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My New Single Is Out Now!!|Ep 7



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Hey guys, and welcome back to or brand new episode of the PODCAST. This is your host, Doublin name. This is life with doubles the name, and this is episode seven of the podcast. So today the special day because the new sound just got released yesterday, today, Saturday, and yes, it was Friday, March twenty six. If you've been listening to it, the song is gonna be the Intro for today most maybe all the days both. Yeah, let's get a war from our sponsor. Then I'll cast you guys later. Hey guys, this podcast is sponsored by wouldn't dragon puzzle. If you don't know what it is, let me tell you what it is, because you gotta know what it is. It puzzles are the best gift. With your wow effect, you also have great colorful design, which fabulous, are memorable images of animals and such. Your products like this easily attract attention. Now you gotta know that is a great fisher, because in a business you need good and fishers like attention great quality, and would in dragon puzzles have that with their lays out, courting, that is us to make all the pieces perfectly fit together like feet initial all the type of stuff and all their past or pieces have like different shapes, size and it owns with like some I'm gonna show it in the video. Some of the pieces coming like different animals, like different type of animals. I would like Whoa. I've never seen a pose or do that before, and if you want to check it out, the link of that website is gonna be my description below, and the coldly dragon life. That is also going to be in the description below. Get it, pig, get anything you want us the cold. I get ten perature of thanking a dragon from sponsored this episode by the feeling is beat or give you for day to take it to down. I'm feeling the teat every turn. Everyone that is go out be given one day. I be happy. I can't my beasting. You're done. Rock...

...of feelings. I came in the game touch and while back. So before we get started, away everything. The link to the song is gonna be in the description below. I'm just gonna pull like where you want to listen to that? Youtube. You all of that, all that stuff. Yeah, so make sure you go streaming down fortify, YouTube, apple music, wherever you're listening to. And Yeah, let's get the song. Let's blow this song. Up. Maybe. I don't know, that could be possible. Ball, yeah, and it is possible. So let's get to the podcast. So, Oh my God, the podcast. I think I'm just gonna talk about the song, because the song I made, I know I got the beat like November, like when the Myssa con son was coming on. I got the beat November. Then I made like some lyrics to it because I don't know, I was bored, because I really like the beat and I when I when I had to like prochase the beat and do did all of that, but I couldn't record because the microphone I had at that time would like so garbage. So I didn't want to use that one to let record or do all those type of stuff. So I bought a new one during Christmas and I recorded and edited everything good team, like the track on when that doing again January. I did he generally, but the one that I release, just that I release. I I edited that. But there was another one that someone helped me to edit, but I don't know, I didn't just like it, so I didn't use done one anymore. Boy, I paid for that, while I shall gave him free money, but any without ready release the song. Go listen to it, because I'm good at what I'm gonna say every single time in this book. I you...

...go listen to the song. I don't know, tell me what you think, because the last time I told people to tell me what you think about the all the song. So would you tell me what you think about this song? And that's good. How am I going to see it get into the podcast again when I just finishing that already? But I I sent the song for the liver in January and I said it on marsh because I like I wanted to give that one more gap. I don't know why I just decided to do it. But another one is coming next month, because I want to like real be consistent with what I'm doing. So that's why I didn't nest song is coming out June. Where you will you wash? Yeah, June, and I already post the cover art on my story. So if you are not following me on Instagram, better go follow me right now so you maybe I'll post it again so you can see the song again. And Yeah, you will be. You be informed of when and when whatever I'm releasing and all of that stuff. And the funny thing about yesterday was Luna said, drop, the song, coming by your name. Ye are coming by Your name, Ontario and K golden drop is album and I think someone else roadway drop is album, like everybody was just dropping too, but people are listening to the other but mine is like hello, money is the at back, like last of the line, back of the line, like it's okay, I like that song, I like the albums and I like my own song too. But yeah, that what everyone get, because the music industry is a business, like everyone thing, that artists and all those... drummers, those people, they get money because that's in them, with gold or diamonds or those like brace or the teacher or I don't know what, the card, the grills. I think. Yeah, they have money in there. They have lots of their blots of money, don't get me wrong, but they are still spending on teams that they need and maybe there they are family need. And some independent artists or little or small origins are still struggling because them they have like rent and not not everybody listening to their songs. That will gain them enough monetary values or that. That's why some people like the light, donating, the like building up that audience, that engagement and all that. That's why I keep telling people follow the podcast, subscribes to the PODCAST, subscribe for the Youtube, subscribe to all, follow all me on all my socials and my music socials and all that. My twitter because, like, I don't know, I like Twi on twitter, like I already have like eighty some, Willem Shack, because I believe I have like eighty something tweet on twitter, but I don't know, because twitter is kind of left phone. Some people don't some people say it out, some people see it, but I don't know. I just like it because I cannot say with I know you can see on on a desktop. So let me check a desktop real quick, because you know, you gotta Pot on twitter. Maybe you get a lot of follow out on twitter. You never know. Some people like, some people like the stuff I tweet, like they give it like they don't like this. But twir is like drama,...

