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You for sure gonna "Repeat" this Episode| Ep 19





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Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of the PODCAST. This is your wholest dobby. The name this is left. We dub the name and we will get it up before we start. I just want to see one thing. If because why you music podcast and we talk about new music or good music. If you want me to like talk about your music for a whole episode, Dm me, or you want any typle that, promotion, all the type of stuff, just dam me, and ill happy to do that. You can be for free, you can, they can be a payment or the type stuff, ladder. Just talk to me or and I'm happy to get that. And if you want to like your link or your song link in the description or my value of my podcast, tell me the same team. I also happy to do that. So that that's you. Is If you want any promote the stuff, ladder. So what's up, guys? This is a brand new episode after one week, because last week I went on like a trip or something like that. Thats why I won't be able to lie release the PODCAST The new episode. But Wow, that one we could lose a little bit long because I was waiting all I was waiting for like Saturday to get to it, because it was so long. I think we have like a lot of new music and guess what, I don't know them. But today I think I'm just I'm gonna like do the intro sash for like the new music. Talk about it. You want. List didn't over and over. Oh, I have one already in my mind, the little take a new music and yeah, I'm just gonna setch for you and check our body. So I'll see y'all after the intro and make sure you go check out rouge energy, the energy drinking company. That link is going to be in the description. Make sure to get some. My youth could orb with the name and I'll see you out of the intro peace. If they want me to about a run and take a boy bade money,...

...make it. I make it to the around and they make it to the town about. I'm a minute body, about buddy. I'm about somebody, just to feel like I'm yeah, and we are backing. We are back again, back again. A little bit comes down. Y'All. Go listen to my EP. Back again, no, Depino, back again. The EPS IDK, but back again is part of the EP. So we'll go listen to the EP. Linking in the Bayou or with there, and you know we did a free style of the baby or the red light green light last week. I release the freestyle or, if out, a remix of industry baby, if I was in industry baby, and either on Youtube and Soundcloud, and you know, thank like on Youtube and audio mic only because I can rely so all the platform because I don't own the song. But yeah, go listen to the song, listening to the Audio. Tell me what you think. Comment to me or the free style I should do or order like remakes that you do, because sometimes I don't even want to do my own song. I don't do other people's songs. So tell me what you want me to do. And they get right into the first song. Of should I do the first song? Go to day first, or I should like your talk about something I don't even know, because I don't I don't really do that much because I just go on my instagram with you guys. You go follow look for like some pictures or the type of stuff, listening to some songs some people release on Instagram, look at the wrap news and I don't follow those instagram but I like look at them on my thirst stuff. I Shit, like I don't know. Boh, yeah, I follow me on my instagram and I don't do motion twitter. Yeah, I don't even do twitter. By Youtube, though, I try to like game. I play Games which extreme on twitch. You can go follow my twitch...

...right now and twitch the TV sash double the name. Almost forgot my link, Bro. What the full? Yeah, but you could go follow the twitch. I clip some videos and post on my youtube to like get like some traction or something like that. Boll yeah, I'll go follow the which. I'm coming to me that. Okay, I'm back and yeah, go follow the twitch. We dream like almost every single day. I try to kill myself. I don't know why. No, really, I'm just like extremely normally a stream for like thirteen minutes, but now because I'm trying to grant for the affiliate with your could help me, and I'm just dreaming for like a now on a half. Some time. All the time I almost go to two hours of my stream, but that didn't happen with extreme. For that one hour and fifteen minutes, I think. Yeah, so go follow the twitch and let get into think we've talked about ourself and all that. They're getting to the first song of today, which is gonna be repeated by little taker, futured, by gonna gonna just in almost everybody's song, like it's gonna like. I don't know. You look as if you gets it. Is Main source of income is music, but in the music free get it from that. Futures and all that. That is official. Young talk, little baby. That be way if you showed that baby. I don't know me. The ME goals almost every yeah, I don't think you're done with drake at well, maybe I don't drink. I don't know. Boll Yeah, the song is repeated, which I play almost every time. Don't Turn't turn. Let me just like play preview of the song. Your could will listen to it, but I'm gonna play a preview. I'M gonna listen to it as well. Maybe I might even listening to the whole team before continuing the podcast again, but I like the songs. I'm gonna play the preview right now. This is what you could. I'm in new your...

