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Yo. Rog Energy is and energy drinking company with all their different flavored like blood orange, blue, raspberry and especially my favorite, mango pineapple. They also come in Hobs, little pocket and if you aren't your Wi level, you'll be interested in you could always get that story key, which is for a lower price or ten Canadian dollars. So head down to rogue energy, link in my description. Get what you want and make sure that you could dub the name for ten percent of so get head down right now. Get to that website. Theirs true. You are well set and get whatever you want. Welcome back, guys, and welcome back to a brand new episode. I don't even know if I should call this like a new season, bow and with I'm just gonna say, like do I come to season two of the life without the name podcast. This is episode one. I needed to start a new season because last time I the last time and posted like an episode or like wait to this Autobo twenty seven on when they last time I post? That was the temple twenty seven. So that like a whole month of no podcast, nothing, nothing like that. So my thought for that because before September twenty seven, before dad and trust and Tember I didn't really post every Saturday because school started and everything. And now after that, September twenty seven, I couldn't put anymore. Course, school or not like getting real hard, so I heard to like stop. So right now I still have school. Right now, Bo, I'm just like, Oh, I want to post one episode because it has been like a whole month. I've been thinking about it like last week, last two weeks or that, but right now I'm gonna post it. I'm recording on Wednesday. I'M gonna try to post it this Wednesday. Also not gonna be on Saturday. We so, yeah, we have like we have a lot to talk about, if if I can talk about everything, Bo, we have a lot to talk about. We have the new song, my new song, the new song that I'm reallyasing November twelve. We also have the Halloween drop that I dropped for my em Merth to. If anybody want to get that, the link would be in the description. You can get that. And we also have some new music from Allis. We somehow artist we haven't heard of before. WE CHAP paid off. I don't know how to say I'm running out of breath because I want to do this intro ru fast, but I'm gonna just see you after the intro. Music, peace, and I see you back. I'll see you, guys after the introest beat it up in the back on dry slate and brands on the nation. I like this bace shape going to the moon. Now we are the stagy ability to lose. Now, no gravitation bouncing around yet. That beyond man yonly for class right. Feeling so fast might be on. You might be afo five years an. I know nobody needs me. She be no freaky. And Welcome back with your boy dobe. We always take the doll of we how do I even see my model again? This is your boy, dubs, the name, this is life. We Dub the name and we always get the DUB.

Yeah, we always get dub that model most for God, because I haven't said it in a long time, but we always get it all. And for this brand new season, or our and the brand new episode of the season, we just going to talk about the Halloween drop, which I did last I started it, or Tobo first, because it is October and his Halloween drops. So throughout the amount of October you can get whatever you want from this story, which is the Halloween drop collection. Whatever I have, like woody's sweat shirt and a t shirt like you just Halloween design that I put on it and if you like it you can get it cheap. It to your place, everything fast, chipping, whatever you want. Halloween, anything going to end very soon, Otober twenty fee. That's why I want to lie really this podcast before that. So if anybody didn't know, because you need to follow me on my instagram and my merge store instagram cause that's where pull that UPDATA though. So yeah, everything on the going every I'm be going, okay, nobody. I bought anything from the Halloween drop, but everything is I don't really focus on that. I'm I can make it. I can do that. But if nobody by, I'm okay with I'm just doing it for fun and I don't really want to be like fully Seros, but if anyone by our really appreciate that and whatever. So yeah, if you want to get it, go to the link in the description or wherever the link or description is going to be, wherever you're listening on by go to it website, by whatever you want. Get it cheap and follow your instagram to you get like regular updating, though, because that would I do on my instagram. So yeah, let move on to the next topic, wish is. You know, I told you guys about the dollar sign slime remix. I was gonna do wish is, made by Luna's Egg, a megand the stallion. Well, I actually made it release. It did all that. I'M NOT gonna I'm gonna be honest with you. It wasn't the best and it wasn't really good, and I know it wasn't good because I did it. I did the editing and everything myself, and I didn't do that. Well. I was kind of rushing to you because I wanted to get it done and forget about it. So everyone was rushed. Everything's in like professionally dawn. Industry baby wasn't professionally done. Also bought Industry Baby D remins. I did for industry baby was actually better than what the other mixing and Masterin I'm done for like anythng. So I'm not gonna play it, but if you want to listen into it or if you want to like, you know how it sounds like, you could go listen to it on Youtube or my youtube. Subscribed on my youtube. Miko also listen to it on audio Mac and I don't think I did it. Put It on soundcloud. I think I put on sound I don't know. And I also did like a full remix, because all these three mins I've been doing