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You can't get rid of me that easy| S2 EP2



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Yo rogue energy is an energy drinking company with all their different flavour like blood orange blue raspberry and especially my favourite mango pineapple They also come in tubs little packet and if you aren' t your of which flavour you' ll be interested in, you could always get there starter kit which is for a lower price of ten Canadian dollars so head down to rogue energy link. In my description, get what you want, and make sure to use, code" Dubisthename" for 10% off so head down right now, get to there website search through their website and get Whatever you want. Welcome back guys and Welcome back to a brand new episode of the podcast with the brand new season, season 2 everything still looking fresh everything still looking clean. This is your host," Dubisthename" This is" LIFE with DUBISTHENAME" and you know what the motto is every single time. We always get the FREAKING DUB and today is not, I don' t know if I' m in the good books of people right now, because I' ve missed like two weeks. I was supposed to post like last two weeks, but I don' t know I haven' t really be like doing podcasts and all that but that' s why I' m making sure I' m doing this episode right now, so I trying not to Miss Tomorrow because I' m recording on a Friday right now and I post my podcast on Saturday, so everything we have new things. We have a new song that I release" every day" which is going to play at the intro for yall to hear and I' ll talk more about it and we have new songs from Artist and I want to talk about new artists that I' ve been listening to and is new like stuff I' m going to put in my description from now on for anyone, I don' t know so I' ll catch y ' all after the INTRO make sure you subscribe like follow the podcast. Follow me on Instargram Follow all my social media and keep up with me and the podcast and I' ll see y' all after the intro Peace out{" EVERY DAY" PLAYING}{" EVERY DAY" PLAYING} and we are back and yeah that was the new song which played as the intro If you want to go, listen to it, The lyric video is on youtube because I always do lyric video to my songs, because I don' t have time and it' s free to do it. So I just do it on my free time and whatever. If you want to listen to it, go watch the YouTube video the lyric video on YouTube and go listen to it on spotify, wherever the link is going to be in the description or whatever, wherever you' re listening to the podcast and there was like an old version of the song which I try. I Like I did a draft version of it with like old verses. The chorus was actually still The same, but right now The new one that I just release I have to like change the verse, change everything cus before before the verses didn' t make sense, the lyrics were like trash the lyrics of" every day" right now is still trash, but I don' t know, it' s better than the old one so that' s why I have to to like releve and also talking about that. Because is a new season. I also wrote a... that if you are interested into Ivar into reading or stoffer that could blow with you take a life for minute to really. I think, because it took me almost an hour to write that if you want to read that is all going to be on TV different website, you could pick anyone. you want read o the stuff you' re going to talk about the new Sasin on my podcast or whatever, really Lincoln the description. All the length are going to be in the description like or my links or my free style S. everything I have done links will be there or the affiliate link who also be there. If you want to support everything will be there. So, let' s move on to the first song of the day show and the first somebody they is going to be spose criminal by Polog, which is God like? Oh what a the coat of. But I don' t know the beat were just Sam Portacio, the original most criminal or as most comino by macco Jackson. If you, If you' re fun of pology had like snipped like a little bit of like he coros or wherever going around and take talk, you tub wherever I don' t know where snipes go to Bo yeah, you might have ready had like a little bit of way before the song goes. They weren' t relieve, because the song world really the same day, I release every day November, twelve yeah ever most criminal is actually a good song. I like what can I son give this, but when I heard it with the SAMPO taken from Machel Jackson or like Nan, this is actually fire, but this is actually good and not enough of my talking or whatever just listen to the tattie preview. I' m going to play tell me what you think and we' re going to talk about it read it that will because that all we do on this pocatel. That ' s what the name of the PODCAST is. we had not actually the name, but all I just move on Elekton bag. One night, a opotee like that, a a F kill if they try you go to fight back. I T s like you so to aromaticness you a bet: Keeoony O K, O s s in the Doone, a you o yeah, that the song or that thou, like I' m gonna, say rhymic, because it' s kind of like a remi because to Sampo took it just like added like hip hop bit. I don' t know if he the like Etoit or something was a radio on Michel Jackson. His own original beat ball. That was I' m not going to call it. pology did a remix of smooth criminal by machol Jackson and, if you' re,...

