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Do you love tecca 2???| Ep 21





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Yo Rog energies and energy drinking company with all their different flavored like blood orange, blue, raspberry and especially my favorite, mango pineapple. They also come in told little pocket and if you aren't your which level you'll be interested in, you could always get that story key, which is for a lower price or ten Canadian dollars. So head down to rogue energy link in my description, get what you want and make sure that you could dub the name for ten percent of so get head down right now, get to that website. They's true. You are well set and get whatever you want your what's up, everyone is your boy daub this is life. We dub the name. This is another episode of the Podcast, which is episode twenty one of the podcast. WHOA, how you're doing that? Almost miss this week, pork as ball. I gottall be strong. I gotta release the PODCAST and I didn't think my model wishes. We always get it done, because the name is dubbed in the name and this podcast is life with dub the name, while this poker lot pokers and said you part. The episode was the episodes of gonna be Short, but I'm sorry, allied, it wasn't. It was like twenty three minute long. The fuck. But maybe this one might be, might be a little be shutter. I don't know, because we're gonna be talking about you, who album, which was by little taker. We love you. Take apart two. We already heard three tracks from it and we already talk about one of them with to was repeated futuring Gonner, and we have it all, a lot of new track to talk about right now. So we'll see. I'll see you're after the M all. I'm gonna see you. I'm see you after the intropt forgot in my whole introu but what the fuck. But I'll see you after the intro. We have a lot of talk about. Maybe this podcast episode really longer. Why do I keep saying podcasting is an episode? But so you have that, the Intro, peace and the talk about its. Okay, before we get right...

...into the little teco stuff, I gotta say the tripy red album, the album everyone and everyone knows the album, is like a solid eight out of ten. I keep playing almost are not all the songs from songs where I'm not saying the way bad, but they went as good as the other ones. The other one way far better than some songs so, yeah, I like betrayal with drake was on. I like Danny Phantom with XX was on. I like on the one juice was was on Mattie hardy. I think that they and I also like the one whose was on on. We the name again. Holy smokes. I think I really like the one way the few shows was on it and we call Lit Dirk Apollo JDA rich motherfuckery. I like the one. So let' go right into the little takers album, which has we let me go to my fat checking APP and with my fare checking APP. We have twenty songs in the album. We have the futures are gonner. We all know that. Want to repeat it. Then we have in your then we have I know we are trippy, read and shift. Keeping that one. We have NEIV and Louisadi and finish. I think so. Yeah, it's oftenish. Jenny rest was single, a single track. We we all like it. Everybody like it. The one in your wars and sea side. I like the one. I really like the one. Then I like there's one I really like. HMM. Oh, no, I don't know which one. Boll Havn't really fully gone into it, but we all know what my favorite is my favorite, repeated by low taker, obviously, is by look take it, because I talk about it every time. For now, because I have in listening to the listen to it...

...a song, I would say that I mean the album. I'll say the album is like a seven or six out of ten right now. But as I'm adding songs, I'm talking about, when I'm adding them, like a preview, I'm gonna listen then give my writing on like five songs, or let's say, two or three songs before I end up forecast. So for the first song, we're gonna pull on end your stomach, because I know don't want to see side. So let me play it right now for you in five for no counter. Let me go play. Okay, you know whom we talk about. If everything we done, I cannot recall. She wanna know if we still know if I hang on this car. That's why I don't know. Not. Yeah, she bought in a mean time. I don't turn the me time. Life is some movie, but I still and never re won. I said we gonna be fine out of you decide spot and I just took her to the seaside. Over. The night is over. Yeah, you gotta take it though. The Sea side. Yeah, will, my voice is bad, but we love the seaside. Bro Down in name of the song. Is Sea side, which is future by in your I'm gonna play the part, but you're gonna. You gotta admit it. The chorus was so good, like, I don't know, little tackles, got the type of vibe, danceable type of song, you know, like deep or whatever. I don't know what to call it. Ball is song gives like a vibe or the song as put especially the producer, tiger with yous. We love you. Take all the type of stuff. I really like it. Bow for the chorus right now and the whole song. Wish I just listened to right now. I we people with I was seeing this thing live. I listen to the whole song right now. I just listened to you before I added the clip on the song is. I'll give the song it out of ten because I like it. I really like you and your sport. I like the verse. I like the poar way...