all do... after like the corals or something. This time I actually did the full remix with a brand new beat by Jail Jilo Remix, which is made by low taker and Internet money record that one. I actually got it like professionally, professionally edtail, because I actually pay someone to do that. I don't know why, Bol I just pay someone to do that, but did so I'm actually going to play it because I need you to listen to it. Tell me what you think. I'm not playing everything for your information. I don't know. Boy. If you want to listen to it, is also my youtube, soundcloud and audio Mac. No, it don't. Audio magnay band me. They like restricted or something. They blocked it or whatever. I don't know. But non audio might just on soundcloud and Youtube. So let me a play right now. Five for three, two, one and hating. He Got Bang in. That money made a bit. Gonna get then. Don't make my bad. Gotta go right and drop this say that sid that girl. I made a bad guy, don't you know, because I don't Brag, I don't feel out your top wag. You're to think that I'm mad. You're don't think that I'm gonna walk around or damn row. She got bands. Look around, we don't me go. We got way, got a shoutow that dude hate. He got baby, got the shoutout that don't hate. He Got Playing Ban Crows, Ban and we're back. And did think about a song. If you listen to the full song, I tried to make the whole song like and bad world free or cost free. Rating wasn't like explicit or whateverything was clean. There's no like bad version or whatever. I just try to make all the lyrics clean. If it was clean, like you see some words, I replaced it with a clean word and all that. But I don't know why I did IRS. I just say, okay, let me try to start time making my song clean and order. So whatever new song you're hearing from me, do I like old song that. I had a long time and go before I made my mind up making on my songs clean and order. So yeah, we move on from the JLO got sixteen. I paid appeared like sixteen dollars for that stuff. I'm I don't have any way of making it back because it was if I was if I would like getting paid on Youtube and I put it on Youtube, I wasn't going to get any ashoom money because I'm gonna like get copyright claimed. So all the money that I would have made from it to go straight to Internet money, Internet money, record and all you take her. I don't know how that works, but yeah, even on Soundcloud, I don't get paid on sound class. So that's sixteen dollars. Is like expense that I'm never gonna make back from or whatever, or payback or whatever. Bo I just did it because I wanted to and I felt like, Oh, let me do like a full remix to a song that that is not like popular like that or no big or whatever. It was...

...just like a full on remake with the instrumental and stuff. But yeah, the new song I wanted to talk about, which my own new song, which came out like on my birthday, or my birth my bride would like, or top of seventeen, for anyone woul didn't know. If you didn't know, I'm telling you right now see if it's to the next year. You'RE gonna know. You won't be like, Oh, I didn't know your birthday was this day or or whatever. Really excuse you have, I'm telling you right now, or top with seventeen, two thousand and five one bomber. Okay, about our AUTOPA seventeen. Save the date and yeah, I go. I did. That was my birthday and as when I also release the prince of the nation, that the new song by me. No futures. I don't know. Nobody want to get on the song because I'm horrible. That's what I think. Bo I really did that day because I wanted to release like a new song after my EP. We drop like July, and that being like three months. I would like, okay, on you so and new songs. You come out the song. I really our lucky. The song is horrible. Let me just put it out so that the other good song in my wild pin you and I are good, as you our leader. After I related, some people are say, you know, this song is nice, it's good, it's okay. All I bro I literally thought the song was bad. I thought that this song goes horrible. I didn't would do a enough on the song. Its Song. Give I was wondering one of the song is. I played it as the Intro, as the intro to the podcast. saverything. Listen to that. Go back listening, because I'm not putting it inside again. So go back, listen to the INTRO and come back. So list so you know what's Song I'm talking about. So yeah, I made that. I'm a prince. I recorded princes of the nation a long time ago and I did the funny story because I prince of the nation. I wrote it that more than four times, because the first, the first ever draft I had for princes of the nation was like I wrote it. Everything was okay, I would like okay, let me get ready to record. I recorded it. I sent you to cause. I sent to life a few people to see what their opinion in cause I like to have like a second ear or ear or, I don't know, e Arrow. I like to have like second people's opinion on, check people's opinion, all the type of stuff. And Yeah, some people, they were telling me on this not good. Bro. Did no go out. Okay, I went back, change some stuff, recorded against and listen. Didn't know it also, and they were not telling me to like I should change like the whole lyrics. So I should like do some things that the lyrics. Weeks I did that. I raised the old lyric and I have to let write a whole new songs and everything the song. The Hook was I think the Hook Cau some verses with the same but some things were majorly change and all that I recorded again. I sent it over and that one was okay, but I should try to do a bit more stuff. I did that, recorded and everything was like, okay, this... no perfect, but this is okay, this is good, this is better than the