...having heard the original by Mace Jackson, I don' t know where the fuck believe in that, because that' s long I' ve been art for out for like modern. I will say then everything more than seven years, because I don' t know where MAC which Jackson died. We let me sach that up real quick. When did Michael Jackson die. Hey Theory, Wendy Michael Jackson, day, Michael Jackson died, two thousand and nine n it in an Tonanti. That' s almost died. Four years after I was born because I was born two thousand on five, so yeah the song mastlike. We already know most I' ve been out for more than ten years, one of fifteen years. I think so, if you haven' t heard it, go lifting to the song polog most criminal, the remix and go lit into the original by macco Jackson. Listen to both of them. You gotta, You tell me Your opinion on both of them, which one is better. Obviously, Micol Jackson on is better coute that the original, but apologies on it too good. I' m Gifu smoke canal, like eight point, five out of ten yeah a pin favarite is like okay right now, because the song song is good. the song is good. That can listen to it like everything, good time yeah. So, let' s move on to the second son Odia. Not Actually is long. You know how I said I was les getting into listening to Sleepy Hallo. Now I' m getting into listening to like a Bo Givit, a Hoodie, I don' t know who to hold up. I don ' t know why I' m doing that, but when I first lived into a boogy with a hoodie album the first one on yeah, the name is all this. Then he has like another. Album it brought a two thousand and seventeen the Bego audience two thousand y eighteen international audite the same two thousand and eighteen wood is easin, two thousand and twenty or de two point. Oh two point zero or whatever, but I got in to listen into the album because on tick tock I was just going through Tiktok and I thought like what the name. I thought the name Di want son. My Shit yea my shit year by a book with a Holyoak Brew. The song is to it. I like it, you know like. Oh, let me just think I' m doing nothing right now, because I like listening to music- and I want to like listen to a new music. You know, l, let me just listen to his album and leasing to the album more NAN way, the audience right now, the audience the first, the first album I relieve, has the level songs and after too eleven song. Let me go one two, three, four five, six six of my favorite because I like them. I don' t know what I don' t know. What kind of spell it will give you the holy got on me Bo the songs that are good and if you don' t know my shit, I' m jill going to play like a twenty second preview. I' m just going to play for you, so it can. you haven' t lived into it or I don' t know- maybe maybe you' re not alive right now, because he haven' t listen to it. I don' t know what I' m thinking about. Let me Jo play a previe right now: okay, okay, okay, you hear me, you hear me, I' m so fucking weird bro O...

...when I first oak and I saw the fog, so I got a fan and I have tin I bate son. She says my is my see the flip of my now sober yeah. That' s the preview for dot of you who have having listing to the Thong before, or I haven' t, heard the song before or don' t know who made the song, I will give it a Hoodie, and now I lack a book with the Hoodie. now I lacombie Hoodie and some of the other funk from the album, also like O on d TB friend Don John Go, because I that friends, don' t I like how I like the like. The short pory put inside way was like making a phone call to a girl. I don' t know who the girl was but yeah. I like jungle, because jungle have like forgotten how do so, how he the Melody Gold Bor I like jungle, then I also have money over everything, and I also like the last song in the album, Audis and O so privent. I found I went to search a book with a Hoodie on on Google, or that is real name is Audis Libro on almost all his songs is the way thing. A my name is all this and all the type of stuff I ony thin. The name is Ortis, I' m like Bro. How is your name all this, then I serch it up. His name was actually audit yeah. It full name. Is All this Julia du Bal or to Bo. I don' t know to the bet ye it first name is audisio named Julia, then Lastin do bost or something like that. I don' t know how you go. I don' t know how to pronounce it. If I' m wrong, I don' t know so yeah guys a woe with the old wood. If you want to listen to this album, I' m telling If you want to like get into a bogie woody, the first album you should listen to his audit. The if you like order, they move on to international audits, because the bigger order was like that one was all right. I didn' t really like many songs from that one. They moved to International International Audit. No one has some good song in it then, or the two point: Zero haven' t listened to the one yet and thinking of two point zero. We all know pology just really like it album this year. I don' t know which Mont it was, but related, album hall of fame and next week, Friday, dissemble trude or I don' t know where any December he ' s reliving whole of him. Two Point: Oh, if you didn ' t know that I don' t know who does know that. I give me a second okay, I' m back the whole of him, two point you have for or fourteen new songs wow. I thought it was like seven new Song Boys, fourteen new songs, of course, bad man smooth crime, the smolt criminal. That apology did. Your name is not...

