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In today's episode, we had a little chat about my Personal choices I have to make, like college university and all that maybe next week I will talk about colleges I would want to go to.

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Hey guys, and welcome back to the PODCAST. As you know, the host my name is dubbed the name. We always get the dubs and this is life with double the name. Episode five or four. I'll take my episode for and I hope you guys are do work, cause I'm pretty good. I think I'm doing okay for the most part. I think. I don't know, but if you knew me, sure to subscribe follow like the order so they stay tuned for more podcasts. Are More episode in the future, cause I plan on making growing the podcast as hard. I can't if you guys help me. Yeah, I'll just have at off you. So, yeah, letter, roll into the Intro, music stars and go back.

Oh the umded the intro of the podcast sounded like I was a sad person, but I don't know. I was just like what's goods? But yeah, to the PODCAST. I want to talk about how to like have a personal producer of some team, because me, I don't have one. I just like get the beat then by see you later. I'm looking for someone like we can share rep I think collect do some producing or editing for free, as I don't know if that is possible, like a mixing engineer produce a mix to get up like the bag and make a bee for me according to how I wanted, all the type of stuff. Then after then I recalled and help me to eddy, so I don't have to like look for someone to do that for me. I don't know if anybody know someone... that. Maybe, or if you know you can do that, maybe we could walk. I don't know, so just hit me off. You know the Instagram dubble Nigh Ball. Let move from that the what I'm going to talk about. Marsh. Everybody having Bertie, especially my family. Everyone is marsh first, second, tour, four, fifth, my birthday is all your way in October. Sixteen, I mean I didn't even know my own birthday. Seventeen, I mean like that is so far. My birthdays like one. All the Niger remember birthdays always on an exam week, or it tests week like that. was so frustrating. When I want to do my birthday, like celebrate my birthday, I always have have it like a test or is them week, I mean all is them. Then I remember my story video, my one year old birthday. I celebrate my birthdays Outobo.

I celebrated that birthday November because that I'm I think, kindergarten I and we had exam. Like I didn't was celibrate my own birthday. October, celebrity, November, and why I wish my birthday was. I all go because, you know, summer, no school and you can planning without, let having any extras, more homework or I don't know how to say, like homework I do. That would have been cool because right now, who I like? You know, I can't change it, like can go like and to back then come on August. That isn't, you know, possible, but if it was possible, I've done that long time ago. Bro The podcast is gonna be funny. You know if Bark I's gonna be funny.

Come we talk about me and I don't know if anybody want to join or send a message, but the podcast is going really well. That before, when I made this podcast, thought like, Oh my God, what am I going to be talking about, because I don't talk so more who, because everybody knows in school, like the first time I went to my high school, I would like the new kid. There were a lot of new kids because I was like a freshman. There were a lot of new kids. All that, oh my God, I don't know anyone, cause I move all the way from scarborough to Not York and I didn't know anybody. Like I'm I didn't go to any school anyone. So I whoa, what am I gonna do? And I wash a lot of movie. That high school like the scariest place ever. So then I'm like walking. I went to my class, my ascent. I was trying to like Miss Mathon.

...was that horrible, and I have to like speak up because I was like hey, my voice would like terrible, Bro. So that was bad. This that Cone Day, oh my God, because that's time I didn't know anyone, so I'll just come very early sit down alone. Then I didn't even know what I was doing that. I went to class, getting doing all my because that time I had like sigings, geography, music and religion. I was in grade ten, religion, love. What the Hell am I doing here, Bro, because they're all in great and I'm in great nine. In Nigeria that time you will be like what am I doing here, Bro, and this older than me. I'll like, whoa. So after that, then, after we say I thought like two of three...

...months, I think. Then I started that I get it to know people. Like is a normal thing to know people, but for me that I normal, like I know people, then I'm gone. That because I'm so shy that if I have a group homework, I tried to like not do the group homework. Or if we have like if if we have to do walk together at a grouping class, I don't do I just do it on my own because I'm alone wolf. I don't know why, but it has been like that for a very long time. I just like doing homework myself, because who does? They like doing homework and so. But people have told me a lot of time that I'm shy our them. When wanting you like to see me change the thing. I should like not be shy, then I'll say, okay, as another passing, they tell me the same...