orders that I've done. So I thought recording, doing all that, I sent it over to mixing my string Gotte back and I will just holding the song. I don't know why I was just holding him because I just really like the EP. So like releasing like a song now and I wanted to lay hold on to it, maybe after some months or something. So yeah, I finally dropped it, or throble seven team, which you're like if you're listening to the podcast this when day, right night, I drop it. It was like a week ago, two weeks ago, I don't know, but it was not too long ago. My birthday Prince of Nation and November twelve is the new song every day, which was also recorded the same, I think the same deal of Prince of the nation. I don't know, but yeah, every day. And the next one was you going to come out? You'RE gonna be best of me, best of me. Yeah, I don't know when that will come on ball. I having left put it out for Relievi yet. So be expecting that. Boy, if you want to like pre saved or everyday song like the one that's coming out November twelve, the link is gonna be in the description. If you want to also listen to print ordination, the link would be in the description. Just let me just tell you, guys. From now if I'm seeing anything I want to like find out, just know the link is always gonna be in the description. But if you can find it because of my instagram, is a link in my instagram and all the link that I'm always gonna talk about or governor mention is going to be inside out one link. And if it's no there, just go to youtube, because I don't do anything outside those platform youtube, but if I uncloud, instagram, twitter and all that. Talking about twitter, I havent did I've been doing like some kind of like a promotion or something on twitter, because before prints of the nation came out, I was doing like all I was creating a lot of memes to life promote the prince of the nations, something like that, and that actually that kind of actually doing good. I don't know if I'm like seeing like a big success, success or whatever. Bo People are actually looking at this. Some people actually liking the tweet I'm doing, because I'm not like I'm not tweeting it out on my profile. I'm like kind of putting it on people's order, other people's tweet. I'm like tweeted, retweet or whatever, I don't know what to call it, or like comment and pull my song the I would like do it like you, let's say, a famous person or a famous rap role or like a wrap page you like post, but tweet something on twitter. I'm just gonna like take me, because I created like meme videos also, like just something that you are yaring the song inside and something we are you can see that I'm promoting the song also, so I have that video. I just put it on the on the reply whatever on twitter, then pull my the link to my song sometimes I...

...get. I get like between one hundred two, like a thousand views on the tweet. I guess that a couple like this one, that I have like a thousand views on the tweet and I have like twelve legs. Some people sometimes retweet it and to be honest, I'm like, I'm kind of liking it. I don't know if like the if people are actually going to listen to the song. God they're just finding it in funny, but either way I'm B happy they see the song, they like it to think it's funny. Id You listen to the song also, would help me help me out, and if you want to listen to the song, link in description. Now we tell you, guys. So, Dad, me man. If you want to see all the means, they shoually go to my profile. No, I didn't put on my profile, poset on my spam Bo. I'm just gonna pust it today. If a religious podcast, I'm just gonna post them one more time so that when people listening they are gonna say all my story and stop. So just go through my story, listening to it, look at all the means, laugh, idea or whatever, and yeah, that's everything. So I've already talked about my birthday because I wrote the list of everything down because I'm to talk about everything. Good team. But I want to talk about a new Song by Twenty Four K Gordon. It's not actually new boy. He came out last week, Friday. Boh. Yeah, I've been listening to the Song Product by K gooding and featuring little taker. So before talk like you, play the song right now and go. Then'm waiting. But that's a much ses as all my shot. That's a car. I didn't want to to back as I'm a bull. I sold that Bushit do a tricken. She'said time. I get a lot of Blad lost and then all on rider. That's a much shoes as much that. I didn't want to say to back as I'm a pother. That's of that bitch to do a tricken. She said Tad get a lot of glad. Shorty said she really likes itsna go. I Bet your body out of Tanda Ring Cow Sacke better start up. Rod got his feal better car. But to be honest, I'm not. I'm I don't. I don't line this podcast. This is life. We dubbed the name. Always pick the shroot because I always haven't criticized on my own song. Wish I'm so well to be supporting ball. My songs are horrible. I know that. Boy, I wish people. Can you tell me that my songs are horrible and I will try to make myself betible. Yeah, anyway, late. Move on to what we're talking about. Product by twenty four a good in and Lo, taker the song is good. That's EF. I don't know. I don't know what to say. The song, the song is good. Is the song is good, and k going in has a way of like recording songs and doing stuff on this long and and he also brought you. Take a look. Taker is like a vibe on nine out of ten vibe or ten O one, my th in nine hundred and ten, a ten out of ten vibe, especially if you listening to it. Is is latest album release, which was what was the name? We Love you take apart to talk about that. It came out like two months ago or something.

