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What's Wrong with Tjay's New Album| Ep 8



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Hey guys, welcome to another episode of the PODCAST. This is your host, dub the name. This is left with dubbs the name, and this episode eight, we always get the dubs. You all know that. That's the motto for the PODCAST and I don't say it enough. So yeah, I'm going to try to say almost every episode. We always get the dubs. And if your new, make sure to subscribe like do or that. He helps me out and support me and go to the Youtube and subscribe to that and we'll see. I'll see your after the intro music. So let roll that real quick and we are back. So it has been of a whole week, I think, because I release my goals last week and the song. That's be good. I appey to get the song on a playlist and I was happy. How like I got a lot of listening as like my listeners went from fifty or forty something listening us monthly listeners, to like one thousand, and I would like excited. And the funny thing about that is I didn't know that the way bought and I paid like them. I paid for I thought you were real people were listening to the song until I wash a video about how to get out to know what playlist are food. We bought followers and all that, and I'd even know. So no real people listening to the song, like they were all boss and I was like getting all excited and all that. And some people think that getting bought to listen to the song is who care? It seems that if if I don't...

...stop it, butify, I spotify, is gonna think that I'm the one, that I did it and like I want to get the money from the song. Of course I want to get the money. Ball that going to I take the song down, do all the type of stuff. Don't show you won't show my song to real people. are like, I don't know if they are going to enjoy because me, I like the song, so I don't know. So, yeah, that's why I'm not just happy with it. And I bought, I made the song. I made them put the song on to playlist and I didn't know that the way just full of bought, full of but now I have like five thousand stream and mostly faxtreme, because they aren't real followers. And I told you where you're listening. So yeah, both listeners are bad. If you want to do that, if you want to get your song on a real playlist. Just hope you get it down. I don't I don't know if I'm gonna ever pay for playlist anymore. But yeah, if my mostly listener drop, just no, no more playlist anymore. And except from that, the song is kind of going well. Know what I expect that I didn't do much add on the song because I don't want to like put a lot of money in it. I know the song is good, but put him. I don't know how to like promote it because every time I promote the song it kind of go well, sometimes I don't know what I'm doing. I just do nonsense with a promoting and the marketing and all that. So I just like putting on my story and nobody listing. So it like I'm just showing it to like random people are that don't do anything with it. Some people have listened to it. To me, okay, it's good, so I don't know. So if you having heard it, heard the song yet, are you want... hear it? Tell me what it or how it sounds. On My instagram, dubbles the name. Make sure you follow me on dubs the name. All My socials, the old obus a name and yeah, so that's everything about the song and we give and I'm back. And so I've been thinking about doing something different for the podcast, because the podcast is about music and you know that I had a little bit of comedy, comedy, comedy, comedy. I don't know how it call made. I don't know what comedy in the podcast. So we're going to switch it up to like rating some rappers new album, like I don't know, I'm thinking. I'm thinking of doing that ball on a tride this in the new this episode. So yeah, if I see all know maybe some of your little TJ dropped his new album destined to win, and it had like a total of like twenty three songs in it. I don't remember. And in my opinion, my best song, the one I really like, is headshot Fisher in Polo G FIVO foreign, I don't know how to pronounce that, and I really like Pulo Ji's part so much and I also like Lou tg part and also life, if your spot. I like all their part. Like the song is like so good. If you're having this to if you haven't listened to it, go listen to it. I also listen to the album and some of the other songs. Is the album and they were great, but ID and know what I was really expecting, because the way I saw him promoting the song is like he was talking about US destined to me. Know, my...

...mind, I told like good people were that going to be in the songs. The only people that were in the song. We're offset money bag, you tigers, sweelie, and we was really inside. I don't know. I think to see you. I think to see I don't know. was named to see two X. I don't know. Yeah, the way and the way in the album and my mind, some people, I saw a lot of comments in the song. Some people like saying the albums in trash, but is in good. In my opinion, it was in trash, but it was also good. Like yeah, and let move to what was trained in last week. I don't know if it's the trend right now, the new song by Leona's X. Damn. What didn't Mont Arrow and last week episode I talk about how we both really do our song on the same day and LETTONA's ex high. When I thought a video, I was like so I set. When I watched the video, nothing happened. I didn't react to anything. But when people started talking about it, like the Devil and Satan and you dancing on Satan, I would like, well, I didn't even notice that. In my mind the song is so good, like we let me play the song real quick, like tell me how this isn't good. will and play it coming, when you going with me, coming on the morning, I'll be on the way coming. When you call me on my on, I be on the way, like like tell me how that isn't go. I I like those songs, I like the lyrics,...