...thing. I can a passing, the same thing. Like, Bro, what do you want me to do? I'm talking to people. That how do I meet people and just covid just spoil everything. Got In like now I can talk to anyone. I can't. I can't see anyone through. Die You still like fop. Oh, Oh, my my heart to beat in talking about it, because everybody's gonna Listen to the Oh my God, where? You give me one second. HMM. But when I came here, I came here like because in Nigeria was planning on like doing football in America. College talk about doing football. True, that, like I'll go to a soccer school or the type of stuff. I want to go to, the supper school, everything, we like go I'll become pro, all this apple stuff. But when I came here, I didn't see any of...

...that, none of that. Not like England. You see a lot everywhere. I don't know if you the Le England, but that, well, I know you see a lot everywhere. But Yeah, you'll see basketball, baseball and you see hockey. We give me a second. Okay, I'm back and I left because, like, my mom called me, so I gotta go answer her. Because I'm not living alone. I would like to get an apartment, like I want room apartment or two room. Maybe I would like a best friend or something. But I don't like living world a people, cause I like my stuff here. I don't know like it all the places and I like a big bed. I don't like to have my own music studio because, you know, everyone get tired to have my home studio, all those apple stuff. So that's what I want, with like great led light and great stattings and hold that stuff. Ball. Maybe House is also good, but I don't know, baby steps, you know, baby steps. I ever will have money here. I'm still living my parents..., as I'm supposed to do, and I'm still going to school. I'm even planning on going to university. I wanted to go to college before, but what I want to study is meant for university classes. I don't know what it called, but maybe late in the FUSHAL option all plan to change to college. Ball will how to see for ourself. And Oh my God, like life is stressful now on days like Valentine, I had nothing. I didn't even think you to Valentine's Day, and I don't we wire. I didn't think of Valentine's. They then Valentine. Nobody hit me off. It was done. I was down bad bore. Tick Tock. Call that to help me. You know, take dock is the way. There to help you. You never know, but takedock is there. So after... guys about all the music and stuff, I keep writing lyrics and lyrics and lyrics, and Larry the my goals. That is coming out like in next two weeks. I Pos they on my instagram do with all those stuff. Some people's a lot of people I don't know. I haven't got any back Commons. People are telling me is good have people having to post on their story, but nobody pret saving the song, like what preceave the song? I thank you. The link. The link is in my bio. The link is gonna be in the description, the description of this podcast. You're going to be everywhere. Perceive. You don't want to preceive like I'm telling you. Presave it, spotify, apple music, I don't get pre save it. Then when you preceive it, you're going to see a link... the MERCI. I have your good checked out, but I don't know what preceaved the song. And follow me on every or whatever music platform you use, because it's good. You get to listen to music, my music or the people music, and you get to follow me to learn to year more music in the future, because I plan on doing this music stuff as a hobby right now, like sighs stuff in the side. Then if you take off, then I got I can do it full time and counsel. Follow me on my twitch that, but I don't talk about that right now. You know everything. Everything's going to be in description, description. Why do I keep saying that? Row disscription? Oh, anyway, that's going to be the end of the podcast because it is eleven mini already. Like I said, nine minute to life, I think as a fifteen minute last...

...time. But yeah, that's gonna end up podcast because I'm doing walk right now, but I just really want to do like quickly record a podcast and I have to go do more work and I don't want to pot got to be like tety minutes long. Maybe late and future you can be teaching me as long or right now. Nope, I gotta see you guys there. You guys, double the name, the holes. You're one and holy host. We don't have any co host and this laughs with dub the name. Know that life with your left with dub is the name. And I'll see you guys next week. I didn't post last week because I don't know why I bother you guys. Next week. Peace. Never anymore that dude, that I was being rude, that I was the mess up you would was the said of me. Never.

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