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The process of Music distribution| Ep 2


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Well in this podcast I talked about somethings In the music industry and my experience in some of all these music distribution services and rated them basically.

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Hey guys, and welcome back to the PODCAST. As you know, my name is double the name. This is life with double the name, because we get the dogs. We just want person, though. And what this is episode two of the PODCAST. We got episode we got a pilot, we got episode one, now episode two. Well, you should be expecting episode three next week. So I've already introduced myself double the name, or Aka or thin or Aka, I don't even know. But Let roll into the intro music stars and or back. I hope you got like the intro music, because me I really like it and I don't know why, but it sounds good and catchy. And for the three podcast I'm going to talk...

...about the process I go through of making a reliving my song and struggle and maybe give them music distribution service for dudes who are doing music. I don't know, even more doing music. Well, let's go the first when when I want to make music, I just go in too to look for some bit. Thats no team to do. Look for some Bait. I go and be Third, Oh, I going, you doube. Then you take me to bittirted. I don't know if you guy know that. Then I have a particular person I will go to the passive, have some sick beat the passing give like a low price and Doz. Why stick to that person? Who do I want t again before I place an order, because I don't want to like buy the beat. Then the beat isn't and doesn't fit right with the lyric, because I write the lyrics after listening to the beat... a pick you one. I like all that, then I pick one. I try, I try hard to give flows for the series and make sure everything fit the time and all that. When I write the lyric, I like to adact a really record first at home. Now when I'm doing recording with with the whole team, I sent to a guy on fiber. If you don't know what it is, click the link in my description. Is going to be that eaty. I miss him. You have me a did do all that because I'm still learning how to do that, because it's so hard. Bro I thought you was going to be easy. It does all the editing. I pay for it. Everything look good after everything good. I pay for the Bait also on a great deal, and I was even that like the best out of you. I don't have to spend out one hundred and fifty for everything. I just pay something less than eighty dollars.

I don't adjusted a goodly by pays until like eighty dollar. As I make after doing all that, I make a cover up. We kind of if you don't still know, that link is in the description below or description. Oh, I don't know how to see all that. After our assent to some people, they have me check it out. Shout out to them. They have me check it out and to see if I can get the okay or if I get to know or do all that, they may reviewed it. Then after all that, I like that it off for release or I sit on it, like listening to it sometimes, or I just wait because you don't, you don't want to release a song like that. And I usually record on the weekend because if I record on the weekday I started school, so you're not going to fit the schedule. Ever, I want to record, I later, then I might get homework and I just got...

...mess every gritting of so I just record on the weekend. Data recording on the weekend. I sent to my distributor, which is a Muse and if you don't know what I'm us is already explained. The lappocad of don't know what I want to let's play, but let me give a list of the other music distributed. Other music distributors are like me. I know some people. I know, if everybody. I've heard of this distroy kid, the head of tone cord, of when a CD baby. I've heard of CD baby and all that. But all those one you have to pay board. The ones you don't have to pay. That free amuse is one of them, but I'm used. That's on fissure that they took out of it in the free virgin boy. You pro you just have to pay a seven ninety nine a month for the other one. Then you have one rape and one...

RPM, like the best. I was planning on moving to one RPM, but I decided to stick to what I have becau. What I have is simple. On our PM is don't have an APP. You just have to do it on their website and all that it. Distribute your video, distribute music to any platform. Just it takes a little present because it can't be exactly free. Take everything. Only amused those that you have to do that on one R Pami monetize or soundcloud tracks. It does you to content, idea and all that. And there are some other ones like fresh team, the lander, I don't know if I said a w lander, or Lunder, the root note them, and Roote notice actually good. And there's so many future that I even tested for myself and it was good. But there's...

...some things, you know, there's some things that are so bad that you have to move. And if you want to look for that, some other one that I don't I don't really remember the dam right now. If you want to look, just for free distributor services on Google and just reach through all the agreement and all those type of long, long stuff, because some people skippies and when you skip it you might get confusing and ow you might like lose some money and you will know what is going on. So just like read it and if you want to be treated right, just read everything before accepting or doing all the type of stuff. But I advise you to pick one RP, I'm right now, before you pick another like CD baby or distro kid or tone core that you have to pay or because city baby on to care, when you release the Song Lettin, you release a single, that thing go you really you have to pay nine hundred and ninety nine...

I think I'm too call. You have to pay nine and ninety nine every year for that relief. Unless think you have like five order releases, have to pay nine ninety nine for each every single year. I don't know how to do them math. Multiply that you're paying up to a hundred or something. I don't know. That's but distro kid, just Roka yours like the basic one. You have to pay one thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine on Distro Kid. The other one is thirty nine ninety nine, I think. I don't know. Then you get those extra futures, but pick one. Our PM is free or you could pick I'm use, I mused, is also free and if you want to do the pro version on I'm use is so ship or Chi chip, chip chip. I don't know. I have so. Yeah, I have some like songs in my library and dozen songs that I'm releasing soon. Already said that and I'm just hoping that some...

...people like I could this time because a sense of some people dishected. Everything seem good. So I said, okay, let me release the song. If this one isn't good, there's another one that's coming out. Hope that's better and I'm see making many more to attending Tom some people like share do that, maybe learn how to do something. And Yeah, I think I'm gonna see you guys in the net podcast because I'm like, I don't know what I am right now, because right now is like we can and I just feded doing some homework and I make your I record right now. If not, am I miss next podcast? Anybody Miss Net podcast? The next podcast is not gonna be good. So yeah, you'll know dubs, the... for we get the dubs, and I will see you guys next week. Peace.

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