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Tiktok Mixup Fyp| Ep3


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In today's episode, we had a little chat about my TikTok mixed up for you page for literally 9 mins and I mentioned another song coming out so if you tuned in to that part be expecting it soon.

Next song pre-save link for the early birds:

Instagram: dubisthename


Youtube: Dubisthename

Hey guys, and welcome back to the PODCAST. As you know, my name is dubby. The name this is left with dub with the name, and we always get the dubs. That's gonna be our motto. I think I don't know how to pronounce it. IMMORTEL OR MOTO? Move to that. I think that would a calm card in Injurya more to yeah, this is episode three of the podcast. And what are we going with? You happy for to this podcast. I think the topic for today podcast is gonna be. Let me think, let me, let me think of a good title of the podcast. Hum, even a second take Tock for you page no Texas know. Well, whatever title you see there. That what I finally got. So they're roll into the Intro, music stars and what back?...

I know you guys are enjoying the Intro, Mus the music intro. I don't know, I think the intro. But yeah, I know you guys are enjoying the intro. And Yeah, what virus it since the beginning of the PODCAST. I don't know if I didn't a pilot, but yeah, so into day podcast. I talk about the music, music distribution last week and this week I'm just gonna be talking about some things on ticktock and maybe get to do news and talk. Also talk about music, because that's body podcast is through. In my take talk, I see this guy. I don't know why your name is bore either. Guy That like dog, the sir, sir. Well, I like the guy. I think the guy every time I for you page and I also see some let me.

I don't know about let me go play audio real quick in my Sak. I gotta go. Tick Tock. I'm a Wifi is in working. I don't know why. M I know for in real quick. I just hope I don't get copyright claim because this is going on spotify. Also, come on, Wifi, Bro I'm looking for warn specific person. Wifi. This is a podcast. Don't Fil me right now, and the guys it does a lot of series of deserves. I know many people would have heard of him because he post a lot of it. And if you guys are having to already go full of on my tick Tock, you already knew the name...

...dubble. The name. Don't be named every team because it's gonna be easy for people to remember. Like my name is dub the name, dub the name not a hard wait. I found it order, guys, and fair play him. I don't know. You did the audio. Do wait, it is so, but now I got to go. Yeah, that guy, you never run out of ideas, like when I tell you, he does a lot of like videos about that sound and like another another too, sounds uses like. I really love the video. It before point. Now I got to good. That literally meant for you, pig. I know if anybody has that with the other dude. Yeah, that onely thing for you, page. And sometimes I see all those like girls talking about men,...

...or men talk about go one. I your yeah, about that ice crew, because I don't get the DRUMA and I don't want to be in the drummer because it's so like. Chill everyone. If you want to talk about that, talk about you. Nobody's there. Boy, if you're about that, I don't know what to say, but I'm not about that. And let move on to the Texas. We all know what happening in Texas. We all know that Texas, they said, Texas having had no in like a long time. I heard in a hundred years, but I don't know if that's true. And there is your got snowstorm like a week ago out this week. I don't know even this week, but yeah, they have had a lot of snow. Because of that, they lost power, they lost water, and now that thing like the water. They amd water,...

...the Water Niger and the water. They shouldn't drink the water, use the water to like clean your face or I don't know, because that is infected or something. I hadn't really know. Some places in Texas lost, why do you call it again, a lot of electricity. So I wonder how they're doing over day, because everything started with a highway crash. Now this more. Canada is always cold, but like they always knew. So they have to like make a lot of snow tires or winter tires. I don't know the Pacific name. And Yeah, that's would kind of down. I kind of like different, because they know them. They must have. is now way winter, during winter. I don't know that missing, but yeah, that I Kinada ut different. And Yeah, this podcast is like... like, I mean episode three, I thought I was going to give up for dream off the PODCAST. I like looking for where you call it, and I looking for some spoons or the like green the podcast and I looking for ways to lie promos and make the things better. Because right now I just have a microphone and a laptop. The laptop is currently on top of my lap because the table is occupied and I have to lie record, put on top of my lap and record right now, and it's like Friday. Also to record last week Saturday, but and the podcast is coming out tomorrow. So yeah, I have to lie record you right now, Friday. It's currently like thirty PM. So yeah, let's talk about last week...

...and before start, let me talk about fiver. FIVER is a freelance what was a freelance website where you can, I find different people for different things. You can do Alex, say you somebody that gets a lot of English homework and you don't really want to do you can go on fiber and so one day can help you do it and you can pull budget. Let's do you don't want to spend more than twenty. You cause you put like this dollar to twelve dollars. You can pay like nine and even want to shake more about five. The link of being the description below, and they will be order links to other places in the description or in the Baio. I don't know what is there. And if your this fine. into the PODCAST. Made sure to follow or subscribe to the podcast. I don't know what is down there. And let's talk aple going to the music side. A...

...hunting tied the music side of the podcast. So I have like another song coming out. There's one that's coming out march. Twenty says there's another one. Let me quickly play for you guys. Never anymore. That's good. That's good. I was being rude. And Yeah, that's gonna be the track for like, I don't know what. I'm going to release a body one coming out march. I'm going to put the presave link very soon, like next month, because I don't want to like put a presive link out in month before the release come out, like it doesn't mean thing. People are gonna forget about this. So I'm just going to bring out the presive link next month, like a week before that. I don't know, and I hope you guys enjoy from the preview, because I pubb lit, I...

...don't want to like give everything out of the song, and I think that's gonna be the end of the podcast because I like to make the podcast shot for people who don't like washing a one hour long podcast on me. I don't like her can't make a one hour long podcast. So ten minutes or twelve minutes is fine for me. So if your new follow, subscribed to or that, follow me on Instagram, twitter, Tick Tock. I don't post ticked up, but follow me on tick to follow me on like, subscribe to do Youtube, because I will you put the music called you. Maybe sometime in if you shall be posting like some music video, some more like put some blog before. I don't know, and maybe I'll go into that. So it's had been a boy. Dubs the name. This is laughty dub, the name we always get the dogs. That's guy. What called DUB is the name. Get Dub is the name. So I'll see... gets next episode. That's going to be episode for so make sure you tune in. Bro Tune into the PODCAST. So, Besi, I see you later. To see you you coony, like real. I don't know what the Hell I say, but bye, never anymore. That's good. That's good. I was being rude. That D.

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