...he said, let me go play, like the bowery said, rolling on an adult like when I heard that part, I have to like play over and over again cause I'll be on chrsar rolling up my ball. We all like the song. I'm gonna play the E and your verse. No, no, need to play, because it's like I was so surprised. I'm in your fan and it's par was so short. I would like it did the way they did pology on all, the name of Song on kiss that Song. Wish polog was inside, as they did pullog the way they I mean they did in you all the way they did pology Labra. He was so try I expected something longer than that. But anyway, we got the song, we got the track. The team was an eight out of ten, and we move on to our nest song, which he is, HMM, coach on. Yeah, the name my Songue is coach on. I don't think I'm gonna do all the song which people futured on Bo. They you'll move on to coach on the the chorus is kind of weird, as sometimes I don't really understand it, but give me a chance. Let me go listen to it and I'll be back again. So wait, cool, that was the course. I'm not dissing on the corals bow. I don't know. No Go Noma, but the chorus is still good. I just thing is, course, is good every single time, but it's the others are better than it, like the sea side coors that want. That one is better than this one. Boy, the next song I think we're moving on to. I want to talk about the moon. Which tongue is that?...

See, yeah, I think it's fee all. We can move to the tree on the one. trippy ready is in on the one. Let wead even let you move to the one little Yadi think because I haven't listened to I haven't really listened to it. I listen to ones. I listen to you once, then skip the next one. So let listen to them one right now. When I put a clip before you listen to the clip, just know that I listened to the whole song before I posted a clip. So so shall we move on? I think we are. Let's move on. So I'm playing five, four, three, to and a faint. Tell my bitch, a bank teller this. She get really better? Keep some real Nigga Uys. I've been just thinking my life cannot get bigger, which is getting better? I'm all right, contry, we really wanted them on my life. I just call it. But I said we got a RUNA. Okay. Well, I don't know what you're thought about it. I just a preview. You know, we got love Little Bolt, that party came in and money. I don't know what it is. I don't I listen to the whole song just now. I don't remember what that but I like the de Chorus Little boot did, especially little taker. Every all your rappers right now, a little little lit, oh my God, like I thought take dog. There was a sixteen year old kid who who is name is little mabel. I don't know if anyone thing. I think like to take doog videos where me, like is rap carry or something. All the celebrities, all the rappers I can think of for a like females right now will before. I don't know that they have blue check man go to it, instagramming, instagramming little mabel. All those celebrities are following him... came tradition is following court nic. I'm like, what the what the fuck is happening? Is the is the manager in something? Or what is happening? I don't I'd ever know what the freak is happening. But the song is good. In Milk. Drilly makes drill music or rap or whatever is from New York or we will. We will not surprised about one. But I'm still so proud about how all the celebrities know him, commenting on his pose and follow him. That's all I'm surprised about. anyways, what are we going? We Are we're talking about the song. Will you, Yadi and loo taker, I'm gonna get the song here out tend almost, I think almost all of these take a song. I'M gonna give it out of time because the song, as long as the song is way better than mine, which all to go listen to the new EPI DK go listen to it. I I'm going to give the songer it out of ten because it's way better than a mind, but because when the throng came out, wishes yesterday. Yeah, the album came out yesterday. You won't believe this, on spotify for artist. I don't know why. I screamed their ball on spotify for all this. I'm losing mymber away. Given a second. If you ever want to get some work done but you don't know how to all your designer or whatever you are, and you need a little bit of help, you can head down to the link in my description and go to five Ofcom the I freelance website that helped everyone in any little walk they need help with, and with my link you can get twenty percent off your first order. will go down to my description and get whatever you want right now. You can get any, literally anything, so go get some help. Okay, I think I'm good now. But what I was talking about what spotify for all this wish is like we wrappers or singers or whatever who rely their music on spotify. They can check the analytics and other type of stuff.