...actually smot criminal. You name is bad man, but in the bracket it pulls Mose Criminal Mecaddacut. That' s what all this do. When the electic like the full on Sampo of the song, then we have the Fucia the net, a Lo baby, money bag, you young, leave and Eli Shopper and tg, and so presently one of the song and two Point : Oh has the name on the song. Is Piano G cause? We all know everybody likely Pug Pang because of woe piano type bitias. We are be releasing and stuff, but I don' t know it' s too good on the piano type bit that that that' s all, I' m just thinking- and I can' t get way to year him an an n l shopper, because I' m a fun of nly shopper and Lo Baby, because I' s been a long time since pologise heard a pologne baby song so yeah. I can wait to hear that the song is coming out. We think I' m on the stuff. Let me US see when it' s coming out: HMM, it' s coming when when is it coming on yeah, I was right December third is coming out December to so, if you' re fun, a sure to mark your calendar Mark Everything because the song is going to be, the album is going to be fire. I think I don' t know all of him was all right all of him. I think I gave you like a eight out of ten o seven. U of ten, so yeah! We can wait for the new album all of him to point zero and yeah. So what is the nest? Topic because I have thought before I read all my Topic and songs down so that I' m like organize and stuff. I don ' t know on the inable yeah the net one is gonna, be jumping by an LE shopper, which also ficials surprise. Ely, pology and lycope made a Thong name jumping made by an Lisha fishery pology. The song came out. I think The song came out in November twelve also or last week, and and I' m not really good with that, I' m only good with date with my own song, I don' t know when other people' s song came off, but I' m just going to play a preview. I start talking about Y, I' m going to detail. I No! I don' t really go into much details of songs like that. I don' t know why, because I don' t know, I' m not I' m just trying to make sure the podcast even very long, because if I was to go into detail and talk about all that stuff, brutish podcast can be more than an hour. So yeah you play preview right now, we' ll completely preview. If you haven' t heard of the song, you can go liting this long. After listening to the podcast to make sure you listen to the whole pocket and because you' re listening to the podcast, so listen on the way to the end and I' m a play, jumping plug an ale chopper, so yeah, let go woe ban. One is a tickin coming. I T T I a M O O O t, O the common thumb, be bumming to nothing or something. I come back to jump on a CION coming. I M, like Om t, O o t j to...

...the comeons or something I Cobaya, that the jumping by an ly chop and Fisher in Pology, and if you didn' t know the song is going to be in the new album the NLEARN ing out December. I of Brim really serious, I' m a really good with date. I know he posted the date. Also, that' s why I knew I dissemble, but I don' t know when in the ember boy is bringing out a new album called me. This is me, it' s kind of like will act ethices where he was like fighting with his old self on it like a forgotten which song was there, but I was fighting with this old self so that we and Anisia doing me ver is me his old solvers, his new self. It has song that are about, like you know how an elshie brought out like an album. A is called from dark to lay up, like some kind of related to that, and also song that that would like that he made Otheh made when he was a young when he was young, Rappeth Thong, that kind of relate to when he was young. when I was wrapping about drug wrapping about going on those type of stuff, so yeah, I can wait to hear the album me verses me and he also also release one of the song. That' s going to be on the album. Why I yb? If you back, I don' t know, I' m I' m still going to play, because it' s a new song that one just came out at last week, so yeah about I' m, going to give my rate into the jumping. The jumping- I don' t know I like the Song Board, I' m going to give you like a six point. Five out of ten to the chorus is lots up of energetic choros. You want to lick, you want to like you, I don' t know what I' s say : Somebody' s going to do and Elitie coral, but you want to like do something that that will make you lithe when you listen to the Cora, so yeah, I' m going to give you like a six point, five and you y' Allah. No, let us play why Iyoo to see why I b both Ybia International Youth, baseball but a know what it actually means. It means if you balk so let play right now. Shall we in if you bois, got some big, I' m a get a Nigga Dud. I had to kill such a such look. If you don' t feel, please got a hold tingitanian Ro, I gonna get it at a we be like a niggle. we say to him in a stomach and Billie I be in this top ten far start leavin shut the book go win a Nigga Start. Speaking in I wait is like a no light. Oh Yeah, I' m a psycho trap like a Di go with his hers, a Sa Nigga O guy go. I never want O Stamina, you a type O t p, so pat so do Niggas. Really I see these Niggas looking at me pet. You want on touch me. I grate Riki, Clasius Shikyu, the Nigga, a h I y...