I don't know. Ooh, look, taker, the vibe twenty four get good in the vibe the video. I like it. The song, product product does at my chee that. I'm up whatever. The song is good. I'm gonna because it came out a last week. I've listened to it that more than five times already. I'M gonna get my rating, which is gonna be like a seven point five out a ten song. I don't know the song was. I like how K God in that when you record it, though, like all those like extraly as the door order. Actually, I don't like a rose or something. I'm trying to learn how to do that because I want my song to, let have that vibrant, who key Hook, oh, I don't know what to say, that Special Hook or something in the song so that people will be like, Oh, the song is actually fire. I want to listen to it all the time. So, because twenty four K gooldn't have that in the songs, like, because I listened to a most of his songs like every single time and I always add it to my playlist. I didn't want my plays. playlist is play by you can for even want to listen to my favorite because, oh, my favorite songs and the songs I like wish his favorite song. Boy. Yeah, if you want to listen to my favorite songs, the link is I don't know, I can't put the link into the description board. Just go to my original artists profile on spotify. Scroll down, you're going to see the playlist over there. Listen to it, like it and you can listen to all your free time or whatever. Tell me some songs you like or some song that I should put that I deserve to be there. And how all that? Because products already inside there, because I like product, product, songs, product, I don't know. I don't even know if it's like a sponsorship or something, because product is actually a brand for like a close or whatever. So I don't leave like kind of related to that. Sometime you he just like me the song or whatever. But anyways, we have a lot of sons to talk about. which and the next one going to be Spain by mather. I don't know if you have heard me either. Bo Bas play song. Listen to it. If you've listened to it already, then we talk about I don't know. So five for three to let go. Yeah, see you strains be no English, pacine, know about the game book, your flat and feeling like I'm ready for the fame. What you want? I want to ride on its times. No English, but you know about the case, your flat and feeling like I'm ready for the fame. What you want, I want to ride on it. So this song, you that the Spain by Masor Mais or Mais, I don't know how to see his name. Boys Ami did a the song. Would like Mede, like, let me see, more than five months ago. I don't actually I don't know the actual date by know that the song is old. For I would like streaming on twitch and other because...

I stream on twitch, but I don't do that a much because of school, but was streaming on twitch and you want twitch, you can play music and stuff. I would like playing music in the background and stuff, and I always heard that Chif from Spain and all the type of stuff. So I like Oun. The sound is good. I liked it and I kept hearing it. Ill, like Poky, let me put on my playlist and stuff. Then after like a week later, the ill like, okay, let me listen to this guys who songs. The songs is songs are so good, but Spain is like my favorite. Then my old favorite from him is like hypnotic, or I don't know how to see hypnotic, but I like the song. So I'm just I'm just talking about spin because I like it, because it's my podcast. I talk about songs that I can a new songs that came out, but if you want to listen to Spain, go little to the full songs being by me. Either on you to spotify, support him whatever, I don't know. But let me move on to the next topic, which is gonna be and be a young boy. This is gonna be surprising, but give me a second. If you ever want to get some work done but you don't know how to, or your designer or whatever you are, and you need a little bit of help, you can head down to the link in my description and go to five Ofcom there freelance website that helped everyone in any little walk they need help with, and with my link you can get twenty percent off your first order. will go down to my description and get whatever you want right now. You can get any, literally anything, so go get some help. I know I haven't actually talked about and be a young boy before ever in this podcast. Bo I just wanted to like bring it up because it was released on I don't know. Boy was really from jail or whatever. Boys also still arrested but now is home. Arrest or or in. He's on home arrest and before that even happen, because I have like yesterday or something, he released. He released like is album, like I think said, the album. Album didn't have like any few shows or whatever. Bo. Yeah, that's what I wanted to talk talk about his album names, since sheree can trouble. Let me go check the name and I'll be right back. Yeah, I don't name is sincerely control, which is actually actually his real name, and the album doesn't have like any futures, futures at all. Nobody was like on it or whatever. It was just a single or it was so low or the song great life so low, whatever. So him, him being back. A lot of people are happy. A lot of people are they don't have what, they don't know what to feel. A lot of people to ever know who and be a young boys. I feel like those people are like very old people, because if you use twitter, or if whatever whatever you use, you might have seen why be better, young boy, better if you don't do this, and why young boy is better than you. Young boy did I you should know who young boys been about. Yeah, it may be gonna bring us on Banger because it's a whole Iras and his issue have like a studio or wrap or music studio in his own house.