He posted like a screenshot of his which was like, I don't know, forty nine, because the spotify stuff also shows you how many people are listening to any of your song right now, wherever they are. Mine is an average of like fifteen people listening now, which I'm grateful for. And there was also a time when someone added one of my son wishes, emplastic, to a playlist and the they were like play. Don't if they were putting a repeat or something, but they were playing it over and over. And if you know, if you add a song to your playlist, I can see that. I can see all the playlists it added to. So Bo. Anyway, what I was talking about. Look, take forty nine thousand people were listening to the song at that moment life. Forty Ninezero people. The highest I've ever gotten was twenty. If you want to post out, go listen to my song on spotify. Ball. I'm not talking about right now. That right now, talking about forty nine thousand people listening to his song at that moment. Cares. I am CASS I posted the same thing. He wasn't up to Tenzero. It would like twozero or fourzero. I've forgotten ball. Look, taking forty Ninezero people, I wonder how many drink how many people are listening to drink song right now? You should be that more than a hundredzero. I don't know, but that's a lot. That can generate a lot of revenue, a lot of money in one day. Forty Ninezero people listening right now and he could go like go up, up, higher and higher, believe, because people are listening to the album on spotify and every other platform through I don't know, boy. I just wanted to say that because I was shocked when I saw that and I thought another artist which posted his own five hundred people listening now, Brom, that making... think, what am I doing? I'm getting fifteen people listening out, twelve people listening down. Five or what, though? I want to get like a hundred, fifty seventeen, and I'm cool with that. I don't care. But Anyway, let's talk about Um, we should a song. I talk about the one that naviving. Yeah, because I really like the one, because now is all on the radio. Rapper I don't know. People know him, but it's a still kind of good. I don't really listening to it that much. Ball I like it. So let me play the song where? No, a preview? I don't know. I never he's gonna be on the on the corals or something bold. That your play. Yeah, a real she don't even need no feilter. How you get cry that the picture doing shit. You Ain't never seen my nigger, and she be up for being a felt. Tell me what I gotta do the girl. Damn, make sure. Everything seems so small, so coold. No, I'm standing, but I don't know about you. Yeah, I don't know about you. If I go at my just know it's not about you and my plans. I've been roving on the west side. Always think it took a while to get my prayer ride. You might think she ever richen. Shorty my type body started looking better because the head right now, I'm front of six, but I'm from the West End. I can hit your gelling. She gonna bring a best friend. Trying to stay low key, my boys. Now Song was like the song will was slow, it will still vibe and it was tea catchy and you can't eat other type of song. You want to play like in the background and you just smoves listening driving on the road the longest good. I like norve and E v NAV or. No, I don't know. I like his worth, everybody's worth on this M on. The album was fire because, well, you know how I do. I listen to an album cause the album came out yesterday.

I don't have you, I don't. I cannot rate a sound you one day. I always give my opinion on the next episode, like the way I did. We treat you. Read Album, which I told you, audio album, is the solid. It out ten. I don't never say eight or nine, but this song, which is called about you by low take a future in now. The song is a seven out of ten. I like it, mark, I like it and I think that's gonna wrap up the episode because this time, I'm promising your this episode is going to be shorter, but I thought it. For now, the whole, the whole album, is a eat out of them. Maybe next episode I'm gonna see an I don't tell, possibly a ten, because I've never given a song a ten or ten bow for me my own music. I'm planning on really doing a whole a new song which is a single by me. Nobody, nobody future in it, because apparently nobody want to get a song with me and nobody want me to get in their song. But if anyone's listening, I can get you a song for free, no payment or anything like that. Just hit me up or record a few births forever you want. And my song I don't know what date. I haven't even edited yet. I just recorded it like some days ago. Well, I don't know, but I'm gonna tell you when the song is coming out. If it's coming out, Boll I'm for sure going to release it. We let me cut my breath. I'm for sure going to release it when I'm get back to school, because I'm getting back to school some I'm timber ninth. I don't know if I'M gonna keep up with the podcast episode, Boll, we'll see. We're gonna see everything work though, Boll, that's gonna be the end of the episode. Bro If your host double the name, this is left. We double the name and we always get it all, because with...

...the best will get the W theble you and I'll see your next episode and Piss out. Yeah, a real she don't even need no felter. How you get cry that the picture doing shit. You Ain't never seen my nigger, and she be up for being a feather. Tell me what I gotta DO to get dam makes sure. Everything seems so small, so cool. No, I'm standing, but I don't know about you. Yeah, I don't know about you. If I go at, I just know it's not about you and my planels. I've been vibing on the west side always make it took a while. I get my prayer riding. You might think she ever richen shorting my type. No, boddy started looking better because the head. Right now I'm front of six, but I'm from the West End. I can hit your feeling. She gonna bring a best friend. Trying to stay low key. My Boys.

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