...stark. You know that one is the one that I like this one is a good, very good one. I like I don' t know if I don' t know, if I' m really into aggressive rubble, I don' t know I just like how aggressive the lyrics were, even though I know I didn' t know like almost half of what he was saying. I didn' t understand what it was I he can see what he' s saying, but I don' t understand what he' s saying to yeah, but I just like how it is, though, jumping jumping on lost like a smooth. It was then like really aggressive or just smooth, energetic step of song. Then why I ybent like okay, this one agressive you want to. Let me Bob My head. Let me carry. I don' t know what to say so I don' t I ' m just rolling with it, but if you balk and jump in reach it give me your own opinion, but to me right now, I' m going to say IB IS gonna. Take like eight point, five or eight out of ten and do better one or both of them is you. I don' t know one thing, the better one. I will be better than jumping to be jet. to be honest, a an a nysh of Fan, I' m just gonna, see I be better. Jumping could have used a little more little more push into it, but I don I am still trying to wait. I can wait for the album to drop Ological, bum dropping or so so I got a lot of album to drop. I don' t know what is happening right now, I' m talking about well, but picking of new album dropping. We all had Don da who haven' t heard that done de before that we all we all have heard of Dunder yeah. If you all don' t know do do I don' t know who does they know? don' t that is an album by kind of wet which would really like, I think, a Gos Yeah, oh go to September. I release the podcast every. Am I really don' t episode about it? Don' t devel, which one is better. If you have a listen, If you have been living to the, I episode go lifting right now, but I kind of we rely on e the locks haven' t lit. I haven' t really listened to it. We give me a second if you ever want to get some walk on, but you don' t know how to owe your designer or whatever you are, and you need a little bit of help. you can head down to link in my description and go to fibro thea. If reland were site that help everyone in any little work they need help with and with my length you can get twenty percent off your first order. You' ll go down to my descretion and get whatever You want right now you can get a literally anything, so go get some help. I' ve really listening to the DONDE, the logs, but I' m just informing people who have been, who didn' t know that don' t ate log drop, I' m just informing them, but I' ll try to listen to the new song low. We added to don a the log because no kin, we didn' t put it in like a way. People know that all this side, the new song, then this is the old... from the the first donder. So he kind of like crumbled it in. I don' t know why that money is crazy, so yeah I ll try to listen to do now. The Look I don' t know if, like thirty five lover boy, the locks is going to drop because we haven' t heard from drake, but we have heard that drake and coming with a like best friend on this question, a beef. So presently I never knew there was the beef. I I just heard that kind of was war like doing truly in drink a lot. That' s all I had, but now surprisingly, they wot took a follow together. they were smiling together. Coningers was in Drick Manchon. The well hang hanging out to yeah, so that showed like a good sign in the world that you can find your partner. you can be friends with anyone literally, but I have no friends, so I' m lonely cut up at a Cole, but any ways let move on to the nest of which is going to be metro booming new is not a new album. I just I just liked albonico and the album had like different audens it, especially it gonna, have twenty one savage because metro booming and won one o. We are like this clothed partner that I don' t even want to stand a relationship that, like to clothe the more I think the more the friend may be best friend, or something because that made to joint, album together already, which let me see what the name is, because the name of this album that I' m talking about I like is no one is not the one metro boomy on twin one stuff. I did. What I' m talking about is savage mood, the Bodie. I think they also did some other ones. I don ' t know savage mode o one new right now, but then one of the album a are talking about at a like. So much she' s, not all he rote weird keeps a want. I like it had like. Let me see it have twenty, no twenty! I can be twenty six song, I' m counting the instrument to out wall even also contestant. We give me a second, let me county, it has thirteen songs in it and it has like its official. Like young talk. We Le the game because of set was in like more than once long. It also has surprisingly twenty one staves. It has gone up. It has Gushin yeah that everyone right now. I think I' m imagined everyone and I like a lot of funking like I like the first one, we goo man Tenian Flash, save the war. I also like don' t come out o the House by thirty one savage, also like spikas Cadet and now most every mote, almost everybody would have had SPACCATA, because that would train the not tick tock an then then I' m not