So maybe people should be expecting like a whole new songs and whatever from him and whatever, I don't know. Boy, he's back. I don't know why it was charging or whatever, why it was locked up, but he's back and as what everybody cares about right now and the next song is gonna be is not about a song but about me listening to sleepy hollow. I don't know what's happening to me these days, but I'm kind of getting into new Audis and stuff. I really don't listen to like New York drew wrap. I don't know if sleepy Hollowood like a drew wrapper ball. He's all of RAPP and stuff. It's kind of different. It's kind of like the way New Yorkers rapping stuff. That's why I say different, because New York people they have, like all New York rappers, they have like a different way of wrapping and making music. So that's I'm thing is different. I don't know, maybe there's no difference or whatever, but to me there's a difference. So yeah, sleepy hollow is like is Um. He has like he had like a whole different feeling to him. Is I don't know. At leastened I was like, okay, let me listen to like sleepy hollow for a minute. I listened to one song, I listen to two songs, then I listened to a whole album, then our album. I want to go listening to the delock everything. I really like everything, like scrub we. Let me look. Let me look it up, because I like a lot of songs from the album which I would like. How don't how do people know know who sleepy hollow is by now? Already? I know some people know him because he made like one popular song back then. They let me see your deep end. Yeah, the roll up a deep and yeah, I made that. At least I like. I don't one, actually any knew popular song he has right now with two thousand and fifty five high you want to slide to put them, blah, blah, blah whatever. But what I'm actually looking for is this album with deluck, still sleep by sleepy hollow, him and Um on GE. We wasn't named him on chef. Yeah, CHEF G. I've talked about Chev G. I like that song you made me, Pulo Gi him and Chej actually clothes, because some songs are made by both of them. Both of them have life songs with T showlder stuff on their own music platform or whatever. That's how I found like sleepy hollow and the same thing that I found shape. Yeah, I don't know who I found first of all and knew that both of them would like together stuff that I think that I have won that in the same label or whatever like that. But the still sleep album is on hell, yeah, it had like, let me see Itat has twenty five songs. Yeah, I has twenty five songs. My favorite is, like, let me leave down my favorite. My favorite is twenty two thousand and fifty five basketball dreams, MIN SAB UM too, sous home, scrube sleep, your freestyle shaking and on Tiptoe. Yeah, because I think Chev g was on that tiptoe. Boh, let me just play the tiptoes so you guys know what I'm actually talking about, cause hiptoe is very good. Hollo,...

Hollo, top pockets of fell like a hiple. I turned white up widow prost on his new cold. Damn Hollo, fuck it. I gave it. Think its love it. I stepped before you want said nothing. Looking back on the back front. Looking back in the back seat, cap a lot. I do drug that. TRYPELA. I don't know if some of your might have heard the tiptoe from like tick tock or whatever ball and definitely knew. I heard that from Tick Tock and I ah like broduce song is so good, like Tiptoe roven bubbing the way. Oh well, I don't know what I'm trying to like. I'm changing my assent or about tiptoe. Good Future Y chef g came out like about a year ago. I don't know why I like you so much, but because I've been listening to sleepy hollow Ay songs. I like fire Bro if you haven't listened to him, go listening to him. Listen to the latest album he brought out. Is still the name of the album is still sleep and it had like a deluxe. Let into it listening Ebi you listen to the original before listening to the Delus, because the deluxe is just like it has the remits of all the original songs. So the all, listen to the original first would be better than better first. Then for you go on to listen to the dolock ball I just wanted to see that cause I've been getting too different type of music, like I literally started listening to rock music. I don't know why. I tell her listening to rock music and Specion of rock way right, that this peiciing both speaking of rock music. Your heard, have you? Your must have heard the new song made by D Rock, the Rock, the way, the way in the Rock Johnson. You if you having heard that? Your aunt know, on Tick Tock or whatever. You, I don't know who told me, have ticktock on your phone, like everyone you have like tick tock on their phone, like you literally go to the APP door or Google place, so whatever you'd lit download your APP on tick tock is like the moves download APP on that place or whatever. I don't know. Take Tock has like a billion downloads or whatever. I don't really know the information, but not that mother than like a billion or whatever. Boll both. I don't know one thing, Bob. But yeah, the song is on Tick Tock with also on Youtube. The song is everywhere, like literally everywhere, spotify, apple music, because he was released by take nine. I said already. Take Nine and the way in the Rock Johns. He was freeturing in it and everybody just decided to like the rock verse better. is about drive. It about powers are hungry with the vowel, putting the walk, putting the hours and take what hours? Blah, blah, blah. My brain. I took. I don't know why. Thing. Well, I see it every time on take dog. I see take off videos about it and all that. The song is verse was actually good. I'M NOT gonna lie. was actually good, but I don't know. I just...