I like everything, but I also like the video ball. The video is in good and I don't know, is that business. And the thing about people that don't know about music industry, like he kind of did all those off and he doesn't care about it. He did it because you know people, he knows people are gonna like talk about it, criticize it and they're going to put on their video and everything. Make mean, make me a lot of video about it, and I just giving him free advertisement. Like the song came out is like one week now. The song came out that last week and you already has seventy five million views. Like many people are talking about the videos. Other people that want to go and shake the video out to that. Just like free advertisement the IT doesn't have to pay for any adult anything like eve. I could do that down like that. Is So brilliant. Like people don't get it. That just like giving him free idea, doing free promo on your tick, talk, your Youtube, whatever you're doing, and you're not getting paid for it and he's getting a lot of money with it. So people should stop about stop talking about it. Like the Satan shoes. I say it was going to release. He's not going to release that. That doesn't make sense in he meself himself knows that you're not gonna do something like that. Last why? He doesn't really care. You know that people like people are trying to cancel him for doing what you want to do, like people think it went from Oldtown road to center then to the demon side like that. So for I've seen a lot of youtube, I mean a lot of teack talk videos about they're not egg dropping all the way from heaven to that hell out, the type of stuff.

Me, I'm a car click. I know all the type I do. I do all those prayers and all stuff was so, but I don't really care about it. So none of my business. And another music news I don't know if anybody I've heard it quavo sweetie or sweets so so. So it's sweetie. I don't know how to Prono something. I don't know how to pronounce anything. Now and day they broke up, like last two weeks or last week, and they a new video that's going around about quive pushing in the elevator. That in my mind, I think you was trying to get what you both from her. I don't know, like because it was dragging a bag, the bag that she was holding to. That make a lot of things, because he bought I, but I so like you bought her like a brand new Bentley. I don't know if we are Bentley and knew like twenty twenty one version of the Bentley. And if they broke up, I want to get why would't you want to get the car back? She had money, she could buy the car if you wanted to. So like gotta give the man his car back. Maybe gonna sell a little, do whatever you want. I don't know. I'm not him and I love Music News. Like man. Opinion about that is my opinion about that is like there were days and I don't know why they broke up. Like the man wants to stuff back, while people like criticizing against him. Like you, wants to stoff back. Let him have his stoff back, but you shouldn't fight or harm or do anything to horror or any of our own or any of our stuff. Boy. Yeah, the guy want to stuff back given to him. I don't care to. Let's move on from that.

Um, I didn't go to school yesterday. I didn't really I didn't record because I'm recording right now on Saturday, which is going to come out there. This episode is going to come out this night and tomorrow. It is too Sunday. So to all your is, the lovers, happy ISSTER. I don't know what I know what they're doing. Install like the reservation with the other resolvation of Christ Christmas is the way Christmas is, the the birth of Christ. Yeah, I remember my stuff. Yeah, so, happy is to to everybody I know in America and abroad. The do like is the Bonny out the type of Shit, but I don't do that. So I don't know what you gets do. I don't know why people do that. It doesn't make sense to bunny. It doesn't make sense to me. It doesn't make sound like I'm grown up, I know. It doesn't make one single things bore. Do you? Do you? And let's move on to the beat box free style, freestyle die lot of people, rappers, have been doing like the baby came out with his own. And if you don't know what the Bat box free style is, let me play for you real quick, because why haven't you heard of it? Because it went viral like a takedock and everywhere. We let me look for the original, because a lot of rappers are been doing just let I can. I can't even find your original. Right now. We okay, we face size of facebook. Chascha. Yeah, that song. Like right now, I'm on Mute,...

I'm on Youtube and I are your sash beat box, like DDG came out, which is the own. That baby came up with his own. I don't know who having heard of that because, like, people were think that you, this was a named Juju. See, you are an atlas shopper, came out with his own, like I love, and Al Shoppers on like four point three million views in two days, and Atli shaper hasn't done something till like that. And because, see what liking is like positive mindset. And now you reallease, let me play release something like violence and the type of stuff that we people, we think. I don't know. I have a bad WIFI right now because my target hit the ground up in the crowd and a lot of people have made the my favorite. Let me rank mine from one to five, because I can. I can't not remember everybody's own. Number one for me is the baby, like I I love that baby. Don't let me. I keep playing. I don't know if everybody I've heard of it, because, yeah, mine need the baby and Alicehopp Polo G pologie number tree. Then did it again, Little Yach, like those people's own way goods. Like why everybody doing it right now,... those are the people I love, like little yacht, polog the baby and Alice Shopper, and I don't know what everybody's only like so good. Like, like the baby has twenty one million views in like we let me share. He has twenty one million views in like a month, and he that is even better than his own thing. We really that same month, because the single has twenty million and views. Why? The Big box freestyle has twenty one million views, like that's to show that the song is really good. So, yeah, I really like the song. I like the beat of the beat box, the beat box here. So I think that's going to be the end of the podcast, cause I think the podcast have passed tetten minute right now. So yeah, I'm just going to end it. Maybe next we could continue or if you guys have any subjections, so just yeah, susgest sorge jests on. No, yeah, drop it in the comments of my youtube, because it's going on youtube. All that and tell me what you think. And is your host double the name? This is left. We dub the name. Will will get dog me. Sure to follow me on also shows, instagram, twitter for subscribe to the Youtube. Also subscribe to my main music channel. Dub Name. Everything is double the name. And Yeah, we always get the dogs. And I'll see you guys next week. Peace. The feeling is beat or beautiful this to take a sit down on me, feeling the heat, everything, every one of the water, to give you one day. I be happy. I cant about the thing you're done. I CA.

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