going to play it but yeah. I like Tam Freaky Goal Twenty one savage yeah like I like, almost everything the on the album, because the album like so good bro. Let me Let me play ten freak. Go. Let me get to pretty of that. They maybe I' ll play, come out o the House or... a preview of that. Also, I' m just saying mentioning it right now, because the album came out two tousand and eighteen just mentioning, because I found out about like two weeks a good and I be listening to a almost all the song every single time- and I like, I think I like for on that of the album, but I not so Le Talking. Let me play ten foray. Girls Right now and maybe you' ll know the song I' m talking about. Are you re? You re, never ever shoot a load o neck. You are rookie, I' m a bit! That' s why I got a block. You got a tip, not chuck chuck this chest a D. I fled it, O my patty, with a gets. I curved tiffany yeah for just o me to get myself together, I' m a man right up and mckinney bottom on a sad and we should keep on drinking out of brand brand. He should eat a mole like his can Yahoya my Nigga, like I' m ready a year that the ten freaky goes by twenty one time which produceed by metro booming, Puteo, metro, booming music account. If you haven ' t heard of a Golino it, if you have heard of it- and you haven' t heard of it like for a long time now, go let in again listen over and over. let it be talking of fucking brain, because the song is so good and yeah everything. I like. I really like the song, I' m going to give you like a nine out of ten cause. If you really good deep into the song you ' re going to like your beral lyric and everything this one, I yet play the preview of the beginning, because most of most most of the people who listen to this podcast, who probably have heard the beginning in peace in peace, may you red may recooling on Tick Tock. Whatever instagram. I don' t know where we' re training, but I know it it will actually trending on take talk. So go listen to the song ten freaky girl or go listen to the full album. Not all heroes were Kate and tell me what you think and let play don' t come out of the House by twenty one to wage, a metro booming because don' t want to have to play, because I really like that one and if you follow me on tick, lock, you' re going to feel like and edit I made never one ad. It was like a smolt transition between of a Du bad travis got a Metrobius, the album, then it' s most transition to twenty one, savage and Metro boomin. I don' t know just go to my tic to do by the name. Look at the like! the new video just screw treat you' re going to see the transition cause. That ration was so good. I just listening to the song to the album on a random day, and I just randomly you tim was so perfect. I like now, I have to like record it an unposted or something like that. So go listen to go as the video, the tector video and, let me play don' t come out of the House by twenty one to which on Metro booming bang outside I hang out. Sid Do out a I' ll come out of the house with the gang o Hangum... the House to the Gaaete House to the thirty first crowne was on a Itonian. To that I was going with spread the whole time now. The part that I really like is when it was like whispering. So, to be honest, I ever thought I was I going to whisper the whole time I think at some point inside the song a gaining like whispered. a An I don' t know, but I really like the song to bang outside. I hang outside. I remind er, go watch the TICKDOOLOOROO. The translation was smooth. Is it' s all right? it' s good! it' s good! Just go wash it and see for yourself, and also another minder go listen to the song, the new song every day, Portii Apple, music, Youtube wherever and also man alectis on analytic on apple music. I' ve been going crazy, like I got like Templa Temple, he timon a lot, but to me the' s a lot because I got apple music is very it' s hard to like get people to listen on Apple music, as some people don' t want to take some people don' t just want lifting on apple music. Most of them go to Youtube about twenty five. Well upon music. I got ten places from Germany. I don' t know anyone in Germany. I don' t know how, but I got ten plate from Germany to a clap for myself and yeah: Go listen to every day up on music, you to go a delevit video on youtube and all that a measure to subscribe to my Youtube, my main channel- and I also have another Shanno we should go dogs to which is like, like a Shaneen top the no music related, and all that believe you, if you are for that, God work go to cat to die and watch the subscribe to left with out name, podcast Youtube and yeah. Let' s keep on going. I don' t think I can keep on going because it' s like thirty minutes already, and I don' t want to really pass thirty minute. But let me see if there' s anything now that yeah is one moting. The baby brought out like an EP Wi hi got back on my baby go shit again. I don' t know why the name is so long born yeah, that' s a new EP brought. It has could have black and twenty one savage. Then my favorite, out of the whole, my favorite thon, the name is the stick up yeah then I also let a roof. I ' m going to please Dick up and I' ll play a roof.