...but lash informational, like social platform. Oh, I have seventy six tweet on twitter and I don't even know why. Pose are you like, okay, let me just go tweet something real quick or like a share, like information of Douff like that to make sure you go follow me on my twitter, instagram. You do. I don't know about whatever you have and please, please, I'm trying to achieve a goal on on a music platform called audio Mac. If you don't know what it is, I don't know what it is, but you use it to listen to music, like I want like some people to like go follow me or check out my song on audio Mac, because that would be greatly appreciated. Like I'm trying to get like fifty four lowers on there so that I can, let I see something or unlock something that I'm trying to do there. I listen to the song, like, you know, help me, help a brother out. Yeah, everyone is releasing. Some people keep listening to myself. My Song is like I told my son we're gonna get a hundred plays the first day, but no, I got I to play the first day now and check now it's at ty plays. Yeah, my mind would like yeah, as I dropped this, people are gonna listen. Is gonna be a Banger. I'm gonna get like let no, go for with one K let's say two hundred play. But yeah, Bo, baby steps. You know, you win, some you lose song, but I want to win some. You know, boy posted on Youtube. Is doing well on Youtube, don't warm views.

Is doing well on soundcloud. Let me go shake down one right now. Soundcloud, baby girls, you know me. Tonight soundcloud. He had like seven oil. Isn't not doing it, not doing all on that cloud, Bob. I don't care about all that. All I care about right now. With audio Mac, though, you don't have to pay, you don't have to like do anything, just getting on audio Mac. Download. The APP is also a website. Follow me, create an account, follow me like other songs, listen to all the songs, listening to a multiple time, share door or that. Just help and help you, though. I need you have to pay me your give me any money. That's what I just need. Ball. I don't know. I'm trying to walk on the EP because I have like this. I made a cover of already. I've decided on how many songs are going to be on it, like five, three old ones and two new ones. Like the three old ones, one is already outdid the my goals, and the two new ones are coming out in the next few months and the two new ones are going to be in the EP. So you better get ready for that and more else else. The podcast. The podcast is growing and it's getting better and than water expected, because I's better to have like ten plays on one episode of five plays on one episode. Boys doing a little better that I, but not far off and that's good. So, whoever listen to the PODCAST, thank you. Drop or like on the Youtube video, because the podcast is on Youtube and you can do that and you can just help me or help anyone out and share the podcast on your story and do all that. But let's... talking about sharing and doing all that. Let's talk about something else. So, like, Hmm, what is something else I like to talk about? I don't know why. I like playing games. I know some people are going to think I'M A act. I'm like a fortnight get. Well, I like fortnight, like I don't play like everyone that play. Morning after my eavening. I can play like two hours, maybe one hour, then extreme on twitch. If you thought know that mature, you go follow me on twitch right now. Yeah, I extreme on twitch, extreme on Youtube before ward I wasn't really enjoying it. I like twish better because I'm like on Twitsch, let everything good day or every single time, because the people I follow on twist. They are vibes are good and they like to extreme. Good Games are all that. Mostly for tonight. I wash. I don't know why. I like getting better, washing other people to play better. All. Yeah, I like playing games for tonight and play call of duty. I know, I I think I fail. What happened in color of duty? That about why I don't like playing call of duty. And now I'm getting into rocket league. Rocket League. Everyone is in rocket league, just like a car, then a boys like soccer. Bout you're using a ball, a car, to kick the boys. That go with kind of what you explaining to someone. It doesn't make simple. When you play you kind of like it, and that's why I like rocket league. We gain a sick. I'm back. Yeah, so, yeah, Rocket League, and everyone know, for guys and among God like, that game was among Bo both popping that. When I say popping, it was like popping for like, let me see, four months now. I played the...

I downloaded it. I played and played and play both after that. Sometimes, like some YouTube berls and tick tuckers Dechire, like over doing the content or the game, the Games just got boring. Left Alice. It was like F off, better down for guys, because for guys lasted like a month or two, like. But I didn't play because I feel like paid tridy dolls to play, to download the game and tangle that didn't with that money because the game died let after. Like someone. I also play GTA. I don't play online, though, because that all play pe every month for that. But I think that know in the podcast, because it's already like fourteen minutes of the podcast and I put I said I'm not gonna make the podcast so long because I don't know. I don't I can't stay because I'm like on the schedule. I'm doing teens and I'm not all my own evil or my own maybe thirty minutes or forty minute for the podcast and no guests. So if you knew, or your old I keep saying this, subscribe, listen to the podcast or the way. I know this. Know, I know some people may not wish able listening to it, Sherry, and listen to my goals, listen to the song. Follow me on all music platforms so you would not be like missing any song calls. Sometimes I want to let drop or song without anybody knowing and I want to see how you could a good is gonna turn out without nobody knowing. Like to follow me, do everything. Follow me on instagram. Dubs the name, twitter, doubs the name and everything, and it's your boy. Dubs the name, your host. This is life. We dubs the name, and I'll see you, guys next week. Peace Out and wait. The song is gonna play again at the indicate anybody got to the end. So listen to...

...his own bike. The feeling is beat or give you four days to take it. It down on the feeling, the feat, everything, everyone is the go. I'll be given one day. I be happy. I cant him my bating you down to a rock and a feelings like came touch my.

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