a playhouse on the road until you decorated without thee like a...

...multiple trucking shows on Niggas like it makes money. Most super but piece like we on is there? We gonna sell? How.

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