Then I kind of like levels but yeah that at this on de Teri Song that I like we play tick, Goblin or play roof, then we' re going to end the podcast after that, so yeah. Let please take up o stick O be tickton top in the back and it came with a scope people took from me. I gave him the most: U Nigga Smile fries. I got a Coulois, my name and it come with free smoke. You want to slide. I show You the ropes to bring You some guns, but don' t run your phone. Tell you a bitch that you might not make it home on no for your Ashin Nigga. We grown YEA thats, stick up by that baby on twenty one, savage, my rating going to be it because I' m going to be honest, yeah, listen to the Babi Music. I' m also fun of twone savage bonelike, hard fan a harder. I am O. No that' s what she said hard, I' m more like a terials fan. I just listen to Tony One save music some time then, but I' m going to be honest with this one, twenty one I was actually carried that baby on the song tick up. If, if I would like that baby, like you, twenty one, savage or twenty one. Your verse was way hard in a Miro like broilers was hordiens with fire. All the type of stuff because put on savage vice was actually better than that be be one because the baby don' t mos like I don' t know what I was saying, but onyone savage. I like it on better but yeah. That ' s why they' re reading it like eight or maybe seven, maybe seven, but if that be, if twenty one to age will be on it, the the radio would have been like a four or five out of ten. I' m just being honest: He that' s what my reading is so yeah, let' s play roof another song in the EP by the baby, that one is actually energetic. No one LAK hype. So let' s play right now, yeah, I say the roof up of this. this NIGGA might be Super Cueto. Give me a smooth. She make Er this big that doesn' t shit out it ain' t. It is. The baby came back with the take out the hi. Without this wetest Niggas plein out, she had me going to sleep while I ' m driving the Ni know what it is only trying they know he ain ' t going for Shite get by on e, won the bit no probes. You already know I get. You know Jonathan running away, to lie what my name in a kind of see she told me to go, get some kind of a pull up at total. I didn' t have time I looked at my wasis time for the turn up yeah they needed to Ranipur kilnish. I got to work on as soon as you put my shit on this, so murder naming again come at on the player. I got the whole work on my deet, you ees better and try to come for the lone Nigga, like me, enow that one was actually don' t actually could like to be on a one was good, but I I don' t know, I think my mind is telling me yeah the baby said this EP was like a mixtape EP. So the editing of quality wasn' t really that good, So that one thinking, maybe the songs in the EP,...

...the good the song are good. I would say that better than mine, because mine and track well say the song of good boy, know what I was expecting, because the way was like hyping it up or like okay. Let me Let me get something big, because Ye didn' t releve like a song in a long Ye really is lonely. Well, hello. Let me get something big then I I got that, like I got six songs and out of those Tis on kiddy tree of those songs were like all right, then yeah. So I don' t know I' m just going to read the one like a seven out of ten no bum. I don' t know what to do anymore, so I think that that' s going to be the end of the podcast stupor tight, because I' ve be recording for like more than twenty thirty minute right now, so yeah God going to be the end of the podcast. If you knew make sure you go so scrap to the podcast on Youtube, if, wherever you' re listening make sure you follow the podcast Suscriber to all that, follow me on Instagram, listen to the news long every day play it put it on repeat ad it to your play list if it doesn' t get into your playlist Ale, listen to it like more than once, more than one time, but an once a day or a week or a month on a one and yeah the Halloween Mergel Allowin. Still on my mere store. I ended. He ended on successfully because we go zero sales. So yeah, there ' s a H T! That' s! Okay! For me, I don' t really care, but it ended way to want to shop from the merge. You want to get some of the emerge or You want me to do more. Tell me or get some and yeah. I be a boy: Do is the name his love with we name. This is the end of this episode. Oh coins episode, hopefully next week, I ' m going to relive on a Dipeso, but yeah follow do order and I theo. Let' s episode is out. I will be cut you in love with me. You got a theater. Rather me, you got a litle legacy. You got to it a man O me o. You got a theater at B I gotta leave the latter feel at a You met of me. Ma' m, you dig my hooter. I got to it my Chet and clean my obasute love with me. I got up I my hat. That way my ole be cut in love with me. I.

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