...want to mention that. But let me move on to a new song, superb by Cold Ay. Why in W couldy? I hate I left that while in W I don't know how how the name of his groupies, but his name is just cold a. Now the dude with dating like a lack of famous tennis player. Both you play the song super by a cordy. Yeah, last year I make seven saying they had to do a single fucking shot. Shout out to my niggas up a cocacola for the check. That company at the Super Bowl, or my life moments, is a super bowl and the doctor dray. He got a super bowl. Last night I was sex and Jack. Don't see that's the person give from being super dope this real life and no act in it. All these raps niggas that he brad. Every little thing I do is mad different. Come a little cousin playing Batman and my little bro Quick fifty piece. He got the whole month fucking trap hitting. I was stacking up all these past sets can become, I don't know, both for me. I actually as kind of like the the chorls of the song, like last year. I mean didn't last year, I mean several million dean how to do a single fucking shot to my niggas up a Cococola to little but I don't even know any thing about I just want to see. I like the chorus. The chorls is aggressive. Ball the corals is also good. I don't know why I'm talking so low, but I'm talking so low so I don't run after breath, because I'm right now. I'm literally running out of breath and I don't know how fast or how slow I should talk. But the Corday Song is go super is good. I'm gonna give you like an eight out of ten. If you want to listen to it, go listen to it. I can on go deep into it because it's on came I like two weeks ago. I'm sure that people must have like heard of you or something. But if you haven't heard of it, I'm telling you now. Go litten to his super by corday. Listen to it's a really good song. Last year, I mean seven million, I didn't actually make that a million idea will make up to like a thousand dollars. Ball. We are. We are moving because I don't know what to do. I'm just making podcast as like a hobby, for fun. I make music for Phun no hobby. If music does well for me, maybe music might be a team that I'll do for my living, financial living or whatever. Bo this podcast. I'm not trying to like builded and whatever like that. So yeah, for not that all the songs. I'm just gonna say, yeah, go, just go. Follow me on instagram. I always do daily update, or I do, I U Post random stuff for my story. Follow my merge store instagram. The static a parole on instagram. Follow that by the merge, because the Halloween drop, Halloween collection are dropped already and you're gonna end very soon, like next week or this week or Tobo. Thirty feet Halloween Day is ending. That day. So get something like a Hoodie, because it's getting cold already. Or if you don't want a hoody, you want something cheap, you can get like a t shirt, because the t shirt like twelve dollars. I think. Yeah, I try to make it cheaper, but BOB dollars is the low as I could go. Everything is cheap. At least I'm literally telling... Guys like the merge, I'm not like making like a huge profit. Like to be honest with you, guys are making like fifty cent profit for whoever buy like the munch, the shipping, whatever payment you give me for the shipping, that payment I used to actually shape the product, because I don't get anything Bo that. I just do it for fun because I actually like it. Also make profit. All the product in my store will be like really really expensive, like really expensive, because the profit I'm making right now, if somebody was to buy it, I'll make like fifty and one dollar, nothing past like five or whatever. But that's what you do for people, right. So follow me on Instagram fullow. But the PODCAST. I'm back on the PODCAST. Maybe not too bad, I don't know, but go listen to the new song prince of the nation preceived. The next song best, no, best on me every day. The link. Every link is gonna be in the description. Go to all the affiliate links, you do whatever you want the affiliate links and subscribe to the podcast. Full of the PODCAST. I'm running out of breath as I'm talking, like I'm about to die, but yeah, that's everything. Is Dubble, the name your holds up in the name is laft redouble, the name we always get it up, and I'll see your this episode wasn't really long, but I'll see your next time. So piss out your and have a good life, because I really hate what is happening right now. But right now everything's good, everything's okay. Birthday was okay, everything was good. I got a present. If you want to find out what the present is, follow me on my instagram. See your next week, the your next time. See your next episode is in two, episode one. Let go money. Everything we do all right, everything. He's every day, every night. Lay Me.

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