...way be called. Look at my Nigga is iced out. I'M gonna fail. We going on to to cut on the lights out. You want a problem, do bety thing about it, because I come on a price. Now I gotta go. I don't not think about it. I don't go with that hi style. You want a problem and shine involved everything, and we talked about still that Faris of maybe you just a one playing. That's how are you calling follow through these cardia friends. I don't even see love. Wow. Now I'm telling you. If you don't like this song, though, like your fake as fuck, Bro because I like, really like the song and your most the old the team. I really like about the song gets the beat deal, like the little PA. I don't know if he's piano or something like that. Boy, it was something I like, the beginning, which was playing, we hold on, give me a sick okay, I'm back, boy did I don't know what it is, but I really like that part because it was like you will smooth. I like to be the drum everything. I'm going to part. I don't know if I'm gonna play, because I like little tacospar going on power, like twenty seconds long or thirty second Bo loo take as almost banging, and everything was cool. Everything was like everything was, especially when you release the video. I don't really wash music videos because then they they are saying that doing the same thing as the audio. So why do a video as bet? Maybe you have something and shooting in the video. I don't know, but I like the audio. I listened to it every time on my spotify, soundcloud, wherever I listen to my music. Is All my playlist. Wish you could go for a loom my playlist play out. You can find it on my Ey spotify, for you can spare on my spotify page. Boll, I add it to my playlist. I like everything or my favorite song on my playlist. So yeah, I'm just gonna give the song. If I...

...want to be honest, I'm gonna give the song go nine point five out of ten, because the song good, everything good. Rating mixing everything. I wish I can like make an edit my song like that, or someone could help me doing that. I don't know. Any wonder maybe you can help me. Maybe, but the song is good, everything good. Nine point five out of ten. Our recommend you to go listen to the song, listen to it like that modern four times before you like give a rating to the song, because I've listened to him more than ten times and I already have a rating when I listened to it the fourth time. Still Yeah, go litten to a song term more you think on the youtube comment or wherever. Listen and yeah, let's move on to the second song of the day. Maybe we might have a Turstun cause I want to try to like make the podcast a little bitch mouth longer. But let's move on to the second. The second. I don't even know how to talk, Bro. The second song of the day. Wish either lose loose by Kis I and Lou Wayne. Wow Gess, I caught a big dub, you know, because, case I said, illuen has been an inspiration. Like he showed a video way like remix one of the wind song for something like I don't know. It was a very old video. When Kres I would like young ass fuck Bro. But the song, the song is good. I like loewen's pore very very much. I don't know, cares. I we need those fishore with people elect to come last or something like the Fisher he did with trippy read. shippy read was the chorus and the chorus came first before you had kiss I verse. But I don't know, but I like the song. I like I didn't really listen to Kissi verse a lot or Leeu Windson. I listen to it a lot and sometimes I litten, so care I don't. Everything was good. Loose. I really added that on the...

...album. Even I'm me without got him more stream. I'm all please, and got to him to the number one faster, like really fast. Boll Yeah, let's play a little preview of Louis Part. Then I'm a play kids. I pause to see which one is better for you guys. And Yeah, let's let me playing tree to one. And Whoa, I wish I could lie. You got me fine, I just want she loves me. She loves me, not patience. I'm running out, walking all over me, made me I stomping ground, baby, you fucked around, gave me to run around, making me wonder how crazy and God damn, and wish I could play like the rest of the verse, Bro but I cannot play the whole song before my before this whole episode get shut down, because I'm am so with the your what am I think I'm supposed to play just the preview, because if I play or whole song, then what's the use of going to listen to the song? I don't know, but yeah, I really love Louien's poor. Then do you, because Louien is when when the wind those the chorus, it sounds so much better. And the way smoothly. Yeah, the way smoothly moved into like the verse one. That was like clean and very smooth. Because I said smoothly. But I would rate his whole verse like a point five out of ten. I wouldn't say it was the best, but it was good because I like it and I don't know about other people, but I think other people like it. And...

I saw like a tick tock that cares I made because of what Jake Paul Rodick Paul were talking about, something like make a song with Louen or something like that, with his idol, because Jake Paul Allouen is if I do cat. I made a a ticktock mocking Jake Paul die and case I made the song with Lou when, I don't know. The whole thing was confusing. is on the you can find the video on care side. Tick Tock page. Yeah, I like the video called video. theving the music video was I don't know how the film The Music Video, but the animation in the music video was like good. It was. It was like clean and everything was smooth. So let me like play, Kissi verse for All your all of you want to like listen to it or something. I don't know, but case that's verse to me. I'll ready like a seven point five. It was good, but I like Louen's Pol and the winds worth better. So let me play. Then I'll reacting. I know. When I saw you, I lose control and I'm over on a side kill hotter than the devil about your eye. Truth, I might did it to the whole of you calling because I didn't. All stolen goes. You know. I fall. I hold the men, all the fat to me, losing you comparing and stocking and loose grow out to this. Nothing to do. I'm alone in this face to my stories anyway. Yeah, directly of the Chorus Ball. Yeah, that is worth if you like it, I don't know. If you don't like it, I don't know, but I like it, but not Damn Moh, I like Lou wind wirth better than cares. I through. It's like he bought epay for the future, Bro. So the song have to be like, for this song is like top twenty, twenty or top yeah, top twenty on trending on Youtube music right now,...

...and when he first really did, it was number one in like more than fifty countries in Apple itunes store apple music out of even know which one Bo yeah, that the truth. Song we have today? I don't know. I don't know about any of the Song Bo and now and a leash upper and let really, I don't know if my podcast is like a typop music for tend a music little reliseable. Yeah, real little. Really, the new music roomors with Cardy B I like it. I heard yesterday wish he came out yesterday. I like it. I ever put it on repeat like twice or three times, I don't know, but I like it. All the rumors, let me, let me just play a preview, cause my voice is like so bored at so bad for I think board. What the fuck am I think, God, all the rumors are true. We are which you hurt? That's true. Yeah, I fuck him and you. Yeah, if you believe I, dude, that had the custom house with Lucy and the ain't no loose, not a hole trying to suit me, bitch, I don't give two shit. All the rumors are truly. I don't know. If you want to listen to something like that, is your is your choice, but the song is good, so I decided to add it to the podcast, those to this episode, because I like it and I'm trying to make the podcast a little bit more longer, because a normal podcast is also be like an hour long, but mine is like freaking like ten minutes or nine minute. So I'm trying to upgrade and make my podcast a lot longer. And if you're if you kind of stay for that long but still listening to the podcast for the normal ten minute or twenty minute, but all that part you're going to miss out. So I don't know, is my pokast. I can't do what I want. But yeah, the song is good. I like call this B pot. I was in expeading. I wasn't expecting how to go off like that. She didn't. She...

...didn't really wrap or something. I don't know, but I like it. Lizo I and the only Litle Song I've heard was like the remixs she did with our baby, because I like that baby. I listen to the baby every time. WH think I did a remix on his own songs. So yeah, I like the baby. I like least I like the Lizo song the room as so if you want to go listen to a go listen to it and tell me what you think. And the next song we have, we let me give you a rating to the song. I'll give like eight out of ten for the song. So now let's move on to the next song, which is, I don't not to see it, the new and Ely Shopper Song. MMM, so, I don't know I'm even saying it right. Bo. Yeah, I Havn't really listened to it, like having listened to it them that much. But well, I can see it's good. I can't play a preview because I don't know I've been listening to it, so I'm not really gonna vibe out like that. But yeah, I'M gonna give it for now because I've listened to it like three times. I'm gonna give it like a seven, noi six out of ten. But maybe Netwik my or maybe after today my rating and going to change to I think we were going seventeen minutes. I think we're gonna END UP POK as here because I can stay here most longer and I have to like do my recording on my own song. So I'm just going to quickly edit the podcast, do everything and post the podcast through. I'm going to see your after next week, hopefully, because I don't know what I'm going to do again. But this gonna be the end of the podcast. This is your wholeb name. This is laft. We dubbed the name and I'm going to see your next week. We always get the doubs. That I are more to. We always get the doubs. We always get everything. Will we get the...

W? So yeah, make sure you follow, subscribe on the Youtube Channel, comment whatever you want to. Listen to the PODCAST and I'll see your next week, hopefully again, I don't know, but piece out guides or anything by going to my EP ID K by me. We drop July. So go listen to it or try to get home. Dra called hundred tip home, drake towels on view or strings on spotify. So Pe out, I'm going to yr way be called. Look at my Nigga is iced out. I'M gonna fail. We going on to one to cut on the lights out. You want a problem, do anything about it, because I come on a price. Now I gotta go. I don't not think about it. I don't